Part 11

  Part 11 РHow Good It Can Be

As Danny walked down the hall to retrieve Michelle’s wheelchair for her, he could feel the impact of the experiments she had been performing on him. Of course he had been a totally willing subject as Michelle showcased her complete waist down paralysis from that horrible car wreck nearly three years ago.

Lovers before the accident, they had recently¬†reconnected and seen their love reignite, fueled in no small part by Danny’s revelation that he was a devotee of spinal cord injured paraplegic women. He was turned by all the things about Michelle’s disability that seemed to turn other guys off. She couldn’t get enough of driving Danny crazy with almost anything related to her paralysis. That had led Michelle to propose that she turn her beloved Danny into her personal devotee “lab rat”, performing experiments to see just how he reacted to what she theorized were the five major categories of his sexual attraction to her paralysis and all the changes it had produced in her body and her daily routine. Behind closed doors, and completely naked, Michelle and Danny had set out to explore The Look, The Feel, The Struggle, The Equipment and The Story.

As Danny staggered weak kneed down the hall to retrieve the wheelchair Michelle had ordered him to remove from her sight, the two lovers had just completed part three, The Struggle, which included Michelle pitching herself onto the floor and dragging herself around with her lifeless legs trailing behind. Danny was beyond exhaustion from the constant state of sexual arousal Michelle had him in, and from the string of powerful orgasms that had drained his strength and left a dull aching feeling in his balls. Leaning on the handles of Michelle’s chair for support, he wheeled her great chrome, black and pink chariot to her side¬†as she sat on the floor.¬†But as she reached up, expecting Danny to scoop her off the floor and place her in the chair, Danny stepped aside and plopped down on the bed.

Michelle giggled. “You’re really wiped out, aren’t you, honey?” Danny smiled and shook his head. “You’re pushin’ my limits, babe, and now you want to take me down the hall to watch you put on your leg braces? Can I call just a short time out here? Remember, you won’t be able to finish your experiments if you kill off your lab rat”, Danny joked. ” Sure, hon, but I really would like to get back into my chair. Hmmm, if you’re too tired to scoop me up, maybe I can do it myself while you lay back and watch. You won’t have to do a thing, unless I get stuck and need rescuing. Whaddaya think?”

Danny didn’t hesitate to approve Michelle’s plan, even though he knew there would be no sexual downtime watching Michelle get herself and her paralyzed lower body off the floor and into her wheelchair. She had mentioned that this was the most difficult challenge she faced in rehab, and that it took her the better part of a year to get strong enough to do a successful floor to chair transfer. “Okay, babe, you’re on, and maybe this will be the perfect way to wrap up The Struggle before we move on to The Equipment.” Michelle nodded and smiled. “That’s what I was thinking Danny. Okay, here we go. I’ll confess I’ve never done this¬†naked the way we are now. But, clothes only get in the way and make things harder. And speaking of harder, it’ll be fun to see how ‘my friend’ reacts to all this.”

Michelle positioned her wheelchair and locked both wheels. Then, using her hands,¬†she gathered up her limp, paralyzed legs so her knees were bent and upright, with her feet tucked close beneath her. She¬†positioned both legs so they were together, and leaning gently against the frame of the chair. This is where it got tricky and very entertaining for Danny who was sitting wide-eyed on the bed, tending to Michelle’s “friend”. Any time Michelle moved her legs with her hands it lit up the devotee in Danny. ¬†He was fully erect once again, and pleasuring himself with occasional strokes¬†from his left hand.

Placing her left hand on the floor for balance, Michelle used her right hand¬†to grab firmly onto one of the metal bars that ran up from her footrest, holding onto it where it¬†curved into the frame of the chair. Just as she was ready to push down with that hand as hard as she could and use her other hand to push off from the floor, Michelle’s outside leg wobbled a little and then flopped out, with the outside of her thigh, knee and calf hitting the floor. Her other leg remained in position, supported by the chair, giving Danny a full view of her cleanly shaven pussy.

The whole scene was so erotic he wanted to dive off the bed and take her right then and there. But Michelle was already gathering up her disobedient leg and positioning it for another try with the floor to chair transfer. A momentary smile for Danny quickly faded into a¬†serious expression on her pretty face, as Michelle repositioned her long, thin legs. Danny loved Michelle’s determination, but the devotee in him also loved how all the determination in the world couldn’t overcome the complete waist down paralysis that had atrophied her lower body and left her with two magnificent, unfeeling legs totally beyond her control.

