When a Character Comes Alive

When a Character Comes Alive

My goal in all my stories is to create really vivid characters. Characters who will be memorable, who will make the story.

I was struggling at first with the main character for The Billionaire’s Secretary. The basic plot is not exactly new! I wanted to bring my own style to it, but Chloe was feeling very bland in the first few drafts.

I’m not sure how I thought of it, but the strangest thing brought her to life. I didn’t expect something so superficial to make such a difference, but when I got a sense of Chloe’s fashion style, everything changed!

I tweaked her hair and described her whimsical clothes and in moments she felt so much more alive to me. I understood her in a whole new way.

In honor of Chloe’s fashion sense, I created a Pinterest inspiration board that’s mostly her closet!


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