Monday Review: Devoted

Monday Review: Devoted

Devoted (edited by Lee Nilsen)



This is another anthology that I participated in. In a way it is a sequel to Paradox. It’s another collection of short stories and a novella with new authors and, I personally think, an even higher level of writing than the first collection.

I have one story in it, a story which is not available anywhere else. It’s called Faster and it is a more bittersweet story than I usually tell with a main character whose voice is very strong.

The Good:

It’s hard for me to pick a favorite story from so many interesting ones. I find the richness of the language in the one that takes place in historic Italy beautiful. Diary of an Ugly Girl has been a favorite story of mine since it appeared on the paradevo fiction blog.

The first person narrator has no awareness of her own charm or looks and it’s adorable that she doesn’t see how attractive Jim finds her. Jim is geeky, kind, and gentle. My favorite kind of guy!

Actually, though, the best part of the book is a non-fiction section at the end. The editor got several devotees to tell their stories anonymously and the result is incredibly moving. They stories are heartfelt and I recognize so much of myself in them.

The Bad:

As with Paradox, there is such a variety of authors and stories that some are more my taste than others. For me, though, this book had more stories I liked.


This book is definitely worth buying! You’ll get to try out a variety of authors and styles and there’s probably going to be something that you like. Another factor is that this book and Paradox both generate money for charity. Most of the profit from both books is donated to, a spinal cord injury organization that helps people get back to their lives. It’s a mission statement I really believe in.

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