As Danny watched, and played with his steel hard cock, Michelle’s leg flopped wide open again…and again! “Oh, screw it!”, Michelle said, as she gathered up her leg a final time, grabbed the chair frame, pushed down with that hand and away from the floor with the other. Predictably, her lifeless leg flopped wide open, but Michelle paid no attention. All her focus was on completing the difficult transfer. Every muscle in her powerful upper body flexed and strained, her breasts bobbing and heaving. Michelle grimaced as she used all her strength to get her butt high enough off the ground that she could get it at least part way onto the cushion. Danny was spellbound. He had watched floor to chair transfers in online videos, but never one done naked by the woman he loved more than anything in the world! After several agonizing seconds, it was mission accomplished. Michelle plopped down, scooched back in her chair, and adjusted her wayward legs with her hands, so she was sitting with perfect posture, breathing deeply and gazing at her Danny.

“Some show, hey, babe?”, Michelle said, trying to catch her breath. “And, I see¬†‘my friend’¬†enjoyed it, too!” Danny got off the bed, bent down and gave Michelle a loving kiss, while simultaneously taking her hands in his and guiding them to the shaft of his pulsating erection. As Michelle wrapped her fingers around his throbbing manhood and played with him gently, Danny said softly, “Yes,¬†‘your friend’¬†enjoyed it, too.” Michelle chuckled and smiled, and then asked Danny what he thought of her performance. She was justifiably proud that she could do a floor to chair transfer. It had taken her so long to be able to do it consistently.

“Honey, that was impressive!”, Danny said enthusiastically. “You were magnificent!” Michelle interrupted. “Yeah, yeah, but that’s Danny the gentleman talking. Danny the encourager who always finds something positive to say to everyone. I want to know what Danny the devotee of paraplegic women thought of the transfer.” Danny sat back down on the bed, and Michelle took her hands from his cock and rolled as close to him as she could get. Putting one hand on her knee for support, she leaned forward so they could share a kiss, and then used her hands to lift one leg and cross it over the other. She took one of Danny’s hands and placed it on her thigh, watching his fingertips sink into the soft flesh that had gradually replaced her once firm, hard muscles. She knew Danny absolutely adored her paralyzed legs and craved every opportunity to enjoy them.

Danny sighed deeply. “Ahhh, that transfer. I’ll tell you what drove the devotee in me wild, Michelle. It was seeing the incredible contrast between your upper and lower body. I didn’t realized how ripped you are in your shoulders, upper arms, and even the ab muscles above your injury line. Throw in that long blonde hair swirling this way and that and your breasts tossing about, and you were a fabulous sight to behold. But, it won’t surprise you that the biggest sexual rush came from watching your legs and feet.¬†Amazing how your leg kept flopping out when you were setting up for the transfer, and the way your legs and feet just dangled limply as you dragged yourself up into the wheelchair. Sheer willpower got you through that transfer, but it turns me on knowing that all the willpower you can summon doesn’t enable you to move a muscle¬†or to feel my touch as I caress your thigh like I’m doing.”

Danny continued. “During that transfer, Michelle, I’ve never seen you look so capable and so crippled at the same time. Of all the experiments you’ve done on me during The Struggle, this was the most exciting and erotic of all!” Michelle was beaming, and, as always, so totally appreciative that she had a guy to love who loved her just the way she was and was totally and forever turned on by her paralysis.

¬†¬† Michelle was feeling so appreciative that she decided to give Danny a special gift. “Danny, babe, please sit up and¬†lean back. Maybe put your arms behind you a bit with your hands on the mattress.” As Danny complied, Michelle used her hands to lift one of her¬†legs and then the other, laying them on either side of his legs with her feet up by his hips. Danny offered up another deep sigh, accompanied by a dreamy eyed smile, because he knew what was coming.¬†¬†Foot job!

