Monday Book Review: A Marriage to Fight For

Marriage To Fight For by Raina Lynn



The hero and heroine (Garrett and Maggie) had been married before and they are each other’s only loves. But his work as a police officer, going undercover frequently, was too much for her to take. She divorced him, but remained close with his family. Then Garrett is in a plane crash and seriously injured (resulting in paraplegia). He had been on his way back to tell Maggie that he wants to get remarried. The extent of his injuries put a complication in that plan.

The Good:

With the cheesy cover and description, I was surprised by how much I liked this book. I’ll admit I actually don’t have very high standards for standard romance novels. I usually don’t like them much, finding them over written and a bit ridiculous. Of standard romance novels, I found this one really readable and enjoyable.

The plot is certainly unusual and I give it credit for that. I like that this is a couple who was married before and is trying to reconcile. It goes past the Cinderella fairy tale.

The author clearly knows a lot about medicine and rehabilitation. I wouldn’t be surprised if, like her heroine, she were also a physical therapist.

The Bad:

The hero doesn’t wake from a coma until page 53. Although, the coma part is handled in a very interesting way where he is aware of what’s going on and we’re seeing a lot from his point of view. I liked that. But it took quite a while, to my mind, to get to the good stuff!

There were some bits that felt underdeveloped. Such as a section break that jumps three months in the middle of a ¬†chapter. One moment the hero is in the hospital bed just woken up from a coma, the next he’s doing physical therapy three months later and his son bursts in then leaves. That part was extremely¬†abrupt!

They buy a van for Garrett to drive. Seriously? What is it with the paraplegics and vans? Where are authors getting the impression that this is normal? It isn’t. I don’t know any paras who don’t drive normal cars with hand controls (some even have hand controls they carry with them and can use in any car). Vans are for quadriplegics. Authors need to learn this!

Yummy Hero Factor:

Garrett is not my type emotionally speaking. He’s the macho guy for sure. However, that said, he’s a great romance hero. He’s a tough guy, but learning tenderness as he begins to understand his ex-wife better.

There’s plenty of sexy moments with his character.

Great Line:

Life in a wheelchair was no longer a fear. It was a fact.


About the cure plot line, a spoiler if this is something you really care about (scroll down to below the book image and highlight the text there to see it clearly).

I highly recommend this book. If you like romance novels, definitely pick this one up!

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They talk about working towards a cure a lot, which I think is natural in this situation, when someone is newly adjusting to a spinal cord injury. I was concerned that the book would focus on the heroine nursing the hero back to full health. But that does not happen. It ends realisitcally and believably. So they talk a fair amount about cure, but it does not actually happen.

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