Changing Titles

So now that I’ve passed in The Billionaire’s Secretary for final proofreading, I’m looking at what story to work on next.

A while ago I was working on a story of two brothers and a singing career. I’ve run into a lot of trouble developing the plot. I’ve got characters, but the plot is not solid. For Nano I may rework the whole outline and start fresh on it.

I was initially calling the story Be(Longing) but I realized that that style of title is really more appropriate for the Elizabeth line of books. I.e., (W)hole and Breath(e). I do plan to do a third Elizabeth book. I’d like to keep following her throughout her life and watch how her devness develops over the years. So I will save that title for her third book and do a different title for the story of Dylan Sinclair and his brother David.


  1. Yukino
    Nov 17, 2014

    I always look forward to your new books, I just want to say that I really don’t like the covers you choose. I don’t know if you choose all of the covers yourself for Dev Love Press. Love in Touch had a nice one, but generally, they’re ” cartooney,” a bit cheesy and don’t captivate as well as they could. The books are always well written, I just think they deserve more professional looking covers. From one fic lovin’ dev to another! 🙂 Obviously, just my opinion. Best. Y

    • RuthMadison
      Nov 22, 2014

      Thank you for your feedback!

      I have chosen more “cartoony” covers for Annabelle’s books because of the style of her writing. They have a very “chick lit” voice and those types of covers are common in chick lit. I think it helps people know what to expect from the tone of the book.

      For the covers of my own books I’m not sure what I’m going to do going forward. I switched to a professional artist when I did the second edition of (W)hole and Breath(e), but those covers don’t express the disability aspect at all. I may go back to the original covers that I created myself!

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