Works in Progress

I thought I’d give everyone an update on what has been filling up my time lately!    Be(Longing) I’m redoing the outline for this novel about a paraplegic singer who convinces his brother to pretend to be him in order to get a record contract. I’ve written about 22,000 words, but I’m still working on bringing out Dylan’s character and getting to know him and what makes him tick. Our friends Annabelle and Lee have read portions of the rough draft and have been very encouraging, so I think it’s going to be really good once I get it finished. My plan is to get the outline reworked in January and then finish the first draft in February.                       Homework and...

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Review: A Slow, Cold Death

A Slow Cold Death by Susy Gage This book was sent to me so I could provide a prepub blurb. What does that mean? Take a look at this… Yup, that’s my name on the back of the book. You know what? It’s just about as exciting as having my name on the front of a book. This book was a lot of fun. It’s a murder mystery set in an academic university. I’ve never read a book about the crazy world of PhD researchers, though I know a little bit about it from my friends and family who are academics. The story takes place in a physics department and one of the things I most loved about it was the kooky cast of characters. Particularly Lou, who was paralyzed in a car accident fairly recently and it comes to light that his accident may not have been...

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