Friday Excerpt: Actually, whole story

Friday Excerpt: Actually, whole story

I thought I’d keep myself accountable by adding updates on what writing I’ve accomplished during the week when I do my excerpt!

So, what have I been working on? Well, my debut novel (W)hole and its sequel Breath(e) are being re-released with professional proofing and new covers in October and I’m adding new material to (W)hole, so it will be a second edition. I need to get the new stuff done so I can get it to my proofreader for it to be out on time for October 10th!

I’m also editing last year’s National Novel Writing Month novel, which I think you guys are going to really love. I call it science-fiction, but it’s actually very light sci-fi, just parallel universes. And so it has some very large obstacles keeping the lovers apart!

I know everyone is waiting on Be(Longing), but it needed a break. I’m about half way through a draft, but it needed some space to breathe so I’m not working on that until the other things are done.

Today I have another exciting announcement! I decided to start offering all my short stories for free. This is a great way for you to get to know me as a writer and I hope that you’ll share with your friends if you enjoy one of my stories.

I’ve provided the opening here to a story that I started writing because of the prompts from Romantic Friday Writers and there’s a link to continue to the full story. To read the stories that I have up so far, click “Free Stories” on the left side bar.


“You’ll never guess who’s back in town.” Cindy bounced on her toes in front of Kaitlyn’s bar. Kaitlyn knew her friend wanted a big reaction; Cindy lived for drama. Kaitlyn continued to wipe down the bar, getting it ready for the evening rush. The damp cloth had cooled since she ran it under the hot water tap and the cloth squished between her thin fingers. This was one of her favorite moments of the day, the quiet space around her just waiting to be filled. Of course, when Cindy came by to keep her company, it wasn’t so quiet.

“Guess!” Cindy insisted.

Kaitlyn raised her eyes, then returned to what she was doing. “I’m not going to guess, just tell me.”

“It’s Jason,” Cindy said with triumph.

Kaitlyn’s hand stopped moving. She still didn’t look up. The warm feeling that Jason had always elicited in her rushed up like a tide, lifting her heart into her throat and making it feel as though she couldn’t breathe. It was followed quickly by the sadness and longing that had become an everyday part of her life. Thoughts of Jason were never simple.

“Oh,” Kaitlyn said, trying not to betray any of her emotion.

“Jeez,” Cindy said, folding her arms. “Is that it?”

“What are you expecting?” Kaitlyn said. She attempted a light laugh while squeezing one hand against the back of her neck, her curly hair tickling across her knuckles.

Cindy lifted an eyebrow. “They say he lost his wife a few years ago,” she said. “He’s single.”

“So what?”

Cindy put her hands on her hips and tossed her short, blonde hair. “Knock it off, Kaitlyn, everyone knows how you felt about him.”

“That was more than twenty years ago,” Kaitlyn said. “We were kids.”

“Right,” Cindy said. “All in the past.” She didn’t look at all convinced. Kaitlyn swallowed hard and continued her preparations. She didn’t want Cindy to see how much this news had shaken her. It was too embarrassing to admit that she did still think about Jason all the time. And each time she thought of him, the backs of her ears burned with humiliation that he had chosen someone else.

“We always thought you guys would end up together,” Cindy said almost absently.

“We were never more than friends,” Kaitlyn insisted, as she had been doing for years. None of their friends knew about the single kiss they had shared.

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