Part 17

How Good It Can Be – Part 17

Excitement and fear had Danny’s heart pounding in his chest, as he held Michelle’s huge bright silver vibrator in his hand.¬†His excitement came from the anticipation of slipping the vibrator into her paralyzed pussy and seeing whether it could do what¬†his penis could not: give his Paraplegic Princess an orgasm. Danny’s fear came from thoughts that this sleek hunk of electrified metal might replace him as Michelle’s source of maximum sexual satisfaction. That was a very real possibility, because while she clearly adored him and enjoyed their lovemaking immensely, her severed spinal cord made it impossible for Michelle to feel anything below her waist. From the moment¬†she was paralyzed¬†in a devastating car wreck that nearly claimed her life, Michelle’s pussy, hips, legs and feet had been, for all practical purposes, dead.

Because Danny was a devotee of paraplegic women, and had been madly in love with Michelle before her injury, he found her paralysis to be an erotic mystery that made her more attractive and more fuckable than any woman he’d ever known. That said, it was totally beyond his ability to give Michelle sexual pleasure¬† through her vagina. When he drove his rock hard cock into her warm, wet pussy, it felt amazing to him, but it felt like nothing to Michelle. She couldn’t feel his throbbing shaft filling her up, and couldn’t feel him thrusting the spongy tip of his cock almost to her backbone.

No matter what he did, no matter what moves he tried, Michelle’s paralysis was complete and uncompromising. They had both accepted that reality, and because Danny was a devotee, his desire for her was intense and constant. Michelle was crazy about him, too, but she longed to have orgasms like she used to get with Danny, even though, after three years of paralysis, she was having trouble remembering what it felt like to have him inside her, what it felt like to thrust her hips, what it felt like to clamp her muscular legs around him and what it felt to reach climax with her pussy on fire and her whole body tingling, as feelings of ecstasy washed over her like waves crashing on a beach.

For Michelle, the highlight of lovemaking now was watching her Danny go completely wild for her. She responded in kind with her upper body, which was able to move and feel as it always had. Her breasts and nipples had become more sensitive than ever since her accident. She got enormous pleasure from having Danny feel her up, fondling her supple breasts and sucking her rubbery hard nipples as they stood erect, hungry for his fingers and his sweet lips.

Her lower body? Well, that was a whole different story. It never got any of the messages being sent to or from her brain. They all died at her T-10 vertebrae, where her spinal cord had been severed. From just above her bellybutton down, Michelle couldn’t move or feel a thing. When they made love, her unfeeling, atrophied legs only moved when either she or Danny took hold of them with their hands, her limp feet flopped around uncontrollably, her hips laid motionless, and her vagina felt nothing. Danny could have taken his cock out of her pussy in the middle of sex, or never have put it in to begin with,¬†and she would have no clue, unless she could look down and see what was happening.

Propped up on pillows, Michelle had a clear view as Danny knelt between her legs and used the fingers of one hand to gently spread the lips of her vagina. He switched on the vibrator with his other hand and guided the tip to¬†her well lubricated entrance. Slowly and carefully¬†he pushed the vibrator inside her inch by inch. The vibrations were so strong Danny could see the tops of Michelle’s soft paralyzed thighs quiver. He brought the tip of the vibrator out and laid it against her clitoris, knowing this would have caused her to convulse and cry out if he’d done it before her accident. Now though, nothing. No reaction.

He slid the vibrator back inside Michelle, and moved it around at various angles, while going deeper than he had a moment ago. “Feel anything at all, honey?” Michelle scrunched up her lips, looked up at the ceiling, then back at Danny. She was concentrating so hard, but said softly and sadly, “No, babe. Don’t feel a thing. Tell you what though. My paraplegic girlfriend who has an injury similar to mine, said it took awhile for her to find the spot that stimulated her vagus nerve, the one that¬†bypasses the brain and runs down the torso and very near the genitals.¬†When she found it, she experienced a sudden¬†rush of sexual pleasure in her brain. She had to hold the tip of the vibrator on that same spot constantly. If she moved the vibrator at all, the sensation would disappear. If she was able to hold it on the same spot, the pleasure would wash over her in waves”.

Danny listened and thought to himself, what an incredible thing that would be for both of them to experience. Five minutes….ten minutes went by as Danny kept moving the tip of the vibrator to different places inside Michelle and holding it there until¬†she shook¬†her head, signaling that there didn’t seem to be any change and it was time to try some place else.

Suddenly, Michelle started to moan. “Ohhhh, ohhhhhhhhh, ooooooooooh, yes! YES!! Hold it right there Danny, and don’t you dare move it!”¬† Wide eyed, Danny asked, “Are you getting something? Are you feeling what I’m doing?!” Michelle was gasping for breath. “Feeling? No, I don’t feel the vibrator at all, but I’m getting that rush my girlfriend talked about! It’s all inside my head. Oh, my God, Danny, it’s a whole lot like¬†what I used to feel with you when we had sex and I was headed for an orgasm!”

Danny made sure the tip of the vibrator stayed pressed against the same spot, and he tried to get a sense of exactly where that was, so he could repeat it for Michelle without having to go exploring for ten¬†minutes. “Go for it, honey, this is amazing! Get everything you can out of it!”, Danny said excitedly. Michelle had tears in her eyes as she kept moaning, louder and louder. She took her hands and fingers and started fondling her breasts and nipples, trying to enhance the first true over the top sexual high she had experienced since¬†she was paralyzed. Her head tossed side to side. Her upper body began to writhe, and Danny could scarcely take it all in.

In totally stark contrast, Michelle’s lower body laid as still as a corpse on the bed. For a devotee like Danny, that was hugely erotic, but this very special moment needed to be all about Michelle’s pleasure, not his own. Holding the powerful bright silver vibrator steady, he riveted his eyes on his precious Michelle, as impulses from the machine stimulated her vagus nerve, sending wave after wave of pure pleasure rocketing up through her body where they exploded inside her brain!

“Ohhhhh my God!¬† Ohhhhhhhh….OOOOOOOooooo….Oh my, Danny…Oh, MYYYY!!!¬† Lord, how can this be…I’m a complete T-10 paraplegic. Can’t feel the vibrator in my pussy….but somehow….somehow….I can feel what it’s doing!¬† Ohhh, babe…BABE…I swear…I’m having an orgasm, NOWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!”

Michelle started screaming and it went on for a minute or more. Her face turned red and the pace of her breathing got faster and faster. Suddenly, she put her hands on either side of her head and screamed to Danny, “Pull it out of me!!!!!¬† Pull it out!!! I can’t take it any more!!!!!!!”

Almost in a panic from Michelle’s reaction, Danny pulled the vibrator out. It was like turning off a light switch. All the orgasmic impulses to Michelle’s brain ceased instantly. Danny wasn’t sure what to do, so he just dived on top of Michelle, hugging and kissing her passionately and wiping the perspiration from her brow. “Oh, sweetheart, what just happened?!”, he said.¬† “We need to talk about this!”¬† Michelle returned his hugs and kisses. “Yes, yes we do!”, she replied breathlessly.

To be continued in Part 18 of “How Good It Can Be