Part 22

Note From Ruth

How Good It Can Be – Part 22

Devotee Danny’s relationship with his Paraplegic Princess, Michelle was about to get hotter and steamier than it had ever been, and all thanks to the worst thing that could have happened. They’d been so wrapped up in each other that she’d forgotten to keep on schedule and pee every four hours, by sliding a thin catheter inside her and draining her bladder, which like everything else below her belly button was completely and permanently paralyzed. Consequently, without any knowledge or control, Michelle had peed all over Danny, just as he was eating her paralyzed pussy while they were doing 69 in bed. It was mortifying for Michelle and a gross out for Danny, even though the devotee in him was turned on anytime Michelle’s paralysis came into play, and, amazingly, this incident was no exception. Dripping with her pee all over him, Danny reassured Michelle that it would not hurt their relationship, but Michelle was soaked, too and they both agreed the lovin’ would have to wait until thy showered and got cleaned up.

¬† ¬†Danny was about to scoop up Michelle in his strong arms¬†and either put her in her wheelchair or carry her to the shower down the hall in her house, when Michelle waved him off. “You’ll get even more pee on you doing it that way, babe, and I really don’t want my pee¬†all over my chair.¬†How about a piggy back instead? Danny remembered an online video of a guy giving his paraplegic girlfriend a piggy back and he thought it was so sexy the way she had her arms around his neck from behind, and how her helpless lower legs and feet hung and swung this way and that. However, the video never showed how the piggy back began. “Honey, I’m all for it, but how do we get started?”, Danny inquired. “Well”, Michelle said, “My brother gives me piggy backs all the time. Can you just help me sit up on a dry part of the bed with my legs over the edge? That’ll make it easy. Then, you can just¬†walk us down the hall to the bathroom and set me on the special seat in the shower and come in with me.”

Danny was game, and helped her get where she wanted to go. He watched as she used her hands to spread her thighs as wide apart as she could, and invited Danny to sit in the space she’d just created with his back to her. Danny felt Michelle’s hands sweep up his back and around his neck before she clasped them together. “Now, just reach your¬†arms back a bit, slide your¬†hands under my thighs, until they’re under your forearms. Then, just stand up and I’ll come with you.” Danny followed Michelle’s instructions to the letter and it all worked perfectly. In seconds¬†he was walking toward the shower with his precious Michelle clinging to him from behind. Danny found himself especially aware of¬†four things at this point. Michelle’s arms around his neck, almost choking him.¬†Her voluptuous breasts squished against his back, and most of all, the backs of her soft atrophied thighs draped over his forearms, while her lifeless lower legs and feet swung like pendulums with the motion of his steps.

¬† ¬†When they entered the bathroom, Danny could see the shower chair positioned in the bath tub.¬†Speaking quietly in his ear, Michelle said, “Now, just step into the tub, bend your knees and set me down on the shower chair. That’s all there is to it, Danny, and by the way, thanks for the ride. It was lovely. Hmmmm, in order to make room for you, I need you to grab the back of the shower chair and pull it a foot or two toward the back of the tub. Then, because the controls will be out of my reach, maybe you can turn on the water and find the right temperature.” Danny moved Michelle, turned on the water, quickly found the right balance of hot and cold, then turned toward her. Even with them smelling of her pee, the sight of her seated naked before him was off the charts sexy to Danny. He could see the blood surging into his penis and feel his erection taking shape as though air was being blown into a child’s balloon. Michelle, unable to stand, had an eye-level view of his cock as it grew from nothing to fully engorged in seconds. How she loved the power she had over her precious Danny.

Putting one hand on her knee to keep her from jack-knifing forward due to her paralysis and lack of balance, Michelle extended her other arm forward, taking hold of his cock and fondling and stroking it as Danny moved closer and moaned in ecstasy. That enabled Michelle to push off with the hand on her knee, sit up straight and reach for the big container of body lotion. “Ohhh Danny, my love.”, Michelle sighed deeply as she pulled off him. “I can never get enough of watching him grow and then swallowing him whole. It’s like I’m obsessed with him and how he reacts to me, almost as much as you’re obsessed with everything about my paralysis, especially my dead legs and feet.” As the water cascaded onto them, Danny bent down to give Michelle a sweet kiss, and said, “Don’t forget your paralyzed pussy. I’m obsessed with her, too. Can never get enough of her. And speaking of that, let’s get her, and the rest of us all squeaky clean, shall we?”

