Part 19


   How Good It Can Be РPart 19

“Wait a sec, honey”, Michelle said with a foxy expression on her pretty face. “Before you ask me whatever you want to ask me, I want to do something.” Danny sighed and rolled onto his back with a quizzical look on his face. He watched as she reached a hand down behind her upper thigh, lifted her leg and guided it over Danny. Completely paralyzed from¬†the waist down, Michelle had no control over her lower body. Her near fatal car accident three years ago had severed her spinal cord at the T-10 vertebrae, disconnecting her lower body from her brain. She and Danny had been lovers before the wreck and they were lovers once again, with a passion for each other that seemingly knew no bounds. Even though Danny had revealed himself to be a devotee of paraplegic women, and found her body to be incredibly sexy just as it was, there were uncompromising realities they both faced because of her injury. One of them was on display now,¬†with Michelle forced to maneuver her crippled leg by remote control, using commands from her brain through her hand in order to make her leg move.

With her leg held above Danny’s hips, Michelle’s calf dangled helplessly, her paralyzed foot pointing straight down. Carefully, she lowered her leg until her soft, limp toes made contact with Danny’s penis, now fully retracted and flopped over against his upper left thigh. She teased Danny, by making her toes run up and down his shaft..and then by lowering her leg slightly more so the bottom of her foot could moosh gently against his manhood. Danny smiled and emitted his familiar moan as they both watched his penis grow longer and fatter, lifting off his thigh and becoming fully erect with amazing speed. “Mission accomplished”,¬†Danny said with a chuckle. “It never fails”, Michelle replied with a loving smile aimed in his direction.

“Ah, but now comes my question” Danny said. “What do you want to do with him now that you’ve awakened him and gotten me totally aroused?” As Michelle continued to drag her floppy foot all over Danny’s erection and around his legs and hips, she was puzzled. “Not sure I follow you, babe”. Danny took a deep breath and let it out slowly. “Well, let’s get right down to it. Who do you want now? Him, or your vibrator? I can slide him inside your pussy and fuck your pretty brains out, which I love to do. But we both know he won’t be able to do what the vibrator did for you¬†a short time ago. He can’t give you orgasms. I can’t give you orgasms, but that bright silver love machine can. Just switch it on, find the magic spot, and you’re off to the races. So, I ask you again, honey, who do you want?”

Michelle’s silence lasted several interminable seconds before she cleared her throat and spoke. “You know, in light of what we both experienced a short while ago with the vibrator, that’s an uncomfortable but legitimate question. I’ve been mulling things over in my mind since you used the vibrator to give me my first full blown orgasms in three years. Since we got back together, my¬†paralysis has made our sex life different from other couples in many ways. Not worse, just different. There are so many things in bed I want to do but can’t. Fortunately, and from my standpoint miraculously,¬†the combination of your loving, giving nature and your devoteeism makes me able to satisfy you just the way I am. But the fact is, our sex life¬†has been¬†unbalanced the other way, too,¬†through no fault of yours.” Michelle took hold of Danny’s penis, enveloping it with her hand and pumping him. Danny squirmed and moaned with pleasure as Michelle continued. “I love doing this. Love how he feels in my hand as I hold him, rub him, and make him glide through my grasp. Love to see and feel him grow. ¬†But when we make love in the traditional way, I don’t feel anything like this. In fact, I don’t feel anything. Can’t feel his shaft gliding along the walls of my pussy. Can’t feel him rubbing against my clit. Can’t feel him exploding inside me when I take you to orgasm. Let’s me speak in more blunt terms that I ever have. From my perspective I’m a corpse from the waist down. A corpse, Danny! Sexually, my options are limited by my paraplegia.¬†I can give you a hand job, a blow job, or¬†let you¬†fuck my corpse!” Until now, Michelle had held it together, but now she dissolved in a sea of tears as Danny held her tight and rocked her in his arms. After a few minutes, speaking between her tears and gasps for breath, Michelle continued. “I’m sorry, babe, and I realize I still owe you an answer to your question about whether I want the vibrator more than your penis. The fact is, I want and need them both. And, while I haven’t sorted all this out yet, there just has to be¬†room¬†for them both in our love life. We’ve done so amazingly well in finding our way since my accident. I’m hoping we can be open and creative about the vibrator and incorporate it into our lovemaking.

Darling, you are the best lover I ever could have. You were great before I was paralyzed and your devoteeism has made the best even better since I lost the use of my lower half. I mean, how many guys could handle my paralysis and all that comes with it, let alone be totally turned on by these dead legs and this dead pussy….this corpse that lies before you? That said, when the vibrator hit that spot and triggered those orgasms in my brain, it was like giving a bottle of water to a woman dying in the desert! You’ve given me back so much, Danny. The love I feared I’d never again have from a guy, the passion, the self-confidence. And now the vibrator has given me back what we both thought had been lost forever – my ability to have full blown, gut busting orgasms. Please tell me you understand, and please know I will always want and need the big guy here, in my pussy, in my mouth, in my hand. After all, he’s the living, pulsating expression of your desire for me and my broken body. Without question, I need them both. Now, my question to you, darling. Do¬†you¬†think we can make it work?”

To be continued in Part 20 of “How Good It Can Be”