Part 12

   How Good It Can Be РPart 12

On the topic of “How Good It Can Be” when¬†you’re in love with the paraplegic woman of your dreams, Danny the devotee thought he knew everything. He was about to learn something new. Danny and Michelle had fallen asleep in each other’s arms, with his then fully erect penis deep inside her warm, wet paralyzed vagina. With an able-bodied woman in this situation, Danny’s penis would have softened, retracted and fallen out as they moved around during the night. But Michelle was a T-10 complete paraplegic. Her lower body couldn’t move at all, and as Danny awoke, he still had his arms around Michelle’s upper body while she slept peacefully, her pretty face using his muscular chest as a pillow.

As Danny’s cobwebs receded he became aware that his limp penis was still inside Michelle. Lifeless, but being held straight by the walls of Michelle’s pussy. In a¬†strange way, he thought,¬†not unlike the long leg braces she would soon show off to him¬†which supported her limp legs and enabled her to stand and walk. Speaking of Michelle’s limp legs, Danny could feel their dead weight as he reached his hands down and caressed them, running his palms and fingers up and down the backs of her silky soft thighs, as well as over and around her cute little butt cheeks. The reaction was predictable and immediate. Danny could feel his penis start to stir, swell and grow as he fondled Michelle’s amazing lower body. He knew he could do this without disturbing her sleep, as long as stayed below the¬†injury line at her waist. Danny wasn’t taking unfair advantage. Michelle had made it very clear that she wanted Danny to feel welcome to¬†play below the equator while she slept. She couldn’t feel it, and she knew how much her paralyzed lower half turned him on, so why not?

As Danny continued to make love to Michelle’s lifeless lower body with his hands, it dawned on him that he was experiencing something totally new and incredible, which could never happen with an able-bodied woman. He was inside Michelle, hard as a rock,¬†and neither one of them had to put him there to get the lovin’ started! Her paralysis had kept her on top of him all night, and prevented his penis from falling out of her vagina. It was mind blowing to Danny to feel himself being held inside Michelle’s pussy as his penis went all the way from the firmness of cooked spaghetti to the firmness of steel ! It was such a turn on for Danny to experience that, and even more of a turn on to know that Michelle could sleep through it all, because she was unable to feel him inside her, and unable to feel his hands playing with her legs and butt.

Out of love and consideration for his precious Michelle who was oblivious to all he was up to and still sound asleep, Danny had tried his hardest to suppress his movements as his arousal grew. But it was like trying to keep a thoroughbred in the gate when the starting bell had rung. In a way, Danny had no more control over his lower body than Michelle had over hers. Total paralysis was the reason in her case. Total turn on was Danny’s reason. His hips began to undulate, slowly at first, and then faster and faster as he played with Michelle’s precious legs, squeezing the flaccid flesh of her sexy thighs so hard his fingertips pressed down to her bones with little resistance. Danny remembered touching Michelle in a similar way when they had first fallen in love and she had the well toned thigh muscles of a cheerleader.¬†He used to think nothing could compare with her legs. He was wrong. Her paralyzed legs were half the size, but twice as sexy to him. He wondered if only a devotee could feel that way.

Danny’s intensifying movements were being transferred to Michelle as she¬†laid on top of him, and soon she was in the midst of a rude, but highly erotic awakening. As she opened her sparkling blue eyes to see herself riding her bucking bronco, Michelle shrieked, “Good Lord, Danny, what the heck is going on?!”

Danny replied between his gasps for air, “Oh, babe….sorry….I couldn’t control myself. Woke up to find him¬†still inside you… from last night. It’s been off to the races…ever since!” It didn’t take long for Michelle to get with the program. She looked back to see what she couldn’t feel. Danny was thrusting wildly, using his powerful muscles to give motion to her paralyzed legs and hips, driving her butt high in the air¬†with every upward thrust.

Almost instantly, Michelle was on board and fully involved with their early morning love fest. They were French kissing each other, with their probing tongues fully engaged. Danny slid her hands up across Michelle’s injury line. To her it was as though they had suddenly¬†appeared out of nowhere, gliding up her sides, swirling¬†over her back, and coming around to grab onto her fabulous breasts. She did a push up so he could feel and fondle them and suck on her nipples, as the pleasure exploded throughout her upper body. Michelle used her powerful arms to rock her body back and forth, which gave some movement to her paralyzed lower half, and some extra¬†thrills for¬†her devotee lover.

