Part 5

Part 5 – How Good It Can Be
   How good can it be when a spinal cord injured paraplegic and a devotee connect and love each other unconditionally?  Beyond good, as Michelle and Danny were discovering and rediscovering every day and night they were together.
   They had been lovers before her paralyzing car accident, and their first love making experience after the wreck had exceeded both their expectations. But their connection was about far more than great sex. They just enjoyed being together and doing all the every day things any loving couple would do Рdinner out, shopping, movies, quiet evenings watching TV. Except for some things taking Michelle longer to do now, plus the occasional accessibility and health issues related to her spinal cord injury, they both agreed that their lives together were pretty much unimpeded by her waist down paralysis.
¬† Danny had decided to be open about to his devotee attraction to paraplegic women, and Michelle opened up to him about how quietly depressed she had been since losing the use of her legs. She wondered if any man would be interested in her as a disabled woman…much less a wonderful, good looking guy like her old flame Danny. The reality was, Danny was more crazy about Michelle than ever, and Michelle was craving the love and adoration he provided which she never imagined could be hers again.
¬†¬† In the first weeks since they got back together after her accident, they visited friends, all of whom found them to be a perfect fit. Some of Danny’s old buddies confided that they wondered how he could settle for a woman paralyzed from the waist down and¬†in a wheelchair. Danny just smiled, but never revealed his secret. None of his friends would ever be able to comprehend, much less accept, that Michelle was everything he had ever wanted in a woman, and that he was settling for nothing!
As for Michelle’s girlfriends, well they were amazed that she seemed to have such a hold on this big, strapping, handsome hunk of man. Girls will talk among themselves about the most intimate things in a way guys seldom do, and Michelle’s friends boldly probed the depths of her relationship with Danny. “How do you satisfy him sexually when you can’t use your legs, thrust your hips or feel him inside your pussy?”, they would ask.¬†Without blowing Danny’s cover as a devotee, which they wouldn’t have understood anyway, Michelle explained, “Danny says he loves my body just the way it is. We have awesome sex! Sometimes I just let him have his way with me. Other times, we lie together quietly, and Danny tells me how incredible it is to slide his penis into my paralyzed pussy and to feel her holding him so gently. Of course, I can’t feel a thing down there, but it’s exciting to give him pleasure in this way. Because my lower body can’t move,¬†my paralysis makes it possible for Danny to stay hard inside me as long as he wants to. Before the accident, my hips would be thrusting and my pussy would be squeezing him, and while it was great, it would all happen pretty quickly…too quickly for him at times. Now, we can go on almost forever if we want to, with Danny deep inside me while I feel his sweet kisses and his warm hands gliding all over my upper body.”
This was about the limit of what Michelle was willing to share with her girlfriends. It was none of their business that Michelle’s paralysis pushed every sexual hot button Danny had. That he could pop an erection just watching her¬†wheel into the room, transfer or¬†maneuver her legs with her hands. They didn’t need to know how Michelle owned Danny sexually in a way few able-bodied women would ever experience with a man. That whenever she invited Danny to caress her soft, lifeless legs he¬†could easily¬†cum spontaneously in minutes, without any other stimulation. All they needed to know was that Danny and Michelle were in love, and that was obvious to everyone who knew them.
¬† One day Michelle came home with a surprise for Danny. She drove up the driveway and started tooting the horn until he came out to see what was going on. There she was, smiling brightly as she leaned out the open window of a huge Ford Crown Victoria. She motioned Danny to get in the passenger side, which he did as soon as he had grabbed Michelle’s ever present wheelchair and stowed it in the enormous trunk. As they shared hugs and kisses, Danny took Michelle’s hand in his and asked, “So, what’s with the new car, babe?” “Well, it’s not new actually. I bought it used, got a heck of a deal, and had it equipped with hand controls.” Danny looked around, and said, “This thing is a boat, honey. Do we need a car this big?” “Well” she said, “I admit from a practical standpoint we don’t, but this car has something few other cars have these days.” And what’s that?”, inquired Danny. “You’re sitting on it, silly!¬†A front bench seat that goes all the way across. No bucket seats, no big ol’ console in the middle. I bought it for us, so we could sit next to each other when we go driving. There are certain things I want us to be able to when we’re together in the car and this car will let us do them. Wanna give it a try?”