Michelle leaned forward, grabbing her legs by the ankles and lifting her feet into Danny’s lap.¬†Paralysis had taken so much away from Michelle, but in Danny’s eyes, it had given her absolutely perfect feet. No walking meant no callouses. No friction with shoes meant no rough skin. Her feet, the bottoms especially, were every bit as soft as a baby’s feet. Danny was still hard from the transfer, and Michelle teased him a bit by curving the bottoms of her paralyzed feet around his erection just a few inches from his shaft. The configuration resembled parentheses around a period on the keyboard. (.)

Michelle could have started right up, but paused to play one of the many little devotee games she and Danny were developing to enhance their sexual encounters. Michelle removed her hands from her feet, which never moved, remaining tantalizingly curved and oh so close to his erection. Danny picked up on the game. “Come on babe, you can do it. Move your toes for me…move your feet.” Michelle scrunched up her pretty face. “Oh, sweetheart, I am trying, but I’m completely paralyzed from the waist down. Can’t move, can’t feel. My feet are so helpless…useless.”

So erotic were these little devotee sex games to Danny, that clear precum was oozing from¬†his cock, and the spongy tip was fully engorged and turning that familiar reddish hue that meant he was on the brink of orgasm. How Michelle loved the power she had over her guy! “Oh Danny, it’s no use”, Michelle said, feigning frustration.”I’m so crippled. My legs are crippled, my feet are crippled. I want to give you a foot job all on my own, but I just can’t!”

By now, Danny’s hips were undulating reflexively, his face was becoming flushed and his heart was pounding with desire. “Ohhh, babe”, said Danny breathlessly, “Let me watch you bring your feet to life with your hands and do me the way we’ve been practicing. Danny spread his own legs wide for Michelle as she leaned forward and took both her legs by the ankles. Ever so gently she closed the bottoms of her limp feet around Danny’s erection, using her hands to move her feet up and down the length of his pulsating penis. He was losing control of his own movements now, his hips bucking and thrusting, driving his penis back and forth through the grasp of Michelle’s precious paralyzed feet.

She smiled in delight at Danny’s reaction and strained hard to see if she could feel any of the contact between her skin and his. Nothing. Before the car wreck had left her a T-10 complete paraplegic, she would drive Danny crazy during a foot job by flexing her toes against the sensitive skin on the underside of his penis, and using her toes to toy with his balls as they hung in their sack. She had been practicing to¬†approximate those movements by manipulating her flaccid, unfeeling feet and toes with her hands and fingers. Michelle pushed a hand down against her knee to bring herself back up to a sitting position. Then she grabbed the back of what used to be her firm, muscular calf. Now her lower leg had virtually no contours to it and had become so thin from disuse that her fingers could almost reach all the way around it. Wearing a sexy little grin, Michelle eyed Danny, and moved her leg up and down with her hand several times. This caused her foot to dangle and flop uncontrollably.

“Ohhhh, Michelle!”, Danny shrieked. That’s so sexy! Do me, babe! Do me, NOW!”¬† And with that, Michelle maneuvered her leg so her limp, paralyzed foot pushed gently against his penis. Her lifeless toes flexed, unable to offer any resistance to the steely hardness of his erection.¬† Danny moaned and closed his eyes for a moment, but opened them when he felt Michelle moving her leg so her toes mooshed against his scrotum.

By having her hand make subtle adjustments in the position of her leg, she was able to rub her paralyzed toes against¬†his cock and balls and¬†simulate the foot jobs she used to give him when she could walk. For devotee Danny, though, the pleasure of getting a foot job from his paraplegic princess far exceeded anything an able bodied woman could have done for him. “Oh, YES! Keep working your foot like that! They’re so soft. Your limp toes feel so great, honey.”

Danny paused for a moment, and then said, “The only thing that bothers me, though, is that it seems like I’m getting all the pleasure and you’re getting short changed.” Michelle replied as she upped the ante on Danny by continuing to work on his balls with one foot, while using her other hand to bring her other paralyzed foot into play so it was constantly rubbing his cock. “Well” she said softly, “Two thoughts on that.

First, remember that the whole concept of what we’ve been doing today is having me perform experiments on you to see how you, as a devotee, react to me as a paraplegic. So, it’s¬†supposed¬†to be all about turning¬†you¬†on, babe!¬†Second, what makes you think I’m not getting pleasure?! You can’t see my upper body tingling and my heart pounding, but I know you can see my nipples standing erect the way they only do when I’m sexually aroused.”

