Friday Excerpt: The Empty Stage

Friday Excerpt: The Empty Stage

From my work-in-progress, Be(Longing)…


Dylan knew where he was going. Despite the whirlwind leaving, he had paid attention to where they were and he knew how to get back to the theater. It was quiet now, but the door was unlocked. There were men in the lobby sweeping the carpet. Even though it was a low pile carpet, it was still challenging to push on and Dylan felt the muscles in his upper arms starting to burn.  Past the lobby, he took the back way to the audatorium.

He rolled onto the stage, empty now, and the wooden floor made his movement instantly easier. He glided smoothly out to the center. The dust from earlier in the night was quiet and still, no longer vibrating from the music. He could imagine the lights, imagine the crowd. If he strained he could almost hear it. Almost hear them screaming for him, begging for his music to sooth their souls.

The thick, silent air around him felt like a ghost of a few hours before when this room had been packed with people.


  1. Rebecca
    Jul 19, 2012

    OH man I am so looking forward to this book!

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