Part 13

How Good It Can Be – Part 13

¬† ¬†“In your honor, Danny, I call this room Devotee Disneyworld!”¬† Michelle leaned forward in her wheelchair,¬†turned the doorknob, pushed the door away and rolled in with Danny right behind her. They were both naked by mutual agreement as they continued to explore all the ways Michelle’s spinal cord injury and complete waist down paralysis triggered Danny’s devotee desires. They’d conducted high successful and highly erotic experiments on how Danny reacted to The Look, and The Feel of Michelle’s paralyzed lower half, and The Struggle associated with living life as a T-10¬†paraplegic. Now, it was time to see how Danny reacted to The Equipment Michelle used on a regular basis.

As Danny did¬†a panoramic scan from left to right, he eyed the attractions in “Devotee Disneyworld”. Michelle’s stander, Michelle’s leg braces, Michelle’s walker and parallel bars, Michelle’s universal gym unit and Michelle’s FES exercise bike. Neither of them spoke a word, but as Danny gazed at The Equipment and at his precious, beautiful Michelle in her wheelchair, he couldn’t help but think how amazing it was that the severing of her one inch diameter spinal cord in that car wreck necessitated literally tons of high tech equipment, costing thousands of dollars. And, he was struck by the reality that none of what he saw before him could enable her to feel, or move normally, much less to walk unaided.

Danny was a thousand miles away pondering these things when he was jerked back to matters at hand by Michelle’s hand, quite literally jerking his chain! “Sweetheart”, Michelle said softly, “This is interesting. I can see you’re mesmerized by The Equipment I use, but ‘my friend’ here is barely reacting. He’s limp. What’s the deal?” Danny had to acknowledge Michelle was right. She was surprised, but he was not. “Honey, don’t you get it yet? It’s not The Equipment that pushes my devotee buttons, it’s you! Your wheelchair alone doesn’t excite me, but you in it, or transferring in or out of it, just makes me crazy. I think you’ll find that holds true with The Equipment in this room. Shall we run a little experiment on that?”

Michelle had been listening intently, smiled as she gave Danny’s penis a loving little squeeze, released her hand and rolled over to the stander with Danny following close behind. As Michelle maneuvered her chair next to the stander’s seat and locked her wheels, Danny looked over the massive maze of metal bars and vinyl covered pads required just to enable Michelle to stand up and sit back down again. “Okay, here we go. I try and use this standing machine at least an hour a day. My doctors say weight bearing is important to ward off osteoporosis in the bones of my legs, and that standing regularly is good for circulation and just to stretch me out and keep my lower body flexible.”

Danny felt his penis stirring as Michelle spoke and then saw it spring to full extension as she lifted her right leg with her hand and plopped her foot down on the far side of the stander’s foot rest. As Michelle completed her transfer onto the stander, she couldn’t help but notice the sudden change in Danny. “See, babe?”, he said?¬†“It’s not The Equipment. It’s you¬†using¬†The Equipment that’s the turn on!” Michelle half smiled, half smirked at Danny, saying, “Well, I can see you’re getting pretty pumped up, big boy!¬†Let’s see what happens when I pump myself up to a standing position.”

Michelle reached down and pulled the Velcro straps firmly over each of her delicate, unfeeling feet so they wouldn’t stray during the standing motion. By force¬† of habit she put a hand on each knee to make sure her legs were perfectly aligned. Then, she flipped down a contoured pad that would brace her legs at the knees as the standing action took place. Danny watched Michelle reach for a long lever on the stander and pump it back and forth in a steady, rythmic motion. Slowly, the seat Michelle was sitting on began to rise and gradually tilt until it became a vertical support behind her butt. The arm motion caused Michelle’s firm, full breasts to bob and jiggle, and her long, blonde hair shimmered in the light and slid gently to one side then the other with her upper body movements.

