Need Your Help

I’m trying to come up with a better title for my sequel to (W)hole.

I love that title so much and I’ve painted myself into a corner because I can’t find something to match it! I want to do something with the same touch of word play, but that might be a lost cause.

Right now the working title is Accept/Except, but I think that’s too clunky.  Maybe just “Accept”?  That sounds too much like a command, though.

The plot is very focused on Elizabeth’s relationship with her parents and how they hold her back while she tries to explore her devness and understand herself better. The central conflict is Elizabeth’s desire to be understood, fully seen, loved, and accepted as she is by her mother in particular.

I am quite stuck, I hope you’ll help!


UPDATE:  I got the answer through email, which I assume means the person wishes to remain anonymous.

The title will be Breath(e)

I love it. I think it matches the first title really well.  I got many good suggestions through email, twitter, and Facebook, so thank you to everyone who contributed.  I will have to put the suggestions aside to look at again when I start working on the third book in the series!

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