Part 15


How Good It Can Be   Part 15

“Follow me!”, said Michelle with her typically spirited bravado, as she used her walker and braces to take deliberate, slow motion steps over to the parallel bars she used to perfect her brace walking technique. When she arrived at one end of the parallel bars set up, she asked Danny to get her wheelchair and position it right behind her so she could sit down. She did so and then used her hands to unlock the braces. Then she asked Danny to help her remove both braces, which was quickly done, although Danny lingered to feel and fondle Michelle’s fabulous, flaccid legs that had been freed from their erotic prison of cold metal and padded support bands. Oh, those delicious limp, unfeeling thighs that flattened out when Michelle sat in her chair. He loved how they looked, and especially how they felt as he enveloped them with his hands and probing fingers.

“Danny….Danny!”, Michelle said with mock irritation. “I have something to show you, remember? Don’t worry, you’ll have plenty of opportunity to get off on my legs, and the rest of me for that matter. I need you to get rid of my walker, and then grab that office chair over there, the one with the little wheels on it. Put it between the parallel bars¬†facing me, just a¬†couple of feet from my knees.” Danny wasn’t sure what Michelle was up to, but knew it would be incredibly exciting and erotic for him. Once the office chair was in position, Michelle had Danny sit down in it. “Okay, we’re all set now. What I’m about to try will take all my upper body strength and will require you to be my leg braces. When I need a rest, all you have to do his put your hands on my knees while I’m standing and push gently so my legs stay straight and support my weight. I’ll be hanging on to the parallel bars with my hands and everything should be fine. At some point I’ll need you to grab my wheelchair and put it behind me so I can sit back down. Alright, let’s see how my devotee Danny reacts to this!”

Michelle grabbed the ends of the¬†two wooden parallel bars with her hands, took a deep breath and pushed down as hard as she could. Slowly she lifted herself out of her chair and into a standing position. Her lifeless legs followed along, although she wound up with both her ankles flopped over. Danny reached forward to straighten out her feet, and then she¬†asked him to brace her knees with his hands. With that done, Michelle, adjusted her upper body position, trying to get her balance. That was no easy task, as she couldn’t feel her legs and couldn’t feel Danny’s hands that were supporting her knees and enabling her to stand.

“Danny, this is really important. Whenever I¬†tell you to, scoot toward me in your chair and put your hands on my knees to stabilize my lower body. I’m going to try and make it down the length of these bars with nothing supporting me except my arms and hands. If my arms start giving out, your hands on my knees are all that will keep me from collapsing and taking a bad fall that could cause a broken leg. Got it, honey? Now, slowly remove your hand from my left knee, but, for now, keep the other hand on my right knee. I should be able to stand on one leg”

As Danny released her left knee from his grasp, he saw her entire leg just sag. Michelle looked down, and assured herself that even though she couldn’t feel it, Danny’s other hand was, in fact,¬†pressing against her right knee and had it locked securely in place. “Sweetheart, before I try this, if you want to play with the leg you just released, go for it. I want to watch that big ol’ cock of yours get even longer and harder than it is right now.” Danny smirked and smiled up at Michelle as he ran his hand up the back of her thigh, pressing his fingertips deep into the soft flaccid flesh he could never get enough of.

For a moment he thought how most guys admire an able-bodied woman’s legs, but would never consider a paraplegic woman’s legs to be sexy and desirable. If they only knew what¬†he had discovered with Michelle. That a para’s legs are like velvet to the touch. They are softer than normal legs, especially paralyzed thighs, which have the consistency of breasts when you fondle them.

He pulled his hand forward and upward, causing Michelle’s knee to bend and her lower leg and foot to dangle freely. He playfully shook her paralyzed leg and it flopped and wobbled every which way, offering absolutely no resistance. “Oh, God, babe, your leg is so sexy, and I’m so turned on my heart is pounding and my balls are aching!”

