Friday Excerpt – A short story in progress

Friday Excerpt – A short story in progress

This month I’ve been working on short stories, looking to get a collection together for a new Dev Dreams edition. This one will have more explicit stories.  As well as being part of the collection, the stories are going to be available individually as well (and a couple of them already are).

This is one I’m working on and hope to have finished very soon. It’s a little different from my usual fare. This one has a blind hero.  Here is a brief excerpt:

### Word Count: 370###

When I like a guy, I have one trick up my sleeve. The only thing I know to do to get his attention. I invite him to hang out at my place to watch a movie. I sit on the couch next to him and I hope for the best.  This has never led to something before, but I keep thinking that it will.  Would it be insentive to invite a blind guy to watch a movie?

I don’t know what else to try, so the next day I bide my time and wait until nearly everyone has gone home.  As he starts to pack up for the evening, I walk over as casually as I can, aware that there are still a few stragglers in cubicals around the office.

“Hey, Adam,” I say when I reach his desk.

His face turns towards me, but his unfocused gaze is over my head. “Lily?” he says.

“Yeah,” I say. Standing close to him I can smell his skin that’s like the bark of an oak tree after it rains. “I was wondering,” I stumble on, “if you would like to come over and watch a movie with me tonight? You know, just for fun or whatever.”

He smiles in my general direction. “Sounds nice,” he says. “Do you mind if I bring a friend?”

“Oh,” I say, stalling for time. I guess my seduction is not going to work very well. At least it will be a chance to spend some time with him outside of work, though. “Sure, “I say, hoping he doesn’t mean a girlfriend.

“Text me the address,” he says.

“Okay,” I say, biting my lip. “Um, see you soon, then.”

I walk home with a lump in my stomach. This is not turning out how I had hoped. There’s a light misty rain coming down and I fold my arms tight against my chest while I walk. As I open the door to my apartment, I wonder what I should do to prepare before Adam gets here. First I kick some shoes out of the middle of the floor, then I light a cranberry scented candle leftover from the holidays. The smell quickly swells through my small home.

There’s a knock on the door and I press the palms of my hands below my eyes for a moment. I have to make sure that I don’t act disappointed, that neither Adam nor his friend realizes that I had hoped to have a steamy evening alone with him.

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