Fetish Map

Fetish Map

I ran across this on another blog and found it really fascinating. I wonder if everyone is represented on here? Someone must have put a lot of work into this.

There’s so many different sort of kinks out there. It makes me wonder if no one really gets to adulthood without at least one odd sexual connection.

I haven’t spoken about this here before, but devness is not the only “kink” that I have. Devoteeism to me is not really a fetish. Or at least my relationship to it is not a fetish one. Just the fact that I date disabled men in real life and that I value them as human beings beyond just how their bodies turn me on makes it not a classic fetish.

I do have a real fetish, though. It’s related but also distinctly different and it sits right next to devness on this map: medical bondage.

But yeah, I just thought it was an interesting thing to look at. What odd connections our minds and bodies make between sex and other experiences during our formative times!

(You should be able to click the image and get it on its own page)


  1. Christy
    Feb 13, 2012

    I see Lolita on there and it’s a hot topic right now; lolitas are fighting the idea that it is actually a fetish but is, in fact, just a fashion and culture scene.

    • RuthMadison
      Feb 13, 2012

      Fascinating! I think most of us feel a desire to separate from the label of “fetish.” It’s such a nasty word, so hated, and so we all try to say that what we do is different, some how more noble or above having a fetish.

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