Danny didn’t have it all figured out yet, but he sure did like sliding over next to Michelle as she backed out of the driveway and they took off for a ride. He never ceased to be intrigued watching Michelle drive without the use of her legs. Accelerating, braking –¬†her paralyzed legs and feet never moved, as she handled everything fluidly¬†with her newly installed hand controls. Danny also had his usual erotic attraction to Michelle’s thin, flaccid, freshly shaven and well tanned legs. She had showcased them on this warm Spring day by wearing a bright yellow mini-skirt and white sandals.¬†Deliciously sexy!
¬† It took about half an hour to get way out in the country where there was no traffic at all. As Michelle kept driving along the¬†rustic winding roads, she glanced at Danny, then back to watch the road and said, “Now, babe, it’s time for you to fully appreciate this car, the bench seat and what it allows us to do,” And with that, she asked Danny to unzip his pants and take out his penis. He gave her a smirky little smile and fulfilled her request. “Now what, my sexy sweetheart?”, he asked.¬† “Let me take him in my right hand, while you use your left hand to play with my legs as we drive. It shouldn’t be unsafe. After all, I’m not using my legs¬†to drive, so you might as well enjoy them as we sit side by side.” “Oh my God, Michelle!”, Danny exclaimed as her fingers wrapped around his rapidly hardening shaft, and her thumb brushed slowly and lightly over the spongy tip of his penis. At the same time, Danny’s hand caressed Michelle’s creamy thighs, feeling his way into¬†their incredible softness, lifting her closest¬†leg, causing her foot to dangle limply, letting it down, and seeing her leg flop out toward him as her ankle turned over. Oh, those precious legs. Helpless, lifeless, perfect…and all his to love and adore.
¬†¬† Michelle was getting hotter by the minute pleasuring Danny and watching him play with her crippled legs. There was a time when she would have felt embarrassed and totally violated if a man tried to do what Danny was doing now. Crossing one of her¬†legs over the other, uncrossing them, squeezing the atrophied muscles of her thighs and calves down to the bone. But that was then, and this was now! Now, Michelle couldn’t get enough of experiencing first hand the powerful reaction Danny always had to her body, and especially to anything¬†involving her paralysis.
   How she reveled in feeling the clear pre-cum ooze from his tip as she pumped him harder and faster, causing his hips to undulate slowly while he softly moaned. How thrilling to watch him bring her dead legs to life with his hand, and finding herself incredibly turned on by her inability to feel or influence anything Danny was doing with them. Her nipples were fully erect now and pressing hard against the inside of her bra. It was all so exciting, so totally erotic, to the point where Michelle was losing her ability to focus on driving.
¬†¬† She pulled off the road and into a¬†grove of trees by a lovely little pond where the two lovers were well shielded from anyone’s view. Switching off the ignition, Danny and Michelle dissolved into a¬†passionate embrace,¬†as momentarily, her hand left his penis and his hand left her legs¬†while they¬†shared strong, warm hugs and French kisses that threatened to steam up the car windows!¬† Long moments later, with their hair disheveled and their hearts pounding, Michelle scooched toward Danny and they sat in the middle of the bench seat, close as could be, drinking in their love, and the lovely view of the pond and surrounding country side.
¬†“Oh, Danny”, said Michelle. “I love what’s happening with us. In every way, I just love it!”. Danny nodded affirmatively¬†and was about to speak, when Michelle jumped in enthusiastically. “Babe, I want us to try some things, and this is the perfect place. I want us to try and get a better handle on how my paralysis triggers the devotee desires in you. The better we understand where the hot buttons are and how they work, the more exciting our relationship will be, you know?” “Works for me, hon….now where were we? Oh, yeah, your hand was right down here”, Danny said with a sly smile as he curled Michelle’s long, slender fingers around his still rock hard erection.” “And”, said Michelle with a sexy gleam in her eyes, “I believe your hand was right about here”, as she placed Danny’s palm on her right thigh, with his fingers pointing down along her inner thigh and able to¬†curl around underneath, because her atrophied legs were so thin.
