Friday Excerpt: A First Kiss

I’m out in Ohio this week, having a much needed vacation! I haven’t been able to get much access to the Internet, which can be good sometimes! It’s refreshing to take a break from it, though I miss my Internet friends. This morning I’m using my boyfriend’s laptop to bring you a short excerpt from (W)hole.

To keep you up to date, I’m working hard on the first draft of Be(Longing), the story of a paraplegic rock singer. It’s going very well and I hope to have it ready for you soon.

Word Count: 598


 Elizabeth liked the look of his car when they got to it. Though she didn’t know much about brands and types, she could tell that Stewart’s car wasn’t stuffy or pretentious. It was small and blue and had some bumps and bruises. Stewart leaned back to reach in his pocket and pull out keys.

Elizabeth wasn’t sure whether to watch Stewart get in or not. She desperately wanted to, but she also wanted to seem cool to him. She wanted him to think that his disability didn’t factor in for her, that she was hardly even aware of it. Sadly she was hyper aware of it, maybe more so than the average person.

He was concentrating on the car, though, not looking at her, so she stood behind him and watched as he grabbed the driver’s seat of his car with one hand and maneuvered his body as close to the edge of the wheelchair as he could. He grabbed the steering wheel with his other hand and held his breath while he pulled his butt to the seat. One at a time he grabbed each knee and lifted his legs into place.

Elizabeth looked at the empty wheelchair. Without him in it, it seemed very small. “You can get in, you know,” Stewart said.

She nodded and went around to her side. Through the window she saw that he had turned the chair upside down and pulled off the two larger wheels. As she got in Stewart said, “Watch your head” and wheelchair components went by her into the back seat. She frowned and tried to figure out how it could be so easy to pull the wheels off and yet they stayed on while he was using the chair. Elizabeth had never seen anything like it before.

“Ready?” he said, grabbing the gas/brake lever with one hand and putting the car in reverse with the other.

She nodded.

“You’ll have to direct me to your house.”

Elizabeth did so, but finished up at the last crossroad before her house. “You can let me out here,” she said, “It’s not too much further.”

Stewart frowned, but he stopped the car. Elizabeth started to get out. “Wait a minute,” Stewart said, “This is a date, right?”

Elizabeth wasn’t certain what he meant. She wanted to lean over and kiss him, but what if that wasn’t what he was talking about? Was she about to make a complete fool of herself? She looked into his face and it wore an expression of waiting. She slid closer to him along the seat, her knees bent under her, until she was almost touching his legs. She pressed her lips to his.

Even if she was wrong about what he wanted, this was worth it. Her lips parted and she tasted the heat of his breath. As though her body had stopped obeying her commands for restraint, she found herself touching his face, with her hands cupping his jaw. His lips moved, changed pressure and, ever so gently, his tongue touched the tips of her teeth. He took her arms in his hands and lifted her onto his lap. Her arms suddenly wanted to be filled with him and she grasped him as tightly as a lifesaver.

When they separated to breathe for a moment, Elizabeth looked into his hazel eyes, but found that she couldn’t go deep. She looked at his eyes and knew immediately that no one had ever penetrated to see the real Stewart.

“I have to go,” she whispered.

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