Author Interview: Reprobate by Martyn V Halm

Today’s interview was conducted by DevoGirl, beloved reviewer of dev literature… Reprobate is the first installment in the Amsterdam Assassin Series. Katla Sieltjes is a professional assassin for hire, specializing in hits that can’t be traced. When the novel begins, she is taking out the owner of a shop selling antique Japanese swords, with his own merchandise, when she is interrupted by a blind man, Bram Merleyn, who has come to pick up his order. Katla has a firm policy of not allowing witnesses to her hits to live, but Bram is blind, and totally sexy. She lets him go, but can’t seem to stay away from him. So begins an unlikely but fascinating partnership. How will a cold-blooded killer and a pacifist musician find any common...

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Movie Review: Young Adult

The movie Young Adult with Charlize Theron was not at all what I was expecting. Being about a YA author, I thought it would be zany and fun, an upbeat comedy. It came up on Netflix and I watched it last night, discovering that it was anything but upbeat. It’s actually very difficult to watch. The main character is struggling with depression and her behavior can be very difficult to empathize¬†with. The only thing that kept me watching was discovering a character played by Patton Oswald who has a disability. The story is that Mavis leaves the big city of Minneapolis to go back home to Mercury, Minosota when she sees her ex-boyfriend’s announcement that he and his wife have had a baby. Mavis becomes convinced that Buddy, her ex, is trapped in his...

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Review: The Boy Next Door by Annabelle Costa

I love this book. I fell in love with it right from the start, as soon as Tasha began to narrate. She is witty, sassy, and hilarious. At the same time she doesn’t understand love nearly as well as she thinks she does. After some wild years, she’s finally ready to settle down, but she still can’t see that the right guy for her has been there all along. It’s frustrating in the best possible way to watch her screwing up her life. The book has some flow charts at the ends of some of the chapters that are laugh out loud funny. Costa really understands humor, that’s for sure. And she also knows how to reveal an endearing vulnerability just below the humor. It’s a real talent. I’d read anything at all that she wrote! Jason is...

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