Interview: Cheri Verset

Interview: Cheri Verset

Today’s interview is with the author of the Nurse Tiffany series. ¬†This is a collection of three erotica stories featuring Jeff, a disabled young man, and his new caregiver Tiffany. ¬†They are intense and very graphic stories! Much more hard-core than what I write. I’m really glad that there are people to write all different aspects and types of stories withcharacters who have disabilities.

Nurse Tiffany Bathes Me

Nurse Tiffany Meets an Escort

Nurse Tiffany Makes a Confession

All three together at a discount Nurse Tiffany: The Complete Trilogy


Welcome to my friend, Cheri! ¬†I’m so glad that you could come by and answer some questions.

1) What was the inspiration for these stories?

First of all, thank you Ruth for this opportunity to introduce myself to your readers. I was first inspired to write the¬†Nurse Tiffany¬†stories by the common fantasy men have about getting intimate with their nurse. I then ramped it up by making it a relationship between a caregiver and a disabled man. This heightens the stakes by making each participant tread carefully since they both have something to lose if things don’t turn out for the best.
2) Did you have to do any research? (Such as researching the erotica market?)

Oh yes! Research was fundamental in my decision to launch my career in erotica literature. At the beginning, it was mostly out of curiosity. I’ve been writing in other genres, under another name, for many years. As I followed different discussion boards I kept seeing these threads from erotica authors. They would talk about how their sales were going, how to properly structure stories to maximize emotional response, that sort of thing. These conversations convinced me to jump into the fray. In essence, I’ve learned that while the fundamentals of writing are similar, audiences vary with the type of erotica you write.
3) What kind of audience did you expect for this series?

As I said earlier, the nurse-patient freaky-deaky is a common male fantasy so from the start I was expecting a mostly male audience. It was by pure chance that I got to speak with you, Ruth, and I was absolutely astounded when you opened my eyes to the world of devoteeism. I learned a great deal about it from your novel Whole. I then included the theme of devoteeism in the Nurse Tiffany series and it became an integral part of the story, especially in the third installment. I hope these romantic twists will open it up to a female audience as well.
4) What was the most challenging element to write?

Promise not to laugh: the hardest part to write in a sex story is always the sex. How funny is that for an erotica writer?! I usually map out my scenes and the sex within, position after position, but when it comes down to the actual writing it can get difficult. You have to keep finding new ways of saying A goes into B without getting repetitive.
5) Why did you decide to split up the story into serial stories?

Initially, I had meant for the story to stand alone. Boy meets girl, they get intimate despite their relationship, fantasy is fulfilled, the end. But by the time I finished writing¬†Nurse Tiffany Bathes Me, I not only became aware of devoteeism but realized there was more story to tell. In the second installment, the two main characters become emotionally closer through sexual experimentation while in the third story things come to a head (I won’t spoil it). Sometimes I tell myself I should’ve perhaps waited for all three stories to be ready so they could be published in novella form. In any case, I’m remedying to that by releasing the entire trilogy at the same time as the final installment.
6) Were you nervous to put out hard-core erotica? What kind of reaction did you expect and has the actual reaction matched your expectation?

I knew from the start this would be a hard-core story. I was going after the male market after all and I know men predominantly are more turned on by porn than by the thunderous-churning-of-her-garden type of literary erotica. I was therefore unashamed and not at all nervous about what I was publishing. I see it as providing a service, really. As for the reactions I received, they were all positive. I always make sure to inform readers that what they’re about to read involves graphic sex. Some of them may be shocked but if they come out of it at least partially excited then I did my job.
7) What do you think sets your erotic stories apart from others in the market?

There are certain taboos I like exploring as I know they are not only in demand but they have a way of getting readers extra turned on. The¬†Nurse Tiffany¬†series is different from anything else on the market by the basic fact that it features a disabled character. There aren’t a lot of those in bookstores these days. What’s more, by going with hard-core erotica, the story fills a much underrepresented niche.
8) What has writing taught you?

Writing in general is very therapeutic and it allows you to express feelings you would never tell someone else. This counts double when writing erotica. It lets you explore your innermost fantasies and emotions, acting them out on paper where no one can get hurt. If anything, writing has taught me to be honest with myself. This honesty is in turn what elevates your writing.
9) How many stories do you expect to have in this series? Any plans for similar clustered stories in the future?

Nurse Tiffany Makes a Confession¬†is the third and final installment in this series. I don’t expect to write about these characters any longer, unless there is an overwhelming demand for it. As a general rule, I try to stay away from series. I like moving on to different characters and settings with each story otherwise I get bored and my biggest fear would be that the readers would perceive this boredom. I think sequels work best when they emerge organically from the original story, as was the case with¬†Nurse Tiffany. My future projects are one-offs though I will be releasing a bundle of Christmas-themed erotic stories in the coming months.
10) Is there anything else that you’d like to share with my readers?

I’d like to thank your readers who have already read the first two chapters of the¬†Nurse Tiffany¬†trilogy. I hope they’re enjoying these crazy adventures. I’m also looking forward to hearing your thoughts, don’t be shy! I welcome book reviews and private e-mails wholeheartedly. You can visit my blog at¬†¬†for all the latest news and links to my books. Thanks again Ruth for the interview!


It’s true, I found Cheri and told her that I thought I knew of another audience for these stories! ¬†I haven’t read the third installment yet. ¬†I’m curious to see how it turns out! ¬†I can definitely concur that there is a serious shortage of disabled characters in all types of stories, so it’s great that we can both fill in different parts of that niche. ¬†It’s interesting to hear that the sex scenes were challenging. I find sex scenes difficult too and for much the same reason: variety. ¬†I have three or four sex scenes in my next book (very feminine-type sex scenes, definitely not erotica!) and I found myself challenged to find new ways of having the characters interact for each different one. ¬†It’s like real life, trying to keep variety in one’s sex life!

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