Part 10

  Part 10 РHow Good It Can Be

Michelle was first up in the morning, and found Danny awakening as she emerged from the bathroom, fresh from her shower, and naked in her wheelchair. As Danny smiled his approval through sleepy eyes, Michelle popped a couple of wheelies and maneuvered gracefully around the bedroom. If this was to be the day she

would test her devotee lover’s sexual responses to The Equipment she used as a T-10 complete paraplegic, there was no better piece of equipment to focus on first than her constant companion, her black, silver and pink wheelchair.

Danny was quickly reaching full alertness as Michelle came to a stop facing him from a few feet away. She knew Danny loved how she looked in her chair, and how seeing her naked like this just made him crazy with desire. Something he always admired about Michelle when she was naked, was seeing her two amazing bodies so perfectly on display. Her arms and shoulders so well defined and muscular, her ample breasts tossing about every time she gave her big wheels a push with her strong hands. To him, the curves of her chair complemented¬†her feminine curves perfectly. But Michelle was totally in touch with the reality that through Danny’s devotee eyes, nothing could compare with her paralyzed lower half. When she transferred from her shower chair to her regular chair, force of habit caused her to position her legs in lady-like fashion, with her¬† feet close together on¬†the footrest.

Danny took a deep breath as he took her all in. God how he loved her cute little para belly, her lifeless thighs as they flattened out while she sat, much the way a Ziploc bag filled with jelly would do if you laid it on the kitchen counter. Her paralyzed¬†calves were straight and thin, while her feet, in this position, really didn’t look paralyzed at all.¬†¬†As Michelle dazzled him with her moves and cast a sexy smile his way, she suddenly stopped dead and asked, “Sweetheart, I know you love my chair and you always tell me how great I look in it. But is there one pose you like best?” Danny nodded immediately. “Oh yeah, and it’s very simple. Just cross one of your legs over the other at the knee and that’ll do it!” Michelle reached a hand down and grabbed her right leg behind her knee. Clutching the opposite wheel with her other hand for balance, she lifted her leg and draped it over the other leg as Danny had requested.

“So what’s so special about that, my love?”, Michelle said softly. Danny replied, “Well, you know how I’ve told you that for me, paralyzed equals sexy. This pose really showcases your paralysis for me.” Michelle turned her head so she could see her reflection in the mirror she used for dressing. This way, she could see herself as¬†Danny was seeing her. He was right. Especially naked, this pose really made her look crippled. With no muscle tone left in her limp legs, her top thigh got flat as a pancake from pressing down on her bottom leg. It just oozed the sexy softness Danny adored. Her totally flaccid top leg dangled parallel to other other leg, touching it all the way down, although she couldn’t feel it. And her foot that had looked so normal on the footrest now dangled freely with her toes pointing straight toward the ground at an angle you’d never see in an able-bodied person. So crippled, but so genuinely beautiful¬†as seen through Danny’s devotee eyes.

“Good Lord, Michelle!”, Danny exclaimed, “You are the prettiest, sexiest woman I’ve ever seen, and your wheelchair only makes you more so!” Michelle took that as an open invitation and rolled up super close to Danny so her could caress her legs and play with her dangling foot as he always loved to do.¬† ” Danny, because I know how sexy you think I am in my wheelchair, and because we’re going to be focusing on how you respond to the¬†hardware I use as a paraplegic, how about we make love with me in my chair, right now!”

Danny was all over the idea, and in seconds he was all over Michelle’s too! Embracing, kissing, feeling, fondling, Danny the devotee and Michelle, his paraplegic princess, were out of control with passion once again. Suddenly, though, ¬†both realized they’d never had sex in the chair before and that this might be a little awkward physically. The first order of business was uncrossing Michelle’s legs. Danny took care of that, and as he held both her soft, lifeless legs behind her knees, Michelle assessed the situation, reached for her wheel rims, pushed down hard to lift up her bottom and asked Danny to tug on her legs to help her scooch forward. Danny brought her tushy right to the front edge of her wheelchair cushion and Michelle leaned back as far as she could, half reclining in the chair. “Okay”, said Michelle, “How about you hand me my legs, honey.” Danny did, and with her hands holding her ankles, Michelle spread herself wide so Danny could enter her freshly shaven paralyzed pussy. She was so wet that¬†Danny slid in easily, and as he began thrusting deep inside her, Michelle held her legs around his body, using her hands to make them move and grind against his sides.

Devotee Danny dived into Michelle’s magnificent¬†breasts, feeling her up and sucking on her pinkish brown nipples…giving her such pleasure that her upper body twisted and writhed. At times Danny grabbed Michelle’s wheel rims and used them for support and leverage, thinking how the position they were in was not all that comfortable, but that the wheelchair, the omnipresent symbol of¬†Michelle’s disability, was enhancing his sexual experience. Michelle was right. The Equipment she used was a turn on for him, just like The Look, The Feel and The Struggle had proven to be. She was also doing her part to make sex in the chair all it could be for her precious Danny. That involved some more play acting, as she pretended she could feel Danny’s penis thrusting deep inside her, when in fact, she couldn’t feel a thing except the vibrations as her chair shuddered from the power of Danny’s movements.

Danny knew Michelle had no feeling in her paralyzed pussy, but it was so erotic for him when she’d start making the same sounds she made when they were lovers before her accident. “Oooooooooh…ohhhh…YES! Yes, yes yes….ooooh myyyy, Danny…give me more!¬† Harder, babe…..deeeeper!!” In bed when they made love, she’d be digging her fingernails into Danny’s back about now, but in the chair, her hands were tied up holding her paralyzed legs up and spreading them wide.

¬†¬†“God, Michelle!”, Danny said, “Nobody but us would understand what I’m about to say, but babe, you can’t move anything below your waist, and I know you’re faking being able to feel me in you, but you are flat out the sexiest woman I’ve ever made love to, and the best fuck on the planet!¬† I just love you soooo much!” Michelle took it all in, and her heart just glowed. It blew her mind that she was actually beginning to enjoy being a chic in a chair, a complete T-10 paraplegic. Who else but Danny the devotee could have made her feel that way?!

When their wheelchair love fest had climaxed with Danny’s explosive orgasm, Michelle paused to catch her breath and said, “Okay, sir, play time’s over for now. We have more research to do. We’re going to gauge your sexual responses to The Equipment I use as a paraplegic, and believe it or not, ¬†the wheelchair’s just the start! Come with me down the hallway to the spare bedroom. That’s where I keep my stander and also¬†the leg braces they gave me in rehab which I don’t use very much these days. And, there one more piece of equipment you’re not aware of, but I’ll save that as a surprise until the end.”

To be continued in Part 11 of “How Good It Can Be”