Part 7

Part Seven – How Good It Can Be

How Good It Can Be – Part 7

Michelle was satisfied and excited that she’d figured it out. Sitting in her wheelchair, completely paralyzed from the waist down and eagerly waiting for Danny to arrive home from work, she wondered if he’d buy into into her analysis of his devoteeism. She had concluded that his off the charts sexual attraction to her, his devotee fetish, could be¬†divided into five distinct categories: The Look, The Feel, The Struggle, The Equipment, and The Story.

Having prepared a quiet candlelight dinner at home so they could talk privately, openly and intimately, Michelle had decided she’d greet Danny with what she considered to be The Look that drove her sweet, sexy man wild. That’s why she was in her short yellow sun dress, the sleeveless one that showcased her strong, muscular arms and shoulders, and showed off most of her¬†steadily thinning paralyzed legs. For maximum impact on Danny, Michelle had removed the footrest from her wheelchair so her lower legs and feet dangled freely with her toes pointing straight down and barely brushing the floor. It looked uncomfortable, but it wasn’t. Every sitting position felt the same to Michelle, because she couldn’t feel a thing from her bellybutton down. Couldn’t move a muscle. But to Danny, she never looked more beautiful, more perfect, more crippled than when she let her lower legs and feet dangle like this. This, thought Michelle, was The Look, and tonight was the night she was going to run the first test of her well researched study of¬†Danny’s five devotee triggers that both thrilled and mystified her.

The sound of the key in the front door, the turn of the handle, and as¬†Michelle rolled toward the entrance, there was Danny standing¬†before her. As their eyes met, they both smiled, but Danny didn’t come forward and lean down for their usual kiss. Instead, he stood erect (in more ways than one) and spellbound. “Oh my, babe!”, exclaimed Danny. “You look incredible! And I hope you know, you’re pushing all my buttons right now.” Well”, Michelle replied, “To be perfectly honest, that’s the whole idea!” Danny’s face wore a quizzical expression as Michelle waved him toward her. “Come on”, she said, “Do what we both know you want to do But first, unzip and take him out so I can greet¬†him, too!” Danny obeyed, and his penis sprang from his slacks, making a beeline in Michelle’s direction. After they’d shared a long, loving tongue-laced kiss, Michelle took his rock hard penis in her hand, caressing and stroking him as Danny moaned and put his hand on Michelle’s back, pulling her closer. Suddenly, Michelle swallowed him whole, suckling his manhood in a way no other woman had ever done for him. When she’d lost the use of her lower body, Michelle had¬†concluded that in order to compete with other women in bed, she’d have to develop world class oral sex techniques. She was thinking that would help minimize the realities that she couldn’t feel sex, couldn’t squeeze a guy’s cock with her paralyzed vagina, and couldn’t drive a man wild with her undulating hips. Until she had reconnected with Danny, this strategy had served her well with guys. But clearly, Danny was a different kind of guy. To him, an unfeeling vagina and motionless hips were not sexual liabilities…they were assets and huge turn ons!

Now Michelle pulled¬†back, ¬†knowing she had him on the brink of ejaculating all over her. It was time to finish her guy off. Then they’d talk about these devotee triggers. With a sweet, but slightly devilish grin on her face,¬†Michelle put a hand behind her right thigh, lifted her leg and said softly, “Take them, Danny. Take my totally paralyzed legs and feet and make love to them with your hands while I watch.” Danny swallowed hard, remained silent and dropped to his knees. For a long moment, he just looked admiringly at Michelle, focusing on the amazing contrast between her upper and lower body. There was definition in her upper arms and shoulders, but none whatsoever in her once athletic looking legs. Danny took it all in as he gazed at her flat thighs, thin, straight¬†almost boney calves and her delicate feet pointing straight to the floor. Running his trembling hands up under Michelle’s sundress, he felt the perfection of her lifeless, flaccid thighs. Then, he reached down and used one finger to push gently against one of Michelle’s shins. Her leg swung back and forth like a pendulum before slowly coming to a dead stop. He caressed her feet, supporting them with his hands, and then releasing them to dangle freely. While all this was going on, Michelle, unable to feel the old tingles in her vagina, had taken to enhancing her turn on by reaching into her sundress, under her bra, and fondling her firm, full breasts and rubbery hard nipples. Danny watched as her upper body writhed enticingly in her chair. While that was so sexy to see, for Danny it was nowhere near as erotic as the sight of her legs and feet….helpless, lifeless, soft and limp.

“How do¬†I look, Danny?”, inquired Michelle, hoping his reply would square with her research. It did. “Darling, you know I’m in love with you and with all of your body the way it is now. But more than anything I love the look of your legs and feet and how your paralysis has changed them. The look of your atrophied thighs and calves and how your feet dangle freely without your footrest is sooooo sexy. Would you do one more thing for me, hon?”¬† Without hestitation, Michelle answered, “You name it, and it’s done!” “Danny backed up a couple of feet and said, “Please just scooch forward in your wheelchair for me.” They both knew what would happen. Michelle pushed down on her chair arms with her hands, lifting her butt off her cushion and heaved her body in Danny’s direction. Immediately her feet hit the floor, both of her ankles turned over, and her legs flopped wide open. As a complete paraplegic, she had no control over any of it, and the thought flashed through Michelle’s mind how she’d be mortified if any other guy saw her look so awkward and helpless. She was sure it would be a total turn off, but not for her devotee Danny.”Oh, babe, that’s awesome!”, said Danny. “I just love that look”. “What look?” inquired Michelle, trying to coax from her lover one more answer that would verify her research on The Look as one of the five devotee triggers. Still clueless about her project, Danny replied, “The way it makes you look so completely paralyzed. “Remember”, he reminded her, “For the devotee in me, paralyzed equals sexy. God, you look gorgeous right now with your legs spread and your ankles turned over.¬†I can’t take it any more! I’m beyond the brink. Have to get relief. Do you mind?” Michelle smiled and nodded her approval as Danny pumped his fully¬†erect penis a few times and shot off all over her knees and lower legs. For a fleeting moment Michelle wished she could feel the hot milky globs of love juice splashing onto her legs. But then she thought again, and was reassured by the realization that Danny loved her just the way she was, and that her lack of feeling was another devotee trigger they’d explore that¬†that drew him to her.

They both lotioned Danny’s semen into the softness of Michelle’s unfeeling, limp legs. Then, Danny retrieved her footrest, attached it to the wheelchair, collected her legs and positioned her feet perfectly.¬†Michelle grabbed the rims of her big wheels, did a 180 and they headed for the dining room.¬†Michelle couldn’t wait to spend some time over their candlelight dinner sharing her analysis of Danny’s devoteeism. Would he agree with her five categories, The Look, The Feel, The Struggle, The Equipment and The Story?¬† It was hard to say, but based on what had just transpired, Michelle felt confident that The Look, all by itself,¬†was a big-time trigger for Danny’s sexual desires. It made her feel more comfortable than she had¬†ever been with¬†being a complete T-10 paraplegic. In fact. it¬†almost made her¬†want¬†to be a para, and it definitely made her want Danny so much she was about to explode!

To be continued