Michelle tossed her head back, laughed and said, “Okay, play time’s over. Put my leg back next to the other one, and push on my knee. Michelle made some final adjustments with her hands then told Danny to¬†release both her knees..and quickly push himself away from her. He sat in his office chair, still between the parallel bars, stroking his erection for relief and¬†feeling clear precum ooze from his reddish swollen tip. His eyes were riveted on his precious Michelle as she moved her right hand forward several inches, and then did the same with the left. Then the right, then the left. Right, left, right, left. With a look of grim determination on her gorgeous face, Michelle was willing herself to walk toward her darling¬†Danny the only way she could.

Her magnificent breasts bobbed and heaved, as Michelle used the brute strength of her muscular upper body to propel herself forward. Michelle’s legs? They did absolutely nothing to help, but hung limply from her paralyzed hips, flopping this way and that, with her feet dragging along the floor. From the waist down, her body behaved like she was a rag doll or a marionette. At the halfway point along the parallel bars, Michelle cried out, “Danny, get my knees…quick!” Danny slid forward in his office chair, grabbed Michelle’s knees and pushed until they locked, enabling her to free her arms and shoulders from their ordeal.

Keeping her hands lightly on the bars for support and balance, Michelle was perspiring¬†heavily and gasping for breath.¬†After a minute or so, just as she was about to ask Danny¬†how he’d reacted to her little performance, she got her answer. With Danny’s hands both busy pressing against her knees, his penis erupted spontaneously, emptying the biggest load she’d ever seen. Milky white globs of semen rocketed from the tip of his erection, shooting all over her thighs. She’d never seen his cock look longer or fatter, and Danny’s orgasm just seemed to go on forever! She knew he wanted to stroke it, but for Danny, job one was keeping Michelle’s knees straight and he stayed faithful to the task as the last drops of love juice dribbled out of him.

“Oh, my God, Danny! You just exploded, didn’t you?!”¬† I’ve never seen you more turned on than you were now!¬† What was it like for you?”¬† Danny loved that he could be totally open and honest with Michelle about his devotee attraction. “Babe, it drove me crazy watching your paralyzed legs and feet dragging beneath you, flopping around and totally beyond your control. In all our time together, I’ve never seen your paralysis displayed in such a profound and dramatic way. Your legs have never looked so helpless, and you’ve never looked more crippled. I was totally overwhelmed with desire for you, to the point where all I could think of was rescuing you, laying you down and¬†screwing your pretty brains out! That’s when I just lost it, and exploded, all for you, my precious paraplegic princess, my beautiful, adorable Michelle.”

Michelle hung on every word from the man of her dreams. Finally, she sighed deeply, saying,”That was so amazing to hear, honey, and your physical response to seeing me trying to force these paralyzed legs of mine to walk was everything I’d hoped for and more! Now, I think I have enough strength to hang here long enough for you to fetch my wheelchair and snug it up behind me.

Danny released his hold on Michelle’s knees and her legs instantly went totally limp, as he rushed to grab the wheelchair so she could sit down. There was semen all over her thighs and Danny went to grab a towel to help her wipe it off. But when he returned,¬† he saw Michelle holding one of her incrediblly flexible legs straight up in the air, and licking up every drop of his love juices she could reach. Then, she did it with her other leg, before crossing one leg over the other, knowing that was Danny’s favorite pose because it left her paralyzed foot pointing straight down and her top thigh flattened like a pancake against her bottom leg.

“Sweetheart”, Michelle said softly, “I can see we’re both pretty wiped out right now, so how about we take a break and¬†enjoy a nap together? When we wake up I want us to make love, and yes,¬†screw each other’s brains out. I also have a brand new piece of equipment to unveil, which I’ve been saving just for you…and for us. Sound like a plan?”

And so, Danny and Michelle traded the workout room for the bedroom, which would become a workout room of its own before this day was done.

To be continued in Part 16 of “How Good It Can Be”