¬†¬† “Ohh, Danny!”, Michelle cried out. “Love me, fuck me….faster, harder!¬† FASTER! HARDER!¬† Make me feel it, babe!!!” That was a line she threw in for Danny’s benefit, knowing it was like throwing gasoline on the devotee fires now raging within him!¬† As Danny grabbed her breasts harder than ever and tried to suck Michelle’s right nipple down his throat, he exploded deep inside her, with his final violent thrust pushing his cock¬†all the way to her backbone! ¬†She focused on remembering how that used to feel when they made love before her car wreck, and used those memories to “feel” it in her own way.

Danny held Michelle tight in his arms, and spoke to her softly when he had finally caught his breath. “You know, hon, I just cannot believe how perfect we are for each other. No matter what we’re doing, I never see your disability in a negative light. Sure, there are some things you can’t do and we can’t do, but I never miss them. My total focus is on how much fun you are to be with, how genuinely beautiful you are inside and out, how much we love each other, and the things I keep on discovering about your paralysis that are unique, positive and erotic for me, and I hope¬†for you.”

Michelle was hanging on Danny’s every word as she smiled and said, “Oh yeah? Tell me about some of that stuff. You know how I love to hear it.” Without hesitation Danny said, “This morning is a perfect example. If you weren’t a paraplegic, there’s no way I would have still been inside you when I woke up. If you weren’t a paraplegic, there’s no way you could have slept through me caressing your legs and your butt. Doing that turned me on and enabled me to feel him go all the way from being limp and lifeless inside you, to having a full erection that filled you up! I don’t know of another guy who’s ever had the experience you just gave me, honey. It was phenomenal !” Michelle smiled, ran her fingertips through his chest hair, and planted loving little kisses all over her sweet Danny’s face. She was assembling some important points she wanted to make.

“You know,¬†Danny, it’s so remarkable to hear you say things like that and to know you’re not schmoozing me, but you mean them from the bottom of your heart. I wish every woman with a disability like mine could have a devotee like you in¬†her life.” Danny blushed as Michelle continued. “I’ve talked with a lot of spinal cord injured women. Most come to believe they’ll find a guy who will love them and that they’ll get married and all. But almost all of them think it’ll take a guy who’s willing to love them in spite of their disability. That he’ll be forcing himself to accept, and for lack of a better term, put up with the wheelchair, the unfeeling, atophied legs, making love to a wife who’s like a rag doll from the waist down, etc. Truth be told, I was sure that’s how it would be if you and I ever reconnected after my accident. You used to love me, and I felt you could love me again, but that it would always be in spite of my handicap. Never in my wildest dreams did I think you’d find me more beautiful in a wheelchair than walking, or sexier looking and more desirable paralyzed from the waist down than able-bodied. Babe, it still blows my mind knowing that you¬†prefer me this way and that sexually you want and need me¬†exactly the way I am.”

¬†¬† ¬†Danny had been listening intently,¬†gave her a kiss on her sweet lips and said with a little shrug of his shoulders, “What can I say, honey? It’s all true, and it always will be. You’re all I’ve ever dreamed of in a woman, and all I could ever want in a lover.” ¬†Michelle smiled warmly,¬†returned the kiss to Danny and then rolled herself off the top of him. Of course, as always, she had to use her hands to move and maneuver her legs as she scooched toward the edge of the bed and transferred into her chair. A hand behind her knee, then behind her thigh, making fists and pushing down with her strong arms, rocking side to side with her feet flopping¬†every which way. ¬†And finally, for reasons he never really understood, Danny’s favorite¬†little¬†part of the routine to watch. When Michelle was in her chair and ready to roll, he adored how she would cup her hand over her knee so she could adjust the position of her leg and foot. Then, she’d¬†do the same with the other hand, leg¬†and foot. All paras did the same thing, and Danny just¬†found it¬†so intriguing to watch, especially when he was watching his precious Michelle.

She knew¬†Danny was in his usual transfer trance and snapped him out of it as she spoke. “C’mon, my sexy little lab rat. Time’s a wastin’. We’ve done successful experiments on you that focused on The Look, The Feel, and The Struggle associated with my paralysis. Let’s get down the hall so I can test your devotee reactions to some of The Equipment that’s a part of my life as a paraplegic. I’ve never gotten into my stander or my braces naked before, so that ought to be interesting for both of us. ¬†And then there’s another piece of The Equipment I can’t wait to share with you. Let’s go!” And with that, Michelle gave a powerful push on her rims and glided down the hall ahead of Danny. He¬†followed behind, racking his brain, trying to figure out what that mysterious¬†thing could possibly be.

To be continued in Part 13 of “How Good It Can Be”

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