¬† ¬†Danny dropped to his knees, as Michelle took the body lotion, and pumped several big white gobs into Danny’s cupped hands. Then Danny took the lotion and did the same for Michelle.¬† Smiling dreamily, they proceeded to slather the lotion all over each other’s glistening bodies. “Danny, pull the shower head¬†off the hook and we can use it to have fun soaping each other up and rinsing each other off.” Of course, mission #1 was getting the pee off them from when Michelle’s over full bladder had accidentally emptied on them as they were doing 69 in bed. Using her hands, Michelle grabbed one leg, then the other, spread them wide and held them, while Danny¬†took the shower head and doused that part of her thoroughly. Michelle smiled and said,

“Honey, if I don’t hold onto my limp legs, they’ll just flop back together. Would you mind lotioning me up down there?” Danny’s reply came instantly. “Mind?! I was going out of my mind just thinking about doing that for you, babe!”¬† Setting the shower wand down in the tub, Danny squirted more body lotion into his hands, and then rubbed it onto Michelle shaven pussy and up, down and around her sexy thighs.

¬† ¬†“Babe, please describe for me what it’s like for you. We haven’t showered together since we got together after your accident. I have to believe it’s different for you in lots of ways.” Michelle gave a little chuckle and said. “Different for sure, and the first time I ever showered as a paraplegic it was positively strange, and frightening in a way. I’m pretty much used to it now, darling, but think about this: I can’t feel the water from the shower head hitting my legs. Can’t even feel that it’s wet. Can’t feel whether it’s hot or cold. You could change the temperature of the water now, and I’d never be able to tell the difference. Able-bodied people never experience any of that, and most have no idea that’s what it’s like for me in the shower or when I take a bath. And another thing is balance. As you’ve come to know mine’s pretty shaky in certain situations and never more so in the shower. It’s so wet and slippery that if I’m not careful, I can slide right off this shower chair and make a hard landing on the porcelain. Generally I want to be leaning against something or holding onto something whenever possible to keep my balance, but it’s hard to do that in the shower when I sometimes need one hand to move my leg and the other to work the soap.”

All of this was an erotic overload for Danny. He loved learning new things about Michelle’s life as a T-10 complete paraplegic. He also loved sliding his soapy, slippery hands all over her lower body. He gently, lovingly parted the lips of her pussy and cleaned her up, even slipping his longest two fingers inside her as far as they would go. Then, Danny gave her a thorough rinse. But as sexy as that was, it didn’t turn him as much as soaping up her amazing legs. Michelle let Danny have his way with her legs and feet, while she busied herself lotioning Danny’s cock and balls, along with his legs and feet, and the rest of his body as far up as she could reach from a sitting position.

¬† ¬†“Ummmm, feels so good, babe.” Danny said softly. “But let me tell¬†you about your legs and how they feel to me.” Michelle listened and gazed intently, watching Danny’s glistening hands glide up, down and around her thighs. “How do I describe these thighs of your, babe? Guess I’d say they’re soft and rubbery….squishy’s a good word.” Michelle smiled as she watched Danny’s hands and fingers knead her thigh like it was bread dough. She kept one hand on the frame of the shower chair for balance, the other on Danny glistening, rock hard erection for pleasure, his and hers. “And my knees? How would you describe them?” Danny slid his soapy hands down Michelle’s thigh. “Hmmmm, I love your knees, babe. And one of the things I love, which applies to the full length of your legs, really. is that how they look depends a lot on what position they’re in. When your legs are in a seated position like now, your knees don’t have much definition to them, just soft and round. But let me reach down, grab your ankle and straighten out your leg. See the difference, babe? You’ve been a paraplegic for three years now, and the atrophy in your thighs and calves makes your knee joint more prominent in this position. Your knee is actually bigger than your thigh and calf on either side of it. Maybe it’s just the devotee in me, but honestly, that look is beautiful and sexy to me.”

