Part 23

Note From Ruth
How Good It Can Be – Part 23

Following their passion-filled session in the shower, Michelle and Danny were all squeaky clean and settling down for a nice nap together. When Danny had carried Michelle to the bed, he’d laid her down on her back. Now though, they’d decided to fall asleep cuddling each other face to face. While Danny quickly turned over on his side, as a T-10 complete paraplegic, it wasn’t so simple for Michelle. He watched with a devotee’s fascination as she pushed herself up into a sitting position with her hands and arms. Placing a hand behind her knee, she lifted one paralyzed leg up and crossed it over the other. Then, she turned her upper body toward Danny and laid halfway back, propping herself up on one elbow. With her free hand, Michelle grabbed one leg and then the other, arranging them as though she were arranging furniture.

Danny gave a little laugh. “What? What’s that laugh for?”, Michelle said with a smile as she kept fiddling with her limp legs, trying to get them positioned the way she wanted for their nap. “It’s amazing to watch you, babe. When you work with your legs, it’s kinda like you’re positioning inanimate objects instead of parts of yourself!” Michelle glanced his way, saying, “Actually that’s a good description of what it’s like for me, honey. When you’re a complete paraplegic like I am, it’s like your lower body isn’t part of the rest of you. To me, my legs are like any other inanimate object that might be lying on the bed. If I want to move the objects, I pick them up with my hands, place them where I want and they stay there until I move them again.”

Satisfied she had her legs in perfect position, Michelle lowered herself down on her side facing Danny, with her voluptuous breasts pressing against his chest. They lavished each other with little kisses that dissolved into one seemingly endless French kiss. Michelle guided one of Danny’s hands to her breasts and he began to feel her up, ever so gently and lovingly, paying special attention to her pinkish brown nipples. Michelle felt his other hand swirl around her tummy and then head south toward her hip before it seemed to totally disappear. It hadn’t, of course. Danny had just crossed over Michelle’s paralysis line and she could no longer feel his touch. His hand rested lightly on her hip, before sliding around behind to feel her soft, almost flabby butt cheeks. How Danny loved the feel of Michelle’s atrophied muscles and the almost indescribable softness of her unfeeling flesh. She looked down to see Danny’s hand leaving her butt and spoke up as she saw him exploring the contours of her thigh. “Here, let me move that inanimate object for you, sweetheart.” Michelle took a firm grip on her thigh, lifting her paralyzed leg and casually tossing it over Danny’s hip as though it were the leg of a large stuffed animal. He felt her leg’s dead weight¬†as it made contact with his skin, then, in a heartbeat, became motionless. “Is that where you wanted my leg? I can pick it up and throw it anywhere you want it. Just say the word.” Danny was so¬†totally focused on all Michelle had been doing, it took him several seconds to respond. “Yes, dear, that’ll do nicely.”

Michelle flashed him a devilish smile as they snuggled closer. “Now, what about¬†this¬†inanimate object?” she said as she slid her fingers around his limp, lifeless penis. “Oh, my! Did I kill him in the shower? He feels as dead as my leg!” They playfully threw their arms around each other, kissing more deeply than ever. “Yeah, he’s pretty dead, thanks to you, babe. But, unlike your legs, he’ll be coming back to life any time now!” They had both grown to enjoy how liberating it was to be able to say anything to each other knowing no offense would be taken.

As they held each other tight and drank in their boundless love, Danny spoke between kisses. “Honey, you asked how well you did in the shower, trying to simulate what it was like making love to me before you were paralyzed. Obviously, it was a huge turn on, as evidenced by that mega-orgasm you gave me. It was incredible how you used your mouth to squeeze me like your pussy used to be able to do. And your head movements really did resemble your old hip movements to a surprising degree.” Michelle was beaming. “That’s exactly what I was trying to do, Danny! I felt that was as close as I could come to giving you back the experience of having sex with me before the accident. To be totally honest, there’s a part of me that still worries you’ll grow tired of making love to me and my¬†dead pussy, motionless hips, and¬†lifeless legs and feet.”

Danny rocked Michelle gently side to side before looking directly into her sparkling blue eyes. “Honey, I want you to put that thought out of head here and now, and forevermore. I loved what you did in the shower, and you can keep that in your sexual arsenal. But absolutely nothing compares to making love to you just the way you are. I loved you before the accident, but since then you’ve become¬†this devotee’s absolute dream. Nothing is more exciting and erotic to me than experiencing your paralyzed pussy, your motionless hips and¬†your silky soft, limp, lifeless, unfeeling legs and feet. I simply crave seeing, feeling and loving you exactly the way you are.”

Michelle took a deep breath and slowly exhaled. “Wow! This whole devotee thing is still¬†overwhelming to me, Danny. How can it be that half my body is dead to me, yet so alive to you. You could have any woman you want. You had me when I could walk, when I had the classically shaped legs of a cheerleader or a model. In my mind, I¬†can’t compare to that any more. Yet in your mind, the way I was, can’t compare to the way I am now, in terms of my beauty and desirability. I look down at my limp, skinny legs, and I see “ugly”. You look at my limp, skinny legs and you see “sexy”. How can that possibly be?!!”¬† Danny had no answer, but what he did know was that he was being totally truthful with everything he was saying to Michelle. “Guess I just consider this devotee thing, this kink in my sexuality, to be a mystery we’ll never fully solve, but something that, if we fully embrace it instead of trying to over analyze it, is something that adds a little extra glue to our relationship.”

Michelle sighed and smiled. “I think that’s¬†the right way to look at it, Danny. In fact, I think it’s the only way. How about we enjoy¬†a little snooze and then maybe take another shot at some 69 action with you using the vibrator on me? If you’ll do that, I’ll try not to pee on you this time. Deal?” “Deal”, said Danny, as they drifted off to dreamland in each other’s arms.

To be continued in Part 24 of “How Good It Can Be”