Friday Excerpt: More Stewart!

Friday Excerpt: More Stewart!

In my books and stories there is a character who recurs because people love him so much (and let me be honest, I’m pretty head over heels in love with him myself!). His name is Stewart and he defies the stereotype of what that name should mean. He’s a cool guy, at one time a pro-surfer, now taking classes to become a school teacher.

He first showed up as the love interest in my debut novel, (W)hole. He had a small role in the sequel, Breath(e) and he’s shown up in a couple of his own short stories: Stewart’s Story (always free) and Stewart and Leah: Home for Christmas.

Now there’s going to be an opportunity for even more Stewart!

My books (W)hole and Breath(e) are being re-released by Dev Love Press, LLC. in October. Breath(e) will remain mostly the same, just with a professional proofread. (W)hole, however, will be getting some new sections adding more from Stewart’s point of view.

Not only that, but the publisher is offering a free e-copy of (W)hole when it comes out. You just sign up for their monthly newsletter and in October you will get a coupon code to download the second edition of (W)hole from The monthly newsletter has information about their upcoming books, but it also has links to interesting blog posts and YouTube videos as well as some recommendations of other books in similar themes.  Head over to to sign up!

Today’s excerpt is a taste of the new Stewart material (still in rough draft form!)


Stewart rode the elevator up one floor and pushed down the hallway to his room. Inside he found his roommate, Robert, on hands and knees cleaning the tile floor with a rag. Stewart stopped in the doorway and raised an eyebrow.

“Robert,” he said, “You have got to chill.”

“Oh, hey, Stewart.” Robert sat back on his heels, then stood and moved out of the way so Stewart could get into their room.

“Do you need anything?” Robert said, hovering anxiously.

Stewart paused and looked at his roommate. “No, Robert. I don’t need anything. I’m not going to need anything. Just be a roommate, okay? Forget what ever Claire told you.”

Robert sank onto his own bed. “You know that I need this for my resume. Also? Your aunt is scary.”

“Fine,” Stewart said, thinking how not delighted he was to be Robert’s project. “You could lower the bookshelf.” The room was supposed to be the accessible one, but though it was larger than many rooms, with a door wide enough for the wheelchair, there were a few oversights. The furniture hadn’t been changed, so the shelf for textbooks was mounted above the desk and Stewart couldn’t reach it.

Robert immediately crossed to Stewart’s side of the room and began examining the shelf, pulling it and poking it to figure out how to move it.

Stewart sighed. “I’m going to use the bathroom,” he said, gliding out of the room. “Please don’t follow me.”

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