Michelle shook her head, still trying to fully comprehend how any guy could look at the limp, skinny leg stretched out before her, and find it attractive, much less sexy. She released her hand from Danny’s cock and began gently caressing and fondling his balls as they were held tight in¬†the sack. Her lover moaned softly and began describing Michelle’s¬†thin, paralyzed calves for her.¬†“You know, babe. I think your calves have changed the most. I noticed that right away when we first met again after your accident. They used to be very curvy and full. That first day you greeted me at your place in that short dress, sitting in your wheelchair, I couldn’t help but see how your calves were so slender and basically ran straight down from your knees to your feet with hardly any curve or contour.” Danny still had Michelle by the ankle, holding her lifeless leg out straight,¬†as they looked and talked through the steam filled shower. “In this position, the bones in your lower leg show some. Your skin reveals the shape of your shin bone in a way you never see in an able-bodied woman’s leg.” Danny took his other hand and let it slide up and down Michelle’s thin, unfeeling shin, before sliding around behind her lower leg. Michelle continued with the subtle hand job she was giving Danny. She knew he loved it, and it helped her gauge his desire as he focused on her crippled leg. “Now, with me holding your leg out straight and parallel to the floor, what remains of your calf muscle just¬†lays tantalizingly in my palm¬†and has that soft, rubbery, sexy¬†feel of your thighs. But, I only have to press a little with my fingertips, like I’m doing now, and I run into your bones. That’s sexy, too, although trying to think objectively, I don’t know why boney calves should be sexy.”

¬† ¬†Michelle gave a little laugh. “Neither do I, sweetheart, neither do I. Well, we’ve worked our way down to my paralyzed feet. Any thoughts on them, babe?” Danny didn’t hesitate. “Thoughts? Heck, I think about your feet all the time. Before you became a paraplegic, I was never as into women’s feet the way I’m into women’s legs. All that’s changed now.” Danny cradled and caressed¬†Michelle’s foot in his glistening hands, as the shower cascaded over their bodies. “Devotee or not, I don’t think anyone could argue that your feet aren’t incredibly beautiful now.” Danny kept playing with Michelle’s lifeless foot as it lay limply in his hands. “Your feet are so amazingly soft all over. No callouses or rough skin from walking, or from friction with your shoes. Oh, my darling, your feet are so delicate looking, so feminine, and so sexy to me.” Michelle watched Danny play and explore, flexing her foot this way and that….bringing her foot to his lips and sucking provocatively on each slender toe as he riveted his piercing eyes to Michelle’s eyes. “Finally, Danny brought Michelle’s foot back down and laid it in his lap. “There’s only one thing I don’t like about your beautiful paralyzed feet, babe.” Michelle tilted her head slightly to one side¬†and a concerned expression came over her face as she wondered what Danny could be talking about. “Here’s the problem”, he continued, letting his fingertips dance back and forth along the bottom of Michelle’s foot. “Your feet are tickle proof ! If I did this before your accident, you’d be going out of your mind, begging for mercy and laughing hysterically.” They both laughed at Danny’s comment, as they¬†watched Michelle’s foot offer no reaction whatsoever to Danny’s playful attempt at tickling. “Hmmmmm”, said Michelle”. “I guess there are some advantages to being a T-10 complete paraplegic. Fact is, my entire lower half is tickle proof¬†now, and always will be.” Danny placed Michelle’s foot gently on the shower floor and¬†embraced her lovingly. “You’re right”, he said as they kissed. “Your paralysis has taken away one of my favorite weapons, but you’re still ticklish up¬†here!” Danny shot his hands under Michelle’s arm pits and started tickling her wildly. Michelle laughed out loud, and her upper body squirmed as she begged him to stop, which he did, after taking sweet advantage for a few playful seconds.

Changing the subject, Michelle said, “Oh, I know what we forgot. I need to shave my legs, so they’re as silky soft and creamy as they can be for you to enjoy. Ever seen a paraplegic shave her legs?” Danny barely hesitated. “Only in an online video, but never in real life. Remember, you’re my first paraplegic”, he said, smiling down into Michelle’s pretty eyes. “Well, here’s how I do it in the shower.” And with that, Michelle grabbed one of her legs just below her knee, learned back and lifted her leg straight up over her head, just a little beyond vertical. Danny watched wide-eyed as he saw Michelle’s incredible flexibility on display. Few able bodied people could get in that position, but it was easy for Michelle thanks to all the stretching exercises she did daily to keep her paralyzed muscles, tendons and ligaments pliable. It looked painful to Danny, but lower body pain was now unknown to Michelle. She felt nothing at all from her bellybutton down to her toes.

