Part 21

Note How Good It Can Be – Part 21

69, with Danny working the vibrator until he finds that special spot we’ve discovered inside my paralyzed pussy, while I suck on his big fat cock. These sweet thoughts gave Michelle a rush and a smile as she pushed herself up and off Danny’s chest. He watched intently while his Paraplegic Princess used her hands to position her flaccid lower half with her legs spread before lowering her upper half onto the bed in perfect missionary position for traditional sex, or, in this case, for 69 the way it worked best for them.
Danny, with the long shiny vibrator in one hand, quickly climbed on top, facing the opposite direction. He suspended himself over Michelle using his forearms and knees, so as not to squish her with his full body weight. Almost immediately she took hold of his cock with one hand, started fondling his balls with the other and closed her lips around his shaft and began to lick and suck gently and passionately. To make sure Michelle was sufficiently lubricated for him to insert the vibrator, Danny began lavishing her beautiful, cleanly shaven pussy with his wet sloppy kisses.

Then it happened. What they both knew was inevitable because of Michelle’s complete lack of bladder control happened. She wet the bed. Worse yet, she peed all over Danny’s face. Even worse, Michelle had absolutely no idea it was happening. Except for the devotee part of Danny, he was grossed out. Anyone would be. But as a devotee of paraplegic women, it seemed everything about Michelle’s complete waist down paralysis turned him on…even this! Danny’s penis surged and Michelle pulled off just long enough to say, “Wow! You must be having fun down there, darling. I just felt the same surge you get whenever you play with my crippled legs and feet!”.

As she went back to sucking him off, Danny didn’t know what to say. He just made a muffled sound as though he had a mouthful of paralyzed pussy, while he grabbed the top sheet that had been pulled back and used it to wipe his face. He also wiped the pee off Michelle’s soft, quivering, unfeeling thighs. Just lifting each of Michelle’s lifeless legs and seeing her atrophied muscles give way to his grasp while her feet dangled and flopped, was such a turn on for Danny that it kept him rock hard so she had no idea there was any problem. But there was no hiding the nasty reality that the bed was just soaked. Once Michelle started peeing, there was no stopping her, and Danny estimated it went on for nearly a full minute. Her paralysis had made her oblivious to everything that was going on down Danny’s way, and she just lost herself in sucking Danny’s cock, until she pulled off again, and said, ” Honey, when are you going to switch on the vibrator and see if you can hit that spot and make me orgasm? I am so ready to feel that in my brain again!”

Danny knew they couldn’t continue doing 69 with the bed full of pee, so he spoke up. “Babe, we have a problem down here. What you’re doing feels incredible, but we’re gonna have to call a time out.” Danny switched his position so he was face to face with Michelle. “Ohhhh noooo”, Michelle said with a look of horror on her face. She could see, and was starting to smell the pee, and knew her bladder had betrayed her. She glanced at the digital clock on the nightstand, did the math and shrieked, “Six hours?! It’s been six hours since I cathed, Danny! I need to do it every four hours to keep this from happening, but we’ve been so lost in each other I flat lost track of time! Ohhhhh, you have no idea how ashamed and sorry I am. I’ve worked so hard to avoid this when we’re together, but if I don’t keep to a schedule on cathing, my bladder will just cut loose whenever it gets too full.” As her tears flowed, Michelle pulled herself up to a sitting position while Danny stacked some pillows behind them both for support. Michelle gazed down at the enormous pee stain on the sheet and cursed her paralysis. “Damn, damn damn!!! Oh, Danny, how can you love me? How can you still want me when I peed all over you like that?! This lack of bladder and bowel control is by far the worst thing about being a T-10 complete paraplegic.It’s much worse than not being able to walk, and not being able to feel or move half my body.”

Michelle had the saddest look on her face Danny had ever seen. He took her in his arms and rocked her like a baby, which is exactly what Michelle felt like. Here she was, a full grown professional woman who had her act together in so many ways, yet she had no more control over her personal plumbing than a baby. “Well”, Danny said, trying to brighten the mood a bit. “At least you didn’t poop on me, babe!”. Michelle turned to him and uttered something that was a bizarre cross between a scream and a laugh. “Arghhhhhh! Tell you what, Danny. If you hang around long enough, odds are it’ll happen. Are you sure you want to continue with me?” Without hesitation, Danny replied. “Continue with you?! I love you, Michelle. Love you totally. Don’t ever doubt that, sweetheart.”Yeah, that little incident was pretty rough…on both of us, but it won’t turn me away. That’s not even a possibility. Tell you what, though. We both need to keep a closer eye on the clock from now on.” They shared an awkward little laugh, held each other tightly, but elected to postpone kissing until they got cleaned up. Danny took the tip of his index finger and used it to lift Michelle’s chin so she was looking directly at him. “Hey, let’s look at the positive side of what just happened. Now we can take a shower…..together!” And then, we need to finish what we started. 69 with the vibrator on full blast!”

To be continued in Part 22 of “How Good It Can Be”