Part 16

Part 16 – How Good It Can Be

Devotee Danny and his Paraplegic Princess, Michelle were napping¬†face to face¬†when Danny’s slumber was disturbed by an unexpected and unfamiliar whirrrring sound. Still more asleep than awake, Danny nuzzled his face into Michelle’s supple and substantial breasts, savoring her alluring perfume and pillowy softness. He was becoming more aware of his surroundings and the ongoing whirrrring sound which seemed to be close by, but changing its point of origin ever so slightly. Eyes still closed, and purring like a kitten, Danny found one of Michelle’s nipples, gently closed his lips around it and began to suck lightly. He could feel his body begin to tingle, and his penis begin to grow quickly to full erection.

Suddenly, the source of the whirrrring made contact with the shaft of his penis, causing Danny’s body to convulse, as wild vibrations shocked him into full awareness. “What the hell?!?”, Danny hollered, at which point the whirrrring sound was joined by the sound of Michelle’s playful laughter. He looked down to see her holding a huge shiny silver metal vibrator in her hand and pressing it against his steel hard cock. “Hey, ya’ can’t sleep forever”, Michelle said. “Up and at ’em!”.

“When the heck did you get that, babe? I’ve never seen it before!”, Danny said,¬†as he momentarily jerked his hips back to get his throbbing manhood away from the source of his rude awakening. Michelle switched the vibrator off and¬†responded, “It just came in the mail, and I had it hidden in the nightstand. This is the piece of equipment I mentioned before. Another paraplegic I’ve gotten to know online said this is the only thing, a man’s penis included, which is able to give her orgasms. So, even though it was expensive, I wanted to see if it could do the same for me, and for us. Honey, I know you sometimes say you feel badly because I can’t feel sex any more¬†and have been unable to orgasm like you do, and like I used to when we made love before my injury.”

Danny nodded in the affirmative and pulled himself closer to Michelle. And, as she brought the vibrator up so he could see it more clearly, he reached a hand down, clutching behind her thigh and pulling her paralyzed leg up and draping it over his hip. It laid limply and heavily on him, a feeling he loved, with her foot flopping to rest somewhere behind him. “I do feel badly. Badly for you, babe.”, Danny said tenderly, as they kissed and he let his hand glide lightly over the silky softness of her unfeeling thigh. “You give me everything I have wanted sexually, and turn me on to the max and beyond. But because your pussy is just as paralyzed as the rest of your lower half, no matter what I do, I can’t take you where you take me. I know you enjoy our lovemaking, but I can tell it’s frustrating for you, not being able to feel me in you, no matter how deep and fast I thrust.”

Tears welled up in Michelle’s big blue eyes. “It’s true, Danny. You’re so awesome, but I feel frustrated and inadequate. And now, after three years of paralysis, what I’d been told would eventually happen¬†ishappening. I can no longer remember what your penis felt like in my vagina before I got hurt. Can’t remember what a gut busting orgasm felt like. And, I used to masturbate a lot to get relief and satisfaction. Yes, I can go through the same motions now, but there’s no reaction. I can rub my clit raw and she doesn’t feel a thing.¬† I know it’s supposed to feel great, but it doesn’t feel like anything.” Michelle began to cry.” It just makes me crazy!”

Danny held her and rocked her lovingly in his arms. “And that’s why you bought this vibrator, the biggest one I’ve ever seen”, Danny said quietly. Michelle sniffled and managed a half smile. “Yes, because I know you want to give me more sexual pleasure than you’re able to, and I don’t want to give up on that either. This vibrator has variable speeds and a switch that let’s you vary the pattern and strength of the vibrations. The ads say it’s more effective than anything on the market, and my para girlfriend says she and a few other spinal cord injured women she knows¬†swear by it.”

“But how can it give you orgasms if you can’t feel anything from the waist down, babe?”, Danny inquired.

“Well, apparently the vibrations from this thing are so strong they can stimulate the vagus nerve, which is separate from the spinal cord and runs from the brain down near¬†the vagina. My girlfriend says it took some experimenting, but she found a spot in her pussy where, if she pressed the vibrator against it and left it there long enough with the power on high, it would trigger orgasms, one after another! She couldn’t feel it in her pussy, but she could feel it in her brain. Sounds incredible, sounds impossible, I know, but would you try it with me now?”

“This is amazing, Michelle! By all means let’s try it. Do you want me to work the vibrator so you can just focus on what you’re experiencing?”

“Yes, good idea. Let me prop myself up on the pillows so I can look down and watch and have my hands free to fondle my breasts and nipples. When I used to masturbate, I always had one hand working my breasts and it really helped turn me on.”

Danny lifted Michelle’s leg off his hip and helped her roll over onto her back. While she sat up partially and pulled herself up onto the pillows, Danny put his hands behind her knees and spread her legs wide with her knees bent. Frog position. ¬†It still blew his mind and excited him to be able to maneuver her legs and lower body so freely with no resistance whatsoever. Danny slid his hands up and down the length of her legs and started playing with her limp, lifeless feet. As his shaft got longer and fatter, Michelle chimed in sarcastically.”Ah-hem. Sir, we’re trying to get¬†me¬†an orgasm, not¬†you, remember?!” Danny rolled his eyes and smiled up at the love of his life. “Whoops, busted! Sorry ’bout that, babe, but you how I am about your body, your lower half especially. Totally irresistible!”

As Michelle laughed and continued to watch Danny caress her legs and feet, ¬†she thought back to when she was first paralyzed. In those dark days, never in her wildest dreams could she have imagined there could be a guy for her who found beauty in her new body. Not only did¬†her devotee Danny see beauty in her flaccid thighs, atrophied calves and limp, floppy feet, he adored them. He craved them! And perhaps most incredible of all, Danny couldn’t get enough of her paralyzed pussy, and how it held his cock so gently and perfectly. He didn’t seem to miss her being able to squeeze him, and he didn’t miss the powerful hip thrusts she used to generate when they made love. In fact, it was a huge turn on the way her hips, legs and feet just laid motionless as he wailed away deep inside her.

“Hey, Danny, while you’re down there, maybe you should check on my pussy. This vibrator is bigger around than you are right now, and I’m afraid she’ll need some help to be wet enough to handle it safely.” “Good point, babe, I’m on it.” Ever so gently Danny used his thumb and forefinger to part the lips of her cleanly shaven pussy. He played briefly with the little nub that was her clit, and tried to work a couple of fingers inside her. Still too dry.¬†A common problem for Michelle since she became a T-10 complete paraplegic. She could get wet, but it took a lot longer and a lot more foreplay. “Sweetheart, I think she’s going to need a little extra help here”.

Michelle twisted her upper body so she could reach into the nightstand and flipped Danny a tube of lubricating jell. They both had suspected her vagina would not be wet enough to accommodate the huge vibrator, and they were both well aware of the need to err on the side of too much lubrication with Michelle, so the delicate tissues she couldn’t feel wouldn’t be injured during penetration.

Danny slathered two fingertips with the gel, and using his other hand to spread her lips, he made sure his precious Michelle had more than enough lubrication for them to freely experiment with the vibrator without doing any damage. “She’s in good shape, babe. We’re ready to go down here. How about you?”

Michelle suddenly felt nervous. What if nothing happened? What if the vibrator didn’t give her orgasms like it did for her paraplegic girlfriend? What if it did?

Her heart was in her throat. Her vibrator was in Danny’s hand. “Yes, honey. Let’s go for it.”

To be continued in Part 17 of “How Good It Can Be”