The Billionaire’s Secretary – A Contemporary Romance Novel

Chloe had a plan for her life and it involved being care free and pursuing art as a career. That all changes when she discovers that she’s fallen pregnant. Trying to be responsible she goes to a temp agency and gets an assignment at a big environmental survey company working directly with the owner.

Erik loves business and is a natural fit to take over the environmental survey company when his father dies, but to ensure that the company would stay in the family his father stipulated that of his two sons the one who marries and has a child first gets it. Erik is in a race with his brother Ed, but their father never could have foreseen the accident that paralyzed Erik from the shoulders down.

Erik and Chloe realize that they each have something the other needs and perhaps a marriage of convenience could help them both out. The only problem is, what happens when a business relationship turns personal?

Current Status: Final Draft and edits prior to submission to DLP

Dylan Sinclair – A Contemporary Romance Novel

Dylan Sinclair wants a future in music, but he feels held back by being in a wheelchair. In a moment of desperation he hatches a plan to have his brother, who can’t sing at all, impersonate him.

Record executives are happy to go along with the charade and David’s career quickly takes off. Dylan must watch and keep quiet, never getting any acknowledgement for his work.

When a beautiful reporter starts writing a biography of David, it becomes too much for Dylan and he determines to prove to her that he is the talent behind the famous voice of David Sinclair.

Current Status: First Draft

Parallel Loves  – A Sci-fi Romance Novel

When Talia sees a man who isn’t quite there, she worries about her sanity. He keeps showing up, claiming to be from a parallel universe.  According to him, she shouldn’t be able to see him. No one else in her world does.
Trent is determined to prove that he’s real and to figure out why Talia can see him. Working together to solve the riddle brings Talia to Trent’s world where his older brother, an injured war veteran, is struggling with a forbidden love affair that could get him killed.
As Talia falls in love with Trent, new discoveries reveal more danger. But Trent thinks the answer to the mystery is a secret from Talia’s past and if they could uncover it, they could all escape from their crumbling worlds.

Current Status: Being reworked


Be(Longing) – An Elizabeth Foster Book

Third in the series, Elizabeth finds herself living the life she’s always wanted and yet feeling adrift. When someone from her past reappears she is forced to consider whether her attraction to men with disabilities is more powerful than her love for an individual man with a disability.

Current Status: Outline


Homework & Homicide (working title) – A Cozy Mystery

current status:  second draft