Part 3

How Good It Can Be – Part 3

¬†¬† “Know what’s the first thing that needs to happen?”, said a totally enthralled and aroused Danny? “No, what??” replied Michelle, even though she pretty much¬†knew the answer. “You need to finish me off before I explode!”, Danny said.¬†Recalling how she used to enjoy doing this when they were lovers before her paralyzing accident, without hesitation Michelle said, “Happy to take care of that for you, Danny. A few strokes and…” Danny interrupted, ”¬†Uh, babe, you said we could be totally open with each other, right?”¬† “Yep” she replied. “That’s the way it needs to be.” Danny smiled as he said, “Well, then, may I make a special request of my favorite paraplegic? Don’t finish me with your hand, finish me with your feet.”

¬†¬†That surprising¬†request put a quizzical expression on Michelle’s face.¬†“Hmmm, now how am I supposed to do that, Danny? They’re paralyzed. They’re not going to be able to do anything, silly.”¬†But Danny had that base covered as he continued. “Well,¬†don’t be so sure. Would you let your favorite devotee try something I’ve fantasized about for the longest time?”¬† Nodding affirmatively, Michelle said, “Sure, I’m game. So what do¬†we do?” “Well, said Danny, “First, I’ve read that a para’s feet are super soft.” “Oh yeah”, replied Michelle. At least mine sure are. In fact, the first time my sister put lotion on my feet after the accident, she told me they were as soft as a kitten’s paw.” That made Danny’s heart race as he said excitedly, “Okay then, quick, while I’m still rock hard for you, let’s sit up on the couch facing each other”. “Quick?!”, laughed Michelle. “You’ll find I don’t do anything quickly any more, but happy to oblige.”

¬†¬† Danny moved¬†swiftly into position, and watched as Michelle pulled herself up slowly, then struggled to keep her balance as she used her hands to drag her lifeless legs around. God, he thought, as his arousal grew, she is so sexy, so beautiful to watch. Then Danny said, “Okay, okay, if we’re going to be totally open, you need to know what I’m thinking right now. You sure you really want me to be totally out of the closet with the devotee thing,¬†babe?” “Yes, I’m sure. Talk to me, Danny. I will tell you anything about my paralysis, and I want to know everything you think and feel as a devotee! We’re on a mission to explore it all and see where it leads us!” said Michelle¬†enthusiastically.

¬†¬† “Okay, babe, here’s the deal. Don’t ask me why”, Danny¬†confessed, “but something as simple and routine to you as sitting up and maneuvering your legs with your hands, is not, and I suspect never¬†will never be, simple and routine for me. Everything about watching you¬†a moment ago, struggling¬†to¬†sit up and keep your balance and work with your legs is mesmerizing.¬†Through my eyes, the way you look and move is beautiful. It’s poetry in motion!” “Reeeeally?!”, exclaimed Michelle.¬†“That’s amazing¬†Danny.¬†You know, most people¬†just see me gliding around¬†in my wheelchair, and I get comments about how graceful and effortless it looks.¬†But I’ll tell you, moving when I’m not in my chair is such an effort. I’m lugging around half a body’s worth of dead weight all the time, and it can be exhausting. And that’s made all the harder by the fact that I can’t feel the dead weight, but have to account for it on transfers, etc.¬† It’s so easy to lose my balance, because unless I have visual contact,¬†I have no sense of where anything is below my injury line. Danny, if you’re with me for any length of time, I guarantee you’ll see me fall during a transfer, or pitch out of my chair and onto the floor, just because I leaned a little too far forward. Then, when I’m on the ground I have to pull myself along like a seal does until I can get¬†back to my wheelchair. Nothing makes me look or feel more helpless than that. And as for transferring back up into my chair, Danny, that’s so hard, and it took me a full year to get strong enough to do it.”

