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I’m going to be cutting back on doing the book reviews. 

Reviewing other people’s books is too often a losing situation for me. I do it because I want you, my readers, to know what to expect when you pick up a new “wounded hero” story. I want to let you know if the depiction of disability is accurate or absurd. I want to help you find out about new books you might like and which you might want to avoid if your standards are anything like mine. 

However, so many novels with disabled characters do the disability part poorly. From inaccurate to insulting, reading books too often makes me cringe. 

I want so much to warn you about these books, but then it reflects badly on me. It makes it seem like I’m trying to harm my competition (when in reality I think there is plenty of space within this niche and there’s no need to compete. We are voracious readers with too little material). 

Every time I write a book review I risk the backlash of the author. It saddens me, but there are several examples now of authors who got together a band of friends to rate a competing author’s books with one star. Every time I write a review that the author of the book doesn’t like, I take the risk that the author will be one of these petty and vindictive people who will try to get back at me. Thank goodness that has not happened yet (I’ve met some lovely authors!). But I feel like the fear of that is holding me back from an entirely honest assessment of the books that are out there.

I cannot be the unbiased eye that you as a reader need. I have a conflict of interest here that makes me want to review books more favorably and that will lead to the opposite outcome that I had hoped for by doing book reviews. Rather than being warned about a book that is likely to disappoint you with its lack of accuracy, research, or care, I am likely to gloss over the negatives too much and you might end up buying a book you hate. One I could have warned you about.

At this point I think I need to step back and let other people review these books and leave the warnings. I hope that if you read a book with a disabled character, that you will leave a review on Amazon or Goodreads to let people know what to expect. Too many of the reviews on Amazon are glowing just because a book actually has a character with a disability. It might be stereotyped, disgusting, pity, but just because there is a disability, people tend to fall all over themselves praising it. That needs balancing and it’s up to you!

Another great source for honest reviews of books with disabled male characters is

I’m sure I’ll still sometimes post reviews here and there. Particularly if I love a book or if I find one that is seriously outrageously bad. 

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