More Things I Don’t Have Time For?

More Things I Don’t Have Time For?

I just found out on Twitter about a romance reading challenge. As busy as I am, reading time is always built into the schedule! How could I be a writer without reading? I hope I can use these monthly challenges to also read more wounded hero romances so the reviews will be meaningful for you!

Reading Romances SEPTEMBER Challenge

These challenges come from the blog Reading Romances. You can find them also on Twitter and Goodreads and Facebook, etc.

For September the challenge is…


Choose as many options as you want!


1) Read a classic romance.


2) Read a book with an animal on its cover.

3) Urban Fantasy with a strong romance line and strong, kick-ass heroine.


4) Editors and Writers Month: Read a book where a character is in the writing field (author, writer, journalist, publisher, editor, etc)

5) Pirate day: Read a book that involves Pirates or other sea-faring characters, like Vikings, Ship Captains, etc..

6)Read a Book Day: Read a book that you have been meaning to read or a book that has been neglected in a series or a challenge or a random book that caught your fancy when you were browsing.


Since I’m coming in late I will probably only get to one of these! But, looks like fun and I think I’m going to be heading to the library. If I read a book that has a disabled hero, I’ll review it here. Otherwise, just on Goodreads.

Join in on the fun if you’d like!

(And does anyone have a suggestion for what “classic” romance I should read?)

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