Part 20

Note How Good It Can Be – Part 20

“Not only do I think we can make it work, babe. I want it to work, and we have to make it work.” Face to face with Michelle in their bed, Danny spoke softly, but with great passion and urgency in his voice. “Honey, any opportunity for you to experience anything like the incredible sexual pleasure you give me is something I want to try and something I support, 100%!” Danny grabbed Michelle’s big, shiny new vibrator and asked Michelle to take hold of it, too. “I would like to introduce you to our new sex partner”, he continued with a devlish smile. “We’re a threesome!” They both laughed and shared a kiss.

Then the mood turned more serious again as Michelle inquired, “Sweetheart, are you sure you’re okay with me needing this vibrator to get orgasms? You don’t feel intimidated or threatened by that?” Danny took a few seconds to gather his thoughts. “Well, isn’t it natural for a guy to worry when a vibrator can do things for his lover that he can’t do? So, yeah, hon, I am struggling with this a bit. If you were still able-bodied, I don’t think I could handle you wanting and needing a vibrator. But you’re a T-10 complete paraplegic now. That’s reality and that changes some things. I’m actually excited to know it’s now possible for you have orgasms when you press the tip of this thing against a certain spot deep inside you and somehow the vagus nerve that bypasses your severed spinal cord sends pleasure impulses to your brain. I’m totally onboard with the vibrator being a sexual partner, with you, with me, with us. What I don’t know, is how all this is going to work. I mean, we can’t both be inside you at the same time, right?” Michelle giggled, “No, I think that would be a pretty tight squeeze. And, this is all so new, I don’t know how it’s going to work either, but I am totally thrilled and relieved that you think it can work and that you want to try. Can we brainstorm it just a bit here?”

Danny agreed, so Michelle continued. ” Right off the top of my head, I think this vibrator is going to be a big help with a couple of things I have really missed since my injury. Masturbating and 69. When we were a couple before the accident and you were away for whatever reason, I would masturbate all the time, and always, I should point out, to images of you and me making love. Now, when I can’t have you, the vibrator will
let me get some sexual satisfaction, instead of the sexual frustration I feel now. Actually, “feel” is the wrong word, because while I can feel my clit and my vagina with my fingers, they never feel back. In fact, it’s like I’m masturbating another woman. It’s kind of bizarre, and seems wrong somehow. So, I don’t masturbate any more, because I can’t, and, babe, I miss it terribly! Can you understand what I’m trying to say?”

Danny snuggled closer to Michelle and said, “Yes, as much as any able-bodied person can, I do understand. In fact, I may understand it at this moment better than anyone could. Reach a hand down to your pussy.” Michelle did as he asked and ran into Danny’s hand. “Hey, what are you doin’ down there?”, Michelle asked as she cuddled closer to him. “Masturbating you. Or trying to. Ever since you got on the subject, I’ve been rubbing your clit and sliding fingers in and out of your pussy.You had no idea.” Michelle sighed, “No clue at all. Guess that’s why you can understand how excited I am about what the vibrator can do. Masturbating won’t be done the same as it used to be. I won’t be fingering my clit and my pussy, but just trying to hold the vibrator tip against that special spot while it whirrrrrs away inside me. Hmmmmm”, Michelle said, “looks like you’re excited, too.”

She was noticing Danny’s cock, which with no manual stimulation by either one of them, was now standing ram road straight. “What caused that, Danny? Must be a devotee thing, huh?” He shook his head and replied. “Yeah, even though we’re having a serious discussion, it was so sexy when I was trying to pleasure your pussy and you couldn’t feel a thing. You never reacted, and never moved. It helped me focus on your masturbation issues and your need for the vibrator, but it was also hugely erotic for the devotee in me.” Michelle smiles and laughed softly. “HUGE would be the right word! Just look at the sexual pleasure I am able to give you by doing nothing, darling. All the vibrator is going to do is let me have a level of pleasure I’ve been denied for three years. Don’t worry. Every sexual thought I have and every reaction I get will still be centered on you, and us. And on the devotee side, I’ll still be your Paraplegic Princess, as paralyzed as ever.” As she gently wrapped her hand and long fingers around Danny’s erection, Michelle continued”. The vibrator won’t change anything you find beautiful and sexy about me.” Michelle was choosing her words to trigger his devotee desires as she kept masturbating her beloved Danny, with slow, gentle strokes and loving little squeezes. “I’ll still be dependent on my wheelchair, still be unable to feel or move on my own below my waist. My legs and feet will still be limp and lifeless to entice you as they dangle, flop and wobble. These thighs you love so much will still be pillowy soft, with muscles wasted from three years of disuse. And, sweetheart, my paralyzed pussy will still be yours to play with, suck on, to eat, to love tenderly or fuck wildly.”

Michelle paused, as Danny cried out. “Ohhhh, God, Michelle! You are so incredible! Total pleasure overload!!” And with that Danny erupted in orgasm, with milky white globs of semen rocketing from the tip of his cock until he had no more to give. “Now, my darling”, Michelle said quietly. “Now you really know why I need us to develop a threesome with the vibrator. It’s the only way I can have what you just had.”

Once Danny was sufficiently recovered to speak, he said.” Michelle, my love, I’m all in on this. Awhile ago you mentioned missing 69 the way we used to share it. How about we see if the vibrator can help make it as good for you as it once was?” Laying her head on Danny’s heaving chest and listening to his heart still racing from his release, Michelle smiled up at him and whispered, “I like the way you think. I’m all in, too.”

To be continued in Part 21 of “How Good It Can Be”