Part 8

 Pt 8 РHow Good It Can Be

The candlelight dinner Michelle had prepared for Danny was delicious, but it was by no means the main course. Truth is, Michelle had prepared a five course banquet that had nothing to do with food.¬† This was about having Danny sample her menu of paraplegic delights and seeing how well they went down with Danny the devotee. She had already served up the appetizer as she gorged Danny on what she called The Look. He’d been met at the front door by Michelle in her wheelchair and literally driven to orgasm by the splendor of her completely paralyzed legs and feet. Now it was time to see how he reacted to the next course, The Feel.

As they held hands, shared the meal, sipped wine and talked about their day, Michelle cocked her head slightly to one side, causing her long blonde hair¬†to slide down over one shoulder. With a wry little grin on her pretty face, Michelle squeezed Danny’s hand and said softly, “You really don’t have any idea what was going on out there in front hall, do you babe?” Danny almost choked, wiped his lips with his napkin and replied, “Well, safe to say I’ve never gotten a greeting quite like that before! You were pushing my devotee buttons, big time…that much I know.” Michelle laughed. “There’s no denying that, and guess what? I’ve only just begun. You see, since we agreed to be completely honest and open with each other, I’ve been trying to figure out exactly what interests and excites you about my paralysis. While this effort is still a work in progress, I’ve been able to break down your attraction into five categories”. I’ve decided, with your permission, to experiment on you and see if I’m right.

“Hmmmmm”, said Danny, “So you’re turning me into some kind of lab rat, are ya’?” he said, smiling broadly at the love of his life.¬†“Well”, came Michelle’s response, “Guess you might say that. And I’ll tell you what. The first experiment went even better than I’d hoped. Category number one¬†was The Look. All I did was put the focus on how my body looks, about three years after becoming a T-10 complete paraplegic. Look what happened when I showed off my flabby, floppy thighs, my atrophied calves and my dangling feet.

You almost lost your mind!” Nodding his head in agreement Danny said, “You’re absolutely right, honey. It was a total erotic overload. Michelle giggled and rolled back away from the dinner table so Danny could get a full look at her…his beautiful Paraplegic Princess, paralyzed from the waist down, and totally dependent on her wheelchair to get around. Making a grand gesture to herself and her chair, Michelle asked Danny, “Honest now, is there anything about all this that¬†isn’t¬†sexy to you?”

Danny admired his view of Michelle, thought for a moment and replied, “Interesting question, babe. Yes, I’ll tell you what isn’t sexy about you being a paraplegic. Pressure sores, your bowel program, and the inevitable accidents. These things¬†pain me, because I know how they can consume you with worry and fear. Please, babe, rest assured, that for me, there’s no sexual component to any of that stuff. It comes with the territory, and I accept that, but it’s not a turn on and never will be. Everything else, though…off the charts lovely, appealing and endlessly sexy!” Michelle didn’t know whether to laugh or cry at Danny’s compassionate comments, so she spent a few moments doing some of both.

Breaking the awkward silence, Danny cracked a smile and said, “So, you’re telling me you’re not done with your devotee lab rat?!” Nope”, said Michelle, “Not by a long shot. Category number¬†two I call The Feel, and as you might expect, this one has to do with how you react to everything about the feel of my paralyzed lower half. Included in this category is how turned on you get over my inability to feel anything below my waist. “Oooooohh”, Danny moaned quietly, “This might just finish me off.” Michelle leaned forward in her chair, gave Danny a little kiss on the cheek, then whispered in his ear, “Yes, that’s a possibility, because I think the only way¬†we can fully explore The Feel is for me to conduct my experiments with you……in¬†bed!”

For Danny, hearing that was like going to heaven without dying. To let Michelle know how excited he was about exploring¬†her second category of his devoteeism, there was no clean up from dinner. Danny simply scooped her up out of her chair and whirled her around the house in his arms. She had her arms around his¬†neck and he had one arm around her back and the other¬†underneath her thighs. They giggled and kissed until Michelle suddenly said “Stop!”. Danny obeyed and¬†Michelle continued, “If you’re into The Feel, Danny, let me start by telling you how weird it is to have you holding me like this.¬†Not only can’t I feel my legs, of course,¬†but do you realize¬†I can’t¬†feel your arm supporting them? All awareness of my lower body ends abruptly at my bellybutton. With my arms around your neck, it’s like I’m floating in mid air right now. Isn’t that amazing? I wanted to explain this to you¬†as best I can, because I’ve come to believe that my lack of feeling is as much of a devotee hot button for you as the way the paralysis makes my lower body feel to you. Am I right on that, babe?” Danny and Michelle shared a long, loving kiss before Danny responded, “Oh, yes, you’re totally right. I could feel my heart beating faster and my penis growing longer and harder as you¬†talked about not being able to feel, and the feeling of floating. Your paraplegia is just one huge, and hugely¬†erotic mystery to me, Michelle, and I don’t see that ever changing.”

