Part 18


How Good It Can Be – Part 18

Did my penis just become obsolete? That thought was racing through Danny’s mind, intermingled with the joyous flashbacks to a few moments ago when he watched his precious Michelle, his one-time able-bodied friend and lover, now a T-10 complete paraplegic, experience one orgasm after another with a powerful new¬†vibrator he had maneuvered deep within her paralyzed pussy. Together, they had found the special spot that stimulated Michelle’s vagus nerve, which ran separate from her severed spinal cord, and allowed erotic impulses to reach her brain and trigger what she described as an orgasmic pleasure overload. It was overwhelming for them both, and now, as Michelle lay beside him in bed, delirious from the best sexual release she had had since her car wreck, Danny tried to sort it all out.

Snuggling close to his precious Paraplegic Princess, as she wore a dreamy-eyed smile, and drifted toward an endorphin-laced slumber, Danny reached down and began gently caressing her silky soft, unfeeling thighs with one hand…and fingering her warm, wet pussy with the other. As a devotee of paraplegic women, and fully out of the closet with Michelle, nothing gave him greater pleasure than to experience and enjoy her flaccid lower half. But, as Danny extended two fingers as deep into Michelle’s vagina as they would go and started searching for that spot which had triggered her orgasms when he held the tip of the vibrator against it, he was totally aware that his fingers were causing no discernible reaction whatsoever from Michelle. Even when he pulled his fingers out and used them to rub her clit….nothing. Before the accident, finger fucking Michelle like this would have driven her out of her mind, and caused her hips to thrust and buck while she begged Danny for more. The before and after contrast could not have been more obvious and extreme. Most guys would have been lamenting the changes in Michelle’s body and the loss of her ability to feel or move anything below her belly button. But, as a devotee, he loved everything about Michelle’s paralysis. For him, it was totally erotic to play with her limp, lifeless, atrophied legs…and to make love to her with his fingers, or his penis, and have her hips remain motionless, and to know she couldn’t feel him inside her. He knew his reactions were almost irrational, but they were real and Michelle was thrilled at how he responded to her body.

Now, though, Danny suddenly felt sexually threatened for the first time since he and Michelle had reconnected and reignited their love affair. Was his penis now going to be replaced by her vibrator? It was a reasonable question to ask, given the demonstrated reality that the vibrator could give her orgasms and his cock could not. He could supply endless passion, but could not duplicate the intense, high speed vibrations that had stimulated her vagus nerve. Would Michelle still want Danny to make love to her? Would she prefer the metal vibrator to his 6 inches of steel, covered by velvety soft skin stretched to the max? Would she spend all her free time masturbating with the vibrator, because she had been unable to pleasure herself that way since being paralyzed? Danny was rapidly coming to the conclusion that his sex life with Michelle was about to change. It seemed inevitable and logical that she would need that to happen. Would the vibrator ultimately damage or end their relationship? That thought sent a cold chill up his spine, and he immediately chased the thought from his brain, because it was simply too upsetting to even contemplate.

As for Danny, he felt certain he could be sexually excited and¬†satisfied without being in her vagina. Just¬† being in Michelle’s presence drove him half crazy¬†with desire.¬†Just the sight of her¬†atrophied legs wobbling as she rolled in her wheelchair was enough to turn Danny on. Just watching Michelle transfer and maneuver her paralyzed legs with her hands could make his heart pound. Just feeling and fondling her soft legs and floppy feet could make him cum in no time.

But could his male ego handle it if she preferred a metal vibrator to his pulsating penis? That may have been the biggest question of all, and Danny the devotee was about to pose it to his precious paraplegic princess, Michelle.

“Hey, babe”, Danny whispered in her ear. “Think you could wake up, I’ve gotta ask you something.” Michelle opened her eyes, cooing softly at the feeling of Danny, tracing the contours of her ear with the tip of his tongue. “Ummmmm, love that feeling babe”, Michelle said as she smiled and snuggled closer to Danny. He marveled at how she’d gotten so good at doing that in one motion, although it required her to reach one hand down to her paralyzed bottom and push it¬†in Danny’s direction before reaching as far down as she could to push her legs toward him. while her fully functional¬†upper body shifted position without assistance.”So what’s the question, sweetheart? Ask me anything.”

To be continued in Part 19 of “How Good It Can Be”