Part 14

How Good It Can Be — Part 14¬†

Leg braces had fascinated Danny since childhood, ever since he had a teacher in braces when he was about 13. She’d been injured in a horseback riding accident and needed the braces to stand and walk. Danny didn’t understand paralysis and he didn’t fully understand his emerging sexuality. But he understood that he couldn’t keep his eyes off his teacher’s legs and the steel and leather braces that ran from her shoes and up her slender calves before disappearing under her dress and going God knows where. Danny recalled getting his first full blown hard-on watching his teacher struggle to walk stiff-legged, using metal forearm crutches for support. At night, Danny would masturbate to powerful mental images of being alone with his teacher, helping her put on or take off her braces. The feelings were so intense, and shooting off felt so good, but it all left Danny feeling so guilty. However, not guilty enough to keep him from doing it every chance he got! As far as he could tell, this intense experience at puberty was what triggered his devotee attraction. As an adult, he learned that there were lots of devotees like him, and that most could trace their powerful attraction to paraplegic women back to similar experiences in their youth.

These days, Danny was madly in love with Michelle, a woman he’d known and loved before she severed her spinal cord in a car accident three years ago and became a T-10 complete paraplegic. Together they were exploring Danny’s devoteeism, with Michelle doing an informal study on all the things about her paralysis that turned Danny on.¬†Right now the focus was on the equipment Michelle used, and he was super excited that he was about to see¬†his precious Michelle in the long leg braces he retrieved for her as she transferred out of her wheelchair and onto a padded mat elevated to the same height has her chair. They were both naked in her home workout room, so nothing was left to the imagination.

Michelle’s muscular arms and¬†shoulders flexed while she maneuvered her lifeless lower half onto the mat, using her hands to drag her paralyzed legs until she was in a sitting position near the edge of the mat, with her legs straight out in front of her. “Danny, hand me the braces, please,¬†and then stand as close to me as you can.” Danny eagerly complied and when he was within Michelle’s reach she took his steel hard penis in her hands, caressing his shaft gently and lovingly, rubbing him from base to tip.”Oh, hon”, Danny moaned, “That’s pure heaven when you do that. Thank you, babe. I’ll tend to him while you put on your braces, okay?”

Michelle smiled and nodded, then lifted each leg and placed it in the braces, and adjusted her floppy feet so they were positioned in the molded plastic bottom of each brace that would go into her shoes. Next, she secured the soft padded Velcro support bands, one around each calf, two around each thigh. Watching all this, Danny remained hard as a rock, slowly stroking his pulsating cock and playing with his balls, now swollen with semen and ready to explode. Michelle just shook her head, flashing another approving smile Danny’s way, as she grabbed the metal upright on one brace and pulled her leg until it was off the edge of the mat. Then, she did the same with the other and wound up in a sitting position with her lower legs dangling off the edge.

“Danny, I’m not going to be able to do this for you completely naked. I need my Nike’s to hold my feet in the braces. They’re over there on the floor next to the walker, which I’ll need, too for balance. In a flash, Danny had slid the shoes over Michelle’s feet and the foot plates.¬† Then, Michelle pushed down on the mat with her clenched fists, lifting herself up and forward, before reaching a hand down to straighten each braced leg until the knee locks clicked into place. Danny instantly recalled the clicking sound her teacher’s braces made each time¬†she locked and unlocked them. It excited him then, and it was exciting him in the same way now!

Michelle motioned for Danny to place the walker in front of her. “Alright, I’m ready to go.”¬† And with that, Michelle placed her hands on the rubber grips atop both sides of the aluminum walker. Danny was mesmerized at the sight of his sexy Michelle, her lower body encased in padded bands and cold¬†metal, and her muscular¬†arms and shoulders straining, while her firm, full breasts heaved as she pushed down hard on the walker and forced herself into a standing position. Danny could see the concentration on Michelle’s face as she leaned¬†slightly¬†to the left, then used her upper body to create a motion that swung her right leg forward several inches. Then she leaned the other way and made the opposite leg swing forward, advancing the walker as she moved. Step by step, Michelle walked around the room as Danny watched intently, thinking how incredibly beautiful and sexy she looked.

After a few minutes, Michelle was obviously getting fatigued, so Danny walked up to her, blocking her slow forward progress. “Whew! Thanks for stepping in, honey. That’s hard work and I was just about outa gas. So, whaddaya think? Your T-10 complete paraplegic, out of her chair, up on her feet and walking…well sort of walking.”

“Danny stepped back, put out his arms toward her in an admiring gesture and said, “You look sensational, and it was just amazing to watch you walk, babe!¬†Now, can you describe what it’s like trying to stand and walk in leg braces when you’re completely paralyzed from the waist down?” Michelle thought about it, and thought about what she was experiencing as she stood face to face with Danny. “Well, it’s kinda weird, and was really scary the first time I was put in braces at rehab. For one thing, I have to totally trust the braces to do their job and support my lower body. And I have to trust my eyes which are showing me my legs encased in the braces with my feet on the floor. That sounds simple, but remember, as a T-10 complete paraplegic, not only can’t I feel my legs when you touch them, but I can’t feel the braces holding them and can’t feel my feet on the floor. It’s like I’m floating in mid-air right now, anchored only by my hands grabbing onto the walker.”