Danny¬†walked¬†them into the bedroom and lowered¬†Michelle gently onto the satin sheets where she instantly eyed his erection bulging inside his slacks¬†and smiled her approval. “Darling?”,¬†Danny said breathlessly, “If this is all about The Feel, don’t you think your research would be most effective if we got naked?” Half expecting some pushback, Danny was delighted to discover that there was none. In fact, Michelle asked Danny to help her get her sundress off over her head. As she unhooked her bra and let her firm, full breasts spring free, Michelle decided to push one of Danny’s devotee buttons, just for fun. “Sweetheart” she said demurely, “I’m so crippled…completely paralyzed from the waist down. Can’t feel or move my legs” She spoke slowly, over pronouncing all the key words she knew were triggers for Danny’s devotee desires. ¬†Danny had stripped off all his clothes in what seemed like seconds, and Michelle was pleased to see him still sporting a full erection as she applied the topper. “Would you mind pulling my panties off my unfeeling hips…down my lifeless legs….and off of my dead feet?” Of course, with my spinal cord severed, I won’t feel¬†any¬†of it, but I want to watch you feel¬†all¬†of it. Go slowly, linger if you like, and tell me how you’re reacting to The Feel of your paralyzed lover.”

His heart pounding, his penis pulsating, Danny knelt on the bed as Michelle laid on her back before him. He reached his hands around and behind her motionless hips, clamping his palms and fingers onto her butt cheeks. “So how do I feel there, Danny?”, Michelle inquired, as she upped the ante by wrapping her hand around his steel hard shaft and gently fondling him. “I can’t feel your touches, but does my paralyzed butt turn you on?”¬†Oh yesss…so incredibly soft….like your glutes have been replaced by flesh as soft as your breasts. Now, let me lift your hips so I can start sliding your panties down.” They’re dead weight, Danny. I want to move them for you, but I can’t…can’t even figure how to try to move them¬†any more. “God your hips are sexy!”,¬†Danny said. “Lifting them now…sliding your panties down over your thighs. Your paralyzed thighs are like pillows, amazingly soft.”¬†Michelle took note of droplets of clear precum oozing from the tip of¬†Danny’s penis as she stroked him a little harder and faster. Having noticed how Danny would vary the pressure on her legs as he played with them, at times appearing to squeeze them as hard as he could to see if she would react to it, Michelle said, “I’m going to do something for you right now I’ve only done once for myself. I did it in secret during my early days in rehab to see if I could feel something…anything below my injury.”

She reached to the nightstand, retrieved a small package and opened it. “Danny”, she said, “This is a sterilized needle. I want you to take your hand and grab the flaccid flesh on the top of my thigh and pull it up and away from my leg and hold it there. Now watch this closely.” Danny’s eyes were riveted as Michelle took the needle and pushed it into her skin, through her own flesh and out the other side. She never flinched. There was only a little bleeding, but Danny was freaking out. “Oh my God, honey, why did you do that?!” Michelle replied, “Because I wanted to prove to you what I proved to myself that time in rehab. That the doctors were right. I have no feeling…none. If I did this to you, you’d be screaming in agony right now, but I never felt a thing. Sweetheart, you could hack my leg off with an ax or a chainsaw and I wouldn’t feel it at all. This is what complete paraplegia is all about. Pretty incredible, huh?” Michelle pulled the needle out and asked Danny to apply a bandage to minimize the bleeding.¬†He was barely able to speak after what he’d just seen. “You know”,¬†Danny said slowly, in a throaty whisper, “I¬†have¬†wondered whether there was something I could do¬†that you’d be able to feel, but you’ve given me the answer in shocking fashion.” Michelle smiled and reached again for his penis, to see if this graphic demonstration had doused his devotee flames and maybe even turned him off.¬†“Wow, babe, you’re as rock hard as you were when you were pulling my panties down my legs.” Danny’s scrunched up his face in a frown and said, “I’m feeling a little guilty that watching you stick a needle into your leg was turning me on, but it definitely was. I guess when I told you for me, paralyzed equals sexy, that’s true for just about everything.¬†The way you demonstrated your lack of feeling was just as erotic for me¬†as feeling your paralyzed legs.¬† I don’t fully understand¬†why¬†I react as I do, but it’s just all so sexy to me, babe”.

