I am thrilled to announce that I will be running a contest for fan art based on (W)hole!  I know lots of my friends are artists, and even those who are not should try their hand at a creation.


The prize?

An autographed paperback copy of Breath(e), the sequel to (W)hole, when it comes out in January and I will ship it completely free to anywhere in the world.


How to Enter:

I want to see your interpretations of the characters in (W)hole and how you interacted with the book.

1) Make an image or a video that portrays a character, a scene, or some other aspect of my book.

2) Post it at DeviantArt, Flickr, or YouTube with the tag or title “RuthMadisonContest”

3) I will draw a random winner (and I will show the drawing on video) on January 15th, 2012


Be creative, have fun, and remember that if you are not comfortable letting the world know that you liked my book, you can post to a new account that you set up only for this.  I hope that you will be proud of your creations and will show them off!

If you haven’t read (W)hole yet, it’s a quick read and I’m sure you’ll have time to read it and get an entry up before the January 15th deadline. Click the link to see all the formats it is available in.



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