As engrossing as all this was, the devotee in Danny riveted his attention to Michelle’s long, lean, lifeless legs. Before¬†Michelle became a paraplegic the action of standing would cause the muscles in her thighs and calves to flex and bulge visibly. Now, no muscle contractions whatsoever. In Danny’s eyes, nothing but exquisite nothingness as the stander did all the work of elevating his precious Michelle into a full and upright position. Because Michelle’s feet were on the footplate, instead of the floor, she was almost exactly Danny’s height in the stander, and they both realized this was the first time since their post accident reunion that he had seen her standing. It was a special moment, and both instinctively wanted to celebrate it with a long, passionate embrace. But, with Michelle held captive inside a massive framework of steel bars and other hardware, that wasn’t going to happen. Danny leaned in over the frame of the stander as Michelle turned her head toward him and they shared a kiss. “You’re standing up, honey!¬† This is so exciting to see. How’s it feel to you?”

Michelle paused for a moment to think about how it felt. “Well, mentally and emotionally it feels great to be eye to eye with you again, babe. But physically, it really doesn’t feel like anything, because I have no sense of my legs and can’t feel any¬†of the pads and straps that are supporting me.”

Watching Michelle use the stander and listening to her describe what it was like, was totally erotic for Danny and he was now hard as a rock. Michelle smiled her approval and considered his physical reaction to be conclusive proof that Danny was right – it wasn’t The Equipment that turned him on. It was her using The Equipment that lit him up!

Now, it was time for some special entertainment at “Devotee Disneyworld” and Michelle knew just how to provide it. “Danny, not only can’t¬†I feel my legs, but I can’t reach them either. There’s plenty of open space in the stander. Why don’t you check on my legs and see how they’re doing. Before the accident you used to love to play with my legs while I was standing. Well, I’m standing now. Tell me how they compare.”

Michelle’s words had him on the brink of orgasm. He squatted down behind the stander, reached forward and put his trembling hands around one of Michelle’s slender thighs. At first, Danny applied no pressure, but just let his hands and fingers glide lightly over Michelle’s creamy, soft skin. His first thought was how similar her thigh felt to what he remembered when she could walk. Her leg was thinner for sure, but that silky skin hadn’t changed. Then, Danny gave her thigh a squeeze and realized her paralyzed leg was just as limp and, for lack of a better word, squishy while she was standing as it was in any other position. There was something incredibly erotic about that and Danny’s heart raced as he caressed and fondled both of Michelle’s thighs and calves. So soft, so flaccid…legs held rigid, no motion. Total, uncompromising paralysis.

“Whatcha doin’ down there, Danny? Havin’ fun?”, Michelle said with a smile in her voice. “Ohhh my, you know I am, babe!”, Danny replied.¬†“Your legs look great and they feel great!” “Sure glad¬†to hear that, ’cause, guess what? I can’t see much from¬†here, and you know I can’t feel anything either.” ¬†As Danny played, he gazed at his darling Michelle, naked…¬†encased in all that hardware and thought to himself that he had never seen her look so beautiful, ¬†or so helpless and crippled. They both enjoyed bondage games, and Danny couldn’t help but focus on how Michelle’s paralysis and her stander had her totally in bondage. He was stunned by the thought that if some bad dude broke into her house, disabled the stander with her in it so it wouldn’t go down, Michelle would eventually starve to death standing up, unless someone came by. In certain situations, she was so helpless and so dependent. He decided to keep those almost perverse thoughts to himself, but gave her paralyzed legs a few more loving, admiring caresses, before standing up and reporting back to Michelle. One look at¬†Danny’s flushed face and pulsating erection confirmed that he was thoroughly enjoying his visit to “Devotee Disneyworld”.

When Michelle had lowered herself and transferred out of her stander and into her wheelchair, she asked Danny where he’d like to go next. Eyeing her leg braces propped against the far wall by her walker and the parallel bars, Danny headed quickly in that direction, almost like a little kid who’d just spotted his favorite ride at a theme park. “Sweetheart, I want you¬†to put on your braces and walk for me…please?”

To be continued in Part 14


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