Devoteeism From The Other Side: A Disabled Woman’s Perspective

I’m delighted to share with you today a post from an online friend. She is a woman with a disability and this is how she thinks about devs and devoteeism… The disabled and the devotees are basically STUCK. a) the feminists say: you shall not ‘succumb’ to a devotee because of his hero(ine)/saviour notion of you b) the devotees say: you have issues w/ your disability when you reject them That’s bullshit. So why not turn this into a boy-meets-girl-story rather than a sob story?! That’s what I’d suggest.   Devoteeism & Heartbreak On my road to recovery after a surgery I had two years ago, I became an avid reader once again in my life. I was looking for answers & things that interested me and I found a whole...

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The Nasty Business of Reviews

These days absolutely anything is available to review. We all have our opinions and we want them to be heard, no matter what the product. There’s not only user reviews of books, but also reviews of my apartment building and its management, my husband’s kung fu school, and just about anything you can think of. Apps, movies, restaurants, products, services, etc. User feedback is great, but there are some problems with it too. In this landscape of everyone has an opinion, it seems difficult for people to realize that not everyone is going to share their opinion. I used to think that the world needed my opinions on books. (I’m sad to admit such egomania to you guys!). I thought readers deserve to know what they’re getting in a book. And I know...

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