   As Michelle continued with the best foot job Danny had ever had, he leaned forward, cupped his hands beneath her big round breasts, rubbed his thumbs against her nipples that now looked like large pink pencil erasers, and started sucking on one nipple, then the other, as hard as he could. Michelle closed her eyes, swooned in ecstasy and totally lost track of what she was trying to do with her feet. Danny could tell, because she was suddenly completely off target and missing his cock and balls. He realized that unless she could see what her feet were doing, she had no idea what they were touching.

For reasons he didn’t fully understand, Michelle’s complete lack of feeling below her waist turned him on every bit as much as the look and feel of her paralyzed lower half. As Danny’s thoughts focused on how Michelle was so helpless that she¬†had to use her hands to make her feet move, and how she now had no idea where her feet were, he got a huge erotic surge from deep within his testicles.

Suddenly he erupted in a huge orgasm that sent gobs of semen squirting and splashing all over Michelle’s feet. Michelle felt some of it land on her hands and forearms as she was using them to manipulate her legs and feet for the foot job. As she watched the love juices rocket from the swollen tip of Danny’s penis she was suddenly aware of how her unfeeling feet had drifted from their targets when Danny had started feeling up her breasts and nipples. They both had a little laugh over that, as they embraced and Danny pulled Michelle out of her wheelchair and onto the bed with him.

She landed on top with her hair and breasts dangling in his face, and her legs splayed out behind her. Two lovers, kissing each other everywhere they could reach, smiling cooing, laughing as they rolled side to side. Danny had managed to sneak a finger down between Michelle’s legs and into her hot, but unfeeling pussy¬†to see whether she was as turned on as she thought she was. His finger came out soaking wet, just as he’d hoped.

“Darling?”, Danny said softly as he nibbled on Michelle’s ear. “I just did a little exploring down there, and your pussy’s so hot and wet.” I’m still hard from your amazing foot job. Mind if I come in for a visit?” Michelle never hesitated. “Why, of course, that’s just where I want him whenever I can get him.” They had a system for this when Michelle was on top. Danny put his thumbs into the creases between Michelle’s torso and legs and lifted her paralyzed hips as she put a hand down, took his penis and guided it between the lips of her vagina. Danny slowly lowered Michelle’s hips and they were fully connected.

“Are you in all the way?”, Michelle asked. She always asked because as a complete paraplegic she had no sensation there or anywhere below her belly button. “Ohhhh, yeah”, came the reply. “Your paralyzed pussy has closed around me, holding me so gently, so perfectly, babe. And just FYI, ’cause I know you’ll ask this, too – my hands are on your cute little butt cheeks. I’m giving them a squeeze, and sliding my hands back and forth down the backs of your thighs.” Michelle loved the word pictures Danny would create for her. They helped her connect to what she couldn’t feel, and had become such an important tool¬†in helping her get fully into their lovemaking.

Of course there wasn’t going to be any full blown lovemaking for awhile, because Michelle had finished him off with the foot job. But they both loved the closeness after the lovin’, and as Danny explored the sexy softness of Michelle’s lifeless legs and butt, she had him sucking on her nipples and feeling up her gloriously firm, full breasts. It sent tingles all over her upper body and right down her spine to her injury line.

Danny felt his penis start to come back to life deep inside Michelle’s pussy, and he did a couple of slow hip thrusts to see if he could keep his erection after such another explosive orgasm triggered by Michelle’s experiments on his devotee triggers. He was aware of how much effort he had to expend to thrust upward¬†with the dead weight of Michelle’s lower body pressing down on him. It didn’t bother him in any way. To the contrary, it helped emphasize what devotee Danny loved and craved about Michelle. She was completely paralyzed. It was totally irreversible and it made her totally irresistible!

After a few minutes, the endorphins kicked in and the two lovers drifted off to sleep in each other’s arms. Danny’s last conscious thoughts were of whether they were ever going to get down the hall and start experimenting with The Equipment. Michelle drifted away to similar thoughts, already quietly planning experiments using her stander, her leg braces, and a surprise new piece of equipment she thought just might blow Danny’s devotee circuits like nothing else.

To be continued in Pt 12 of “How Good It Can Be”

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