¬†¬† Instantly, Michelle felt a surge in Danny’s penis, as it swelled and warmed noticeably¬†from fresh blood rushing up the length of his shaft. “Wow!”, exclaimed Michelle. “Such a direct and instant¬†connection. That just blows me away!”¬†Danny blushed, kissed Michelle again and said, “Babe, it never fails, but do you know, I don’t even have to touch your legs to get a hard on. All I have to do is think about them and I get the same reaction. Now, keep your hand wrapped around him and let me show you something else that’ll do the same thing. And with that, Danny put one hand under Michelle’s left knee and the other hand under her right knee and positioned¬†her legs and feet so her knees were together, but balanced precariously. Then,¬†with a single finger he pushed Michelle’s left knee away gently.¬†Immediately, her paralyzed¬†left leg flopped wide open, wobbled a bit and became motionless. Just as immediate, came another strong surge within Danny’s penis, which caused Michelle to gasp audibly. “Oh my, Danny, that’s amazing! Help me understand what just happened to you and why?”
¬†¬† “Can’t say I fully understand the ‘ why’, babe, but when something like that reveals your disability and your helplessness, it’s incredibly erotic to me. And there’s something else that triggers the same powerful reaction in me, though I’m ashamed to say it.” Looking at Danny very directly, Michelle tried to reassure him.¬†“Ashamed, babe? Oh, no, please don’t feel shamed about any of this. We’re beyond that now. Our love is real, it is strong and unconditional. What we’re doing now is exploring the triggers and the limits of our passion for each other.” Sighing deeply, Danny continued. “Okay’s…it’s the struggle. Watching you struggle with your half paralyzed body is an off the charts turn on for me. A tough transfer, any transfer, actually. Wriggling into your slacks or a dress. Seeing you fight to keep your balance. It never ends, honey. Watching you struggle with your paralysis makes me crazy with desire for you.” Michelle smiled broadly. “I can feel that desire right now, Danny….you’re surging again.”
¬†¬† “Yep”, he acknowledged, “And you know what would be the sexiest thing of all even though I’ve never had the nerve to ask you to do it?” “What?”, Michelle replied eagerly.¬†“Tell me…I’ll do anything you like!”¬† “Well”, Danny continued, choosing his words carefully as though he were picking his way through a relational minefield. “The sexiest thing I can think of..and I know it would make me cum instantly, would be to have you get down out of your wheelchair and pull yourself toward me with your lifeless, unfeeling legs and feet flopping around and dragging behind you.”
¬†¬† Michelle was still gently caressing Danny’s penis when he spoke those words, and suddenly, without warning, ¬†he erupted in full orgasm, his love juices¬†shooting all over them both. “Oh my, Danny! You weren’t kidding!” “No babe, I wasn’t and look what just happened at the¬†thought¬†of you doing that for me!¬† Are you okay with this?¬† It’s pretty extreme, I admit.”¬† “Okay with it?!¬† Danny, I’m not gonna get out of¬†the car and crawl in the grass and dirt, but when we get home I promise I’ll do just what you described. And when I’m on the floor, I want you to come down with me…play with my legs, flip me over and make love to me right then and there!”
¬† That bold request promoted one more long, loving embrace, broken only when Danny stopped nibbling on Michelle’s ear and whispered, “There are at least two more dimensions to this devotee thing, babe, and I want to get them fully out in the open. First, paralysis is such a mystery to me that I find myself wanting to learn everything I can about it. To that end, just having you talk to me about what it’s like being a paraplegic is riveting to me, and if you talk about it sexual terms, it’s a huge turn on.”
