Part 2

How Good It Can Be – Part 2
Lying in each others arms on her couch, Michelle popped the big question and clearly wanted an answer. “Are you a devotee of paraplegics, Danny?” she asked slowly and softly. Instantly, the word “no” was on its way from his brain to his lips, because he had long ago decided he could never say “yes” to such a question. He would simply lie to anyone¬†to keep him and his fetish in the closet, no matter what. But this wasn’t “anyone,” this was his beloved Michelle, his long time friend, and one time lover before she was paralyzed from the waist down in a car wreck. What’s more, this night had gone so incredibly well, even though their reunion began with the shocking revelation that Michelle was in a wheelchair, completely and forever paralyzed at the T-10 level. He just could not bring himself to tell her a lie, even if it were to ruin this¬†beautiful thing that was reigniting between them. His heart pounding as though he were a cornered animal, Danny drew a deep breath and replied in measured tones, “Yes, babe…..I am.”

Time seemed to stand still, as he waited for what he could only imagine would be a bad reaction from Michelle. But, surprisingly, she said nothing for the longest time. What she did was take hold of his hand and guide it down where it had been moments before when he had drawn up¬†one of her legs and draped it over his hip as they laid on their sides face to face. Michelle placed his palm on her outer thigh and moved it around ever so slowly, seeming to encourage him to explore the softness of her unfeeling flesh. “It’s okay, Danny,” Michelle said quietly, “I’ve heard about devotees, and¬†suspected you might be one by the¬†amazing way you’ve been reacting to me tonight.¬†Honestly, I half expected you’d make your excuses and bail out early once you saw me in my chair.” Danny had an overwhelming sense of relief as Michelle spoke, and replied, “Bail out? Oh no, I never would have done that to you under any circumstances. And everything I’ve said is true. You really are as lovely and as sexy to me as ever.”

As Michelle continued to guide Danny’s hand all over her limp, lifeless thigh, Danny took a gulp of air, and blushed bright red as he confessed, “The only trouble I’ve had tonight is trying to contain my desires and find a way not to have a perpetual erection. By the way, you’re not helping me with what you’re doing with my hand on your leg, but, but pleeeeease, don’t stop!” Michelle smiled, gave a little laugh, and continued. “Danny, I couldn’t help notice how aroused you were getting as the evening progressed. Tell me about being a devotee, and please tell me everything, because, well, to tell you the truth, I’m okay with it, and actually quite excited about it!”

As they snuggled closer, Danny’s face lit up, “You’re excited about my devoteeism?!” Without hestitation, Michelle replied, “Yeah, I really am! a) because I’m so comfortable with you, and b) because I don’t like the way most guys react to me now that I’m a paraplegic, if they react to me at all. I was told in rehab about devotees, and that a lot of them were weirdos to be avoided, but that some of them were wonderful guys who just happened to have this attraction for spinal cord injured women. Frankly, it seemed like a myth to me, but obviously it’s not, because here I am with my wonderful Danny, and it looks like you’re about ready to pop through your pants as you caress my skinny, paralyzed¬†leg! You always were a ‘legman,’ and always thought I had killer legs. Now, even though they’ve wasted away to half the size they once were and are totally useless to me, it doesn’t look like they’re useless to you. In fact,¬†it looks to me like my legs turn you on more than ever! It’s incredible to watch you enjoying me like this, Danny. Really, it’s thrilling!”

Barely able to believe his ears or contain his joy, Danny said,¬†“Oh, babe, you’re blowing me away and I am so totally relieved to know you’re okay with this. I’ve been so in the closet about the devotee part of me…so conflicted, confused, ashamed, guilt ridden. You name it, I’ve felt it”.

“Guess what Danny?” Michelle continued, “I have my own version of that – my own list of negative feelings about being a paraplegic, and I’m pretty much in the¬†closet, too. Most of my family and friends marvel at how well I’ve adjusted, how positive I seem to be about my disability. That’s because I hide my true feelings – the anger, the frustration – not to mention the embarrassment when people stare at me and the fear of rejection that haunts me whenever things start to get serious with a guy”.

“Wow!” said Danny, “I haven’t been getting any vibes like that from you tonight, Michelle”.

“Danny, that’s because you’ve made me feel so normal, so attractive, so desired. You’re treating me the same as you used to. You have no idea how refreshing and exciting that is! So, yeah, I’m okay with this dev thing you’ve got goin’. In fact, I’m more than okay, Danny. Want proof? I feel like we can share anything with each other, so that’s exactly what I want us to do. First, may I upzip you and give you some relief ?”

“Oh yes, please do,” Danny said.¬† And with that,¬†Michelle pulled his¬†fly down, and his rock hard penis came flying out! Michelle took it in her hand as she always used to do, holding it, stroking his shaft gently and lovingly. Danny was not only relieved, he was in heaven. “Oh, God, that feels soooo good, babe. Thanks for doing this”. They kissed passionately, a kiss broken only when Michelle said, “Danny, are you still playing with my leg? I can’t tell…can’t feel anything from my waist down…..nothing……and no, I can’t feel¬†that¬†either,” she said, blushing a bit herself. In between kisses, Danny replied, “Ohhhh yeah, babe, I’m all over your legs, so silky soft, sooooo sexy….more so to me than I remember. I’ll admit, there is something really erotic about you not being able to feel my touch, and me being able to move your legs so freely with no resistance at all. Don’t ask me why that’s such a huge¬†turn on. I have no idea, but it definitely is!”

“Whooops!” exclaimed Michelle, “You’re oozing pre-cum. You¬†are¬†turned on!”

“Geez,” Danny said breathlessly, “Ya think?! Truth is, you’ve always lit me up, and because I’m a devotee of paraplegics, anything to do with your paralysis can only enhance and intensify¬†that.”

“Oh, Danny, please understand how hard this is for me to grasp, but we have to explore it!” said Michelle enthusiastically.

“Believe me, I’d love to, babe,” Danny replied eagerly. “So tell me,¬†what is this about you wanting us to share everything?”

In her mind, Michelle was putting all this together on the fly, but she spoke confidently. “Well, let me cut to the chase on that. I am totally intrigued with this devotee part of you, and I can tell you can’t get enough of your ‘paraplegic princess’.”

Danny laughed, “Hey, I like that. You¬†are¬†my paraplegic princess, and it’s true, I can’t get enough of you, and I have so many questions about your life since the accident, and I am sure you have endless questions about your¬†‘devotee Danny’.”

“Cute!” said Michelle as she giggled at the ‘devotee Danny’ comment¬†and continued pleasuring his penis as he kept caressing her legs. “Yep! Sure do.¬†I want to know everything about your attraction, your fetish, or whatever it is.¬†So, with that in mind, how about we decide to be completely open with each other, exploring together anything and everything relating to my paralysis and your devoteeism. Everything’s fair game, and nothings off limits. We can feel free to ask anything and to do anything, for each other, to each other, and with each other. ¬†Danny, I want to make you feel good and guilt free¬†about being a devotee, and I desperately want you to make me feel good about being as crippled as I am now.¬†¬†I can’t change my physical situation”. Danny interrupted Michelle with a kiss and said, ”¬†And I know I can’t get rid of the devotee part of me. Who knows, we just may learn how good it can be when a devotee and a paraplegic connect!”