Michelle was totally tuned in to Danny as he continued. “You know, while we’re talking about The Feel and your lack of feeling, let me confess that one of the most amazing and, frankly, sexy things about you being a paraplegic is how I can touch your legs and play with them at night and it never disturbs your sleep. I love being able to do that because your legs are so beautiful to me and it makes me feel so close to you. And, for your little research project here, I get so aroused doing it because I get to experience and enjoy both the sexy softness of your lower body and your total lack of feeling. They’re both huge turn ons for your devotee lab rat.

Now, though, Danny was about to turn¬†the tables on “professor” Michelle. Sporting a devilish grin, Danny asked, “And now, my sweet, may I take control of your experiment?” Michelle looked puzzled and said, “Hmmmm, whaddaya have in mind, Danny?” Sliding his hands behind Michelle’s knees, lifting her limp legs and spreading them wide apart, Danny’s eyes locked on hers as he spoke softly, “I want to help you with your research, darling. You can clearly see how my penis is responding as my fingers sink into your flaccid leg muscles, and I savor the dead weight of your limp legs and the ease with which I can move them for you with absolutely no resistance. From my side, that kind of thing is what The Feel is all about.¬†But what I have discovered I love the most is the feel of having¬†my penis deep inside your paralyzed pussy.”

Michelle hung on every glorious word, because ever since her accident she had wondered why any guy would want to date her, much less have sex with her. To have¬†Danny love her and want her with¬†such intensity was almost beyond belief. Michelle spread the lips of her vagina with her fingers, applied some lubricant from the tube on the nightstand, and invited Danny, her sexy¬†“lab rat” to come inside her and do his research. Often Danny would enter Michelle slowly, struggling to stifle¬†his hips thrusts, trying to be gentle and not wanting to make her feel self conscious or inadequate at her¬†inability to match his movements.¬†But this time, he wanted to make sure she knew just how much she turned him on, and how much he wanted her,¬† just the way she is, paralyzed from the waist down.¬†With one powerful thrust Danny drove his erection almost to Michelle’s backbone, and collapsed down on top of her as they began kissing wildly. Danny kept thrusting, harder and faster as their passion grew. Then suddenly he stopped. Michelle sounded alarmed, asking “What’s wrong, babe?”¬† Danny, trying to catch his breath replied, “Wrong?¬† Oh, nothing’s wrong, honey. I’m just pausing to savor how incredible it feels to make love to you, and frankly, when passion overwhelms me like it is now…to¬†fuck¬†my sweet paraplegic princess. Your¬†pussy’s¬†holding me so gently. She’s unchanging. She’s perfect. Your legs are exactly where I placed them. Your hips have never moved.They’re¬†unchanging.¬†They’re¬†perfect. Sweetheart, you’re like a real-life posable Barbie Doll !”

Tears of joy began streaming down Michelle’s pretty face, as she spoke in between her sniffles. ” Oh, Danny, you are so amazing!¬† I can’t feel you in me, and I can’t squeeze you like I used to, can’t move my hips and legs for you like I once did, and so help me, I don’t care!” I’m a T-10 complete paraplegic, undeniably crippled and helpless in so many ways. Yet my paralysis has made everything better between us than it was when I could walk. I’ve become the woman of your dreams, and that’s really all I ever wanted to be. I just love you so much. Pleeeease, finish what you started. Fuck me!¬†It didn’t take long for Danny¬†to finish. Michelle and her amazing body had him stroked to the max, and in moments he erupted in a huge orgasm, shrieking from the pleasure overload before rolling off Michelle and lying beside her with his chest heaving and all the strength drained from his taut, fit body.

She reached a hand down and pulled one of her limp legs up, draped it over Danny’s hip, took his hand in hers and placed it palm down on the side of her thigh, knowing full well there was no place his hand would rather be. Danny smiled dreamily as he looked at her slender paralyzed leg, gently caressing it and feeling his fingers sink so deeply and easily into her soft, atrophied muscles.¬†After several moments of quiet ecstasy, Michelle spoke softly, “Babe, I hope you’re enjoying our research project as much as I am. So far, you’ve confirmed everything I have come to believe about how The Look and The Feel of my paralyzed lower body trigger your devotee desires.” Danny raised his head and gave Michelle a kiss, then nestled back down into her pillowy breasts, sucking one of her nipples as she squirmed and sighed with delight. “Oh yes, you’ve really got me figured, babe…have to admit. So, are we done with research?” Michelle shook her head side to side and said, “No, no…not by a long shot. In fact, I have three other devotee triggers I’ve identified in you, Danny,¬†and we simply have to test my theories to see if they’re valid.”¬† Danny laughed and said, “I’m not sure your devotee lab rat can survive much more of this rigorous testing, but I’m sure gonna try! ¬†Mind telling me what’s coming next?” Michelle gave Danny a loving hug and kiss and then stared straight at him. “Next, my love, it’s The Struggle”.

To be continued in Part 9 of “How Good It Can Be”