“Here’s where you can help, Danny. Grab the soap and lather up my leg for me.” She knew Danny would be in heaven doing that, and indeed, he was. Michelle reached for her razor and began dragging it from her upper thigh to her knee in long, slow strokes. Then she’d rinse the razor by holding it out into the spray from the shower head and repeat the motion right next to the freshly shaven strip. It was like she was an artist painting her creation.¬† Danny stood mesmerized watching Michelle work her way around to the back of her thigh. She then handed him the razor, and asked Danny to do the back of her thigh, which was always harder to reach. Having gone to school watching Michelle, Danny repeated her long, slow razor strokes, from where her thigh met her butt, and on up to the back of her knee. “Well done sir. How’s it feel back there?” Danny opened his palm and let his hand slide lightly up and down the back of Michelle’s thigh. Smiling dreamily, he said, “Ooooh, babe. Between the softness from the shave and the softness from the paralysis, I’ve never felt anything sexier in my life!”

Michelle handed Danny her leg, still in the vertical position, and enveloped her thigh with her hands and felt what he’d been feeling. No doubt about it. She could feel with her hands that her leg was as silky soft as it could possibly be, but because her leg couldn’t feel back, it was like she was fondling another woman’s newly shaven leg. In a way, it seemed to Michelle as though there were three people in the shower. Danny, her, and her paralyzed lower half. She lingered over that strange, and somewhat disturbing thought while she and Danny¬†shaved her other upper leg. Then, with her legs back down in a sitting position, Michelle asked Danny to grab her ankle, lift up her leg and lay her ankle on her opposite knee. With her lower leg parallel to the floor and close by, Michelle gave it a quick shave and then let Danny do her other calf.

All this paralyzed leg play had Devotee Danny completely out of control with desire. “Darling, I know we still have 69 planned for bed, but I can see¬†you really need some relief¬†now. Bring him to me, please. Straddle my legs and the shower chair with your feet. Let’s both pretend my mouth is my vagina. This way I’ll be able to feel you in me, instead of imagining it. I also want to experiment with moving my head so it simulates a normal woman’s hip movements. And, I’m going to try sucking you in a way that simulates how my pussy used to squeeze you before I was paralyzed. I want you to close your eyes, and see if it comes close to what it used to be like for you when we made love before¬†my accident. And, when it’s time for you to go off, let me have it, and let me have it all, okay? It’s what I want. It’s what I need, and I think you’ll love it, too.”

¬† ¬†Danny didn’t speak a word, but straddled Michelle, bent down to give her a long, slow, passionate kiss, before straightening up, placing his hands on her shoulders and feeling her lock onto the swollen, spongy tip of his cock. Danny pressed his hips forward and felt Michelle slowly take him in, inch by inch. She concentrated on sucking gently so the sides of her mouth closed around Danny’s shaft the way she used to feel her vagina do. On one level, it was pure pleasure for Michelle, but she suddenly realized she really could no longer remember what it felt like to have a man’s penis thrusting inside her vagina. All she knew was this was the closest she could get to feeling Danny make love to her, and it felt good, very good. Michelle created vivid mental images of Danny on top of her when she could walk, and tried to move her head around as though she were swirling her hips and thrusting against his thrusts. She felt herself getting incredibly turned on as Danny picked up the pace with his thrusts. She started feeling herself up, toying with her fully erect nipples and fondling her firm, full breasts with her hands. She could hear Danny panting and moaning as¬†he drove¬†his cock to the back of her throat. Faster, FASTER now! Deeper, DEEPER! Suddenly, Danny exploded in Michelle’s mouth. “Oh, my God!”, she thought!. “How I miss being able to feel this in my pussy. Danny’s cock thrusting like a piston, the semen rocketing from his tip, the slippery white gobs of his love juices hitting the back of my throat, as I swallow it down as fast as I can!”

It was over too soon, and the two lovers lingered in the shower before Danny wrapped his precious Michelle in a huge, soft warm towel, scooped her up in his arms, walked her back to the bedroom and laid her down gently on her back. It was several minutes before either could speak. Finally, Michelle said, “So, my darling, did you enjoy our trip to the shower? And tell me, how was it for you when I tried to simulate what it was like when you were inside me before I lost all feeling and movement in my lower body.” Danny took a deep breath and sighed. “Well, you know it was off the charts sexy to shower together, and you gave me the huge release I needed there at the end. Thanks for doing that. But as for the comparison between making love to you then, verses now, I’ve got some thoughts on that you may find interesting, and maybe a little surprising.”

To be continued in Part 23 of “How Good It Can Be”