Michelle continued. “Most people don’t understand how much the lack of feeling complicates things when I’m in my braces.¬†When I try to take a step, I have no idea¬†where my legs¬†and feet are,¬†or where they’re going.¬†Then, there’s the lack of balance.¬†I can’t take my hands off the walker for even a second or I’ll start to fall over.

Danny interrupted Michelle. “Would you try it for me, honey?” ¬†Michelle agreed, knowing how endlessly fascinated her devotee Danny was, with her paralysis and the equipment she used because of it. Slowly, Michelle took one hand off the walker and then the other. Instantly she started to jackknife forward at the waist before grabbing the walker. She tried it again and almost toppled backwards¬†before Danny caught her. “Try harder, babe”, Danny said, trying to encourage her. “Oh, Danny, the reality is when you have a complete spinal cord injury like mine, you come to realize there¬†is¬†no trying. I could take my hands off this walker a hundred times, and a hundred times I’d lose my balance. ‘Trying’ involves using your brain to think of what you need to do, but none of those signals ever gets from my brain to my paralyzed lower half.”

As always, Danny hung on her every word, thirsting to understand everything he could about her disability. His devotee attraction was more than a sexual attraction. It gave him a keen interest in everything related to Michelle’s paralysis. Danny had a thousand questions, but there would be plenty of time for them.

Michelle knew that the sight her of legs incased in braces was giving her Danny an unbelievable sexual rush. She¬†smiled broadly and said, “C’mon, you know you are dying to do it…kneel down and play with my legs in the braces.” In a second, Danny the devotee was on his knees behind and slightly to one side of¬†Michelle as she looked straight ahead, hanging onto the walker for balance and relying on the braces to support her limp legs and keep her from collapsing to the floor. It almost looked as though Danny were worshipping Michelle, and in a¬†very real sense, he was. He adored her in every way, but he adored her paralyzed lower half in a very special way only a devotee and the object of his affection could truly understand.

Danny could have caressed Michelle’s paralyzed legs, could have pinched them, could have squeezed her soft flesh right down to the bone. Instead, with an expression of true love and devotion on his face, he sought out gaps in the braces and planted adoring little kisses everywhere the bare skin of her calves and thighs was exposed. This went on for several minutes, with Michelle unable to see what Danny was doing, and with her severed spinal cord cutting off all communication to her brain, unable to feel a thing below her waist.

¬†¬† Finally, with Danny so quiet, curiosity got the best of Michelle and she craned her neck to catch a reflection from a floor length mirror across the room. Danny wasn’t fondling her legs as he often did. He was on his knees…moving around every now and then and slowly, ever go gently and lovingly, kissing her crippled legs.She started smiling and sobbing softly to herself, lost in the amazing sight in the mirror. She didn’t say a word, and neither did Danny, until he rose from his knees, came around in front of Michelle, took her hands one at a time from the walker, placing them on his shoulders and saying in almost a whisper, “Darling, may I have this dance?”

Before Michelle could respond verbally, Danny put his hands on her hips, lifted her a few inches off the floor as she clung to his shoulders, and lowered her slowly until her shoes were on the tops of his shoes. Then, taking his smart phone from his pocket, he pushed a few buttons and a romantic song they had danced to on their first date years ago, when Michelle was still able to walk.

Michelle, who had no sense of her feet being on top of Danny’s feet said, “My darling, this is so sweet, so romantic, watching¬†you kissing my legs and all,¬†but, honey, there’s no way I can dance. Some things are never going to be the way they used to be. Danny put his index finger to her lips. “Shhhhh. Hold on to me, lover. Trust me.” And with that, Danny put one hand firmly around Michelle’s waist just above the level of her paralysis, took one of her hands in his while her other hand remained on his shoulder, and they began to dance. Danny kept his legs almost straight at the knees and moved the two of them around the floor by¬†slowly taking steps. Forward, backward, sideways. Michelle’s feet remained atop his, and with her legs held rigid by the long leg braces, they danced in each other’s arms, as their favorite music played on.

As she gained confidence and allowed herself to fully trust Danny and her braces, Michelle laid her head on Danny’s shoulder, clutching his hand and occasionally looking down to see her legs and feet¬†being powered by his legs and feet. She also noticed that Danny was rock hard, his pulsating penis poking against her unfeeling pelvis. Michelle reached a hand down and curled her fingers around his shaft while she looked up and began kissing Danny passionately on the lips. Danny sighed and moaned, almost delirious with pleasure as she kissed him and stroked him to the brink of orgasm.

Suddenly, the stroking stopped, and Danny stopped their dance, as Michelle spoke. “Trust¬†me, Danny?” He nodded. “I didn’t want to finish you off, because I just thought of something we can do that may be the most erotic thing we’ve ever tried. It’s related to my braces and my paralysis. Are you game, darling?” Danny nodded again and wondered just what his paraplegic princess had in mind.

To be continued in Part 15 of “How Good It Can Be”