¬†¬† “Second, I am totally devoted to you, and part of that is a devotion to helping you find ways to do things you never thought you’d be able to do again. I want us to do everything together, babe and to be a team that helps you deal with your paralysis and work with it and around it in ways that we haven’t even figured out yet. Maybe that sounds crazy, but those feelings are part of this crazy devotee attraction, too, and I wanted you to know.”
¬† “Anything else, hon?” Michelle asked?
“Well, yeah, there is something else…the equipment.”
Michelle¬†didn’t understand.
“The equipment?”, she said with a curious expression on her face.
“Uh huh, things like your wheelchair. There’s something¬†splendidly erotic about those big wheels, and the way you move and look in the chair. To me, the curves of the chair complement your curves in a very beautiful way, babe. I kid you not! Now, I don’t even know if you have leg braces or a stander. It’s never come up, but whenever I’ve gone online and seen a woman in braces or using a stander, it’s given me a rush!”
Michelle barely hesitated in her response. “Well, prepare for a rush then, because I’ve got ’em, even though I don’t use the braces nearly as much as I thought I would when they had them made for me in rehab. It takes a lot of energy to walk in braces and it’s slow because I don’t have any balance and can’t feel my feet when I take steps.”
¬† Michelle gave Danny’s penis a loving squeeze as she felt another surge¬†while she shared with Danny what she had in the way of “equipment”. “Oh my”, Danny swooned, “You’re makin’ me crazy just thinking about these sexy legs of yours in braces. Can’t wait to see that, sweetheart.” “Well, there’s no reason we have to wait. I’m excited, too, Danny! I’m excited about all this we’ve been discussing.
¬†¬† Taking Danny’s hands in hers, Michelle’s tone turned more serious. “Look at this from my perspective for a moment and you’ll understand why I’m so positive about
everything you’ve shared with me.¬†Being a paraplegic is not easy.¬†My injury was¬†devastating and life changing in so many ways. From a social standpoint, being paralyzed and in a wheelchair severely limits the number of guys I can attract. That’s the reality, Danny. Until you came back into my life, I felt the men I’d had relationships with were either uncomfortable with aspects of my disability or were just putting up with it as best they could.” As Danny hung on her every word, ¬†Michelle looked down, gave herself a quick once over, adjusted her legs with her hands, sighed deeply and went on. “As for anything being considered sexy about my body or my paralysis, I was absolutely certain that was beyond the realm of possibility. Can you even comprehend what a blessing it is to not only have you back in my life but to discover you have this kink in your sexuality, this fetish, this devotee thing? You loved me before my accident and you love me in all the same ways now, but the devotee part of you, it, it, well, it kind of turbo charges our relationship. It makes me completely irresistible to you, make you want me, need me, crave me, just the way I am.
¬†¬† Oh, Danny”, Michelle said, tearing up, “I’ve lost so much – the ability to walk, the ability to move or feel anything below my waist. Yet to you, I’ve lost nothing! To you my legs aren’t atrophied and dead, they’re sexy and alive! You have made me feel like a woman again, and given me back my self esteem, my self confidence and my sense of worth. You’ve not only made me feel loved, but that I¬†can¬†love. These are precious gifts, Danny and there’s only one way I can repay you for them. By¬†happily fulfilling all your devotee wants, needs and desires, and learning how to hit all those hot buttons we’ve been talking about today. Shall we get started, darling?”
¬†¬† For one of the few times in his life, Danny was speechless. All he could do was cradle Michelle’s lovely face in his hands, smile into her sparkling eyes and kiss her, long and slow. Long moments later, Michelle scooched back over behind the steering wheel, turned the key and they headed for her apartment as fast as they could. And, as the motor kept purring, Michelle put two hands on the wheel just to be safe, while Danny rested his hand on her right thigh, gently fondling the soft flesh of her paralyzed leg, leaning his head back, closing his eyes and thinking to himself,¬†“I have no idea what road we’re on, but I know exactly where we are – this is heaven!”
¬† At the very same time, Michelle’s heart and mind were racing, as she contemplated how good it could be with Danny, and the mind blowing prospect that it just might be about to get even better!
To be continued