Leap of Faith

Leap of Faith

Leap of Faith is another older one, it came out in 1992.  The movie is really a thought experiment, a what-if proposition.  What would happen if a sleezy, fake faith healer actually cured someone?

So the cure of the disabled character, a teenage boy named Boyd, was already pretty much built in. ¬†The movie used disability as a plot device, but plenty of films have done that. ¬†I can’t really fault them for using it that way, since that is where they started, but the whole what-if is pretty ridiculous. ¬†What happened in this movie could never happen in real life.

Unfortunately this derails me into religion, which is certainly another hot topic. ¬†I am a spiritual person, but I don’t¬†believe¬†that God arbitrarily hurts some people and heals others. ¬†I do not believe that prayer or believing in Shiva, or Jesus, or any other external God will heal you. ¬†I don’t think that God is a needy, selfish, outer being desiring our constant praise, ready to punish us for not being grovely enough. ¬†Which is basically the image of God that is shown in faith healing.

In the movie, Boyd’s older sister mentions that every other faith healer who has come through the town has told Boyd that the reason it isn’t working for him is that he doesn’t believe enough, he doesn’t have enough faith, it’s his own fault. ¬†This is sadly accurate of what many people with disabilities hear.

Positive thinking and upbeat mindset absolutely do have benefits, but we’ve all known (okay, maybe you don’t, but I do) people who are positive, upbeat, optimistic people who believe whole heartedly in God and pray every day and who are still disabled. ¬†Believing in God does not cure you.

I refuse to believe that God picked someone to suffer and if that person just begs enough, He will change his mind and undo it.

Believing in God and being spiritual and praying can do wonderful things for your mindset, for your enjoyment of life, but it does not undo physical damage.

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