¬†¬† Danny focused on Michelle’s every word, in part because he cared about her so much, but also because the one aspect of his devoteeism that left him more emotionally conflicted than any other was how turned on he got by images of a paraplegic struggling. That was ground zero for his pleasure, and his guilt. Adrenalin was coursing through his veins as¬†Michelle went on, “I¬†don’t like anyone to see¬†me transfer, much less see what I go through trying to get dressed and undressed. It all makes me look so awkward, so crippled. Then, there’s the bathroom routine, which might even gross¬†you¬†out, Danny!” ¬†He jumped in, “You mean the cathing, the bowel program…the accidents? Well, I’ve read a lot about such things and have no doubt¬†they’re the worst part of being paralyzed. I’m sure it won’t be a turn off, babe. It’s just the way it is for you now, and we’ll deal with it, together. No need to hide anything from me. I want to be in on this stuff, and I want to be there to help you whenever and however¬†you need it. And when we’re feeling sexy, you’ll find you¬†can own me just by playing up your paralysis and showcasing your struggles and even your helplessness. I think you’ll be amazed at how I react sexually¬†when you just talk to me about being paralyzed, what it’s like for you not to be able to move or feel half your body. It’s all interesting and erotic to me babe, and it gives you a deck full of trump cards you can play any time you want get my attention and push my hot buttons! Now, speaking of excitement and hot buttons, this conversation, watching you move and having your sexy legs on full display have me on the brink! Can we finish the job?” Michelle replied, “Oh yes, let’s!¬† I’m just going to sit and watch. It’s your show, Danny!”

¬†¬† And with that, Danny scooched forward to get closer to Michelle, then smiled into her eyes as he reached out and took her limp, paralyzed feet in his hands. He paused a moment to play a bit, marveling at how they dangled and flopped enticingly. He raised one of her legs off the couch so he could bring her foot to his lips where he lavished her instep with loving little kisses, and sucked slowly on each one of her toes, glancing up to see Michelle totally riveted to all she was seeing, scarcely able to believe, and totally, frustratingly unable to feel. Then as he curled the bottoms of her feet around the pulsating shaft of his fully erect penis, he remarked on how they were, indeed, soft as a kitten’s paw, and softer than any feet he’d ever felt in his life. Michelle¬†continued watching¬†intently, with a half smile, half smirk on her face as Danny began to stroke his shaft with her feet…up and down….up and down, varying the pace and pressure for his maximum pleasure.

   How strange, Michelle thought, to not be able to feel what Danny was doing. How strange to have no control. How strange that her completely paralyzed feet and legs could have such sexual power and control over Danny. How wonderful to see her Danny moaning, sighing and getting such pleasure, and to suddenly realize she was getting turned on, that her breasts were now tingling, her nipples getting erect and demanding attention. Needing one hand to hold her balance, Michelle worked to undo and remove her bra, and finally managed to get it done. Unbuttoning her blouse with the adept fingers of one hand, she set her firm supple breasts free and began to feel and fondle them while Danny took himself to the brink of orgasm using only her feet.

¬†¬† With both of them swooning in ecstasy, Michelle suddenly said breathlessly, “Danny, stop a second, please.” “Stop?”, he replied. “Why in the world would you want me to stop?” “Because I want to try doing you.” And with that, a curious expression crossed Danny’s face. As he released his hands from her feet they fell away from his shaft and laid motionless on the bed. Michelle said, “My darling Danny, watch this. And with that, she leaned forward slightly and jackknifed from the waist, stopping her forward plunge by grabbing her ankles with her hands, her paralyzed legs straight out in front of her. “Whoa!”, remarked Danny, “That was some move! I don’t remember you being that flexible, babe.” Oh, I wasn’t, but the paralysis has taken away most of my muscle tone and all of my control but left me totally flexible from the waist down. I can easily get into positions, like this, that would have been uncomfortable or impossible before.” Danny couldn’t help but have his mind race to the future possibilities that might open up.

¬†¬† Michelle took hold of her feet with her hands and curled them around his¬†erection just as he had done with them moments before. Her magnificent breasts were squished down into her knees, her long blonde hair cascaded over his midsection and her lips were tantalizingly close to his manhood, which had never wavered and stood tall, the skin stretched to the max along its length, the spongy tip¬†a reddish hue. There were so many highly erotic images appearing before him¬†all at once that Danny felt as though his body and his brain were on overload to a degree he’d never experienced in his life. The most compelling image of course was the sight of Michelle pleasuring him with the velvety soft bottoms of her paralyzed feet, supplying all the motion with her hands.

¬†¬† Michelle then upped the ante as she stuck out her tongue and started licking the underside of his penis, up and down from base to tip. Danny’s sighs and moans grew more audible, but suddenly he cried out, “Ouch!” Michelle stopped everything. “What happened, hon? What’d I do?”¬† “Your feet squeezed him super hard and it hurt!” “Oh my God, I am so sorry! This is a little more complicated than I expected. With no feeling in my feet it’s very hard for me to know how much pressure I’m applying.” Danny smiled and said, “Then we’ll just have to practice in the future.” To which Michelle replied, “Hey, works for me!”,¬†and then¬†focused all her¬†attention on his penis, to try and make sure she didn’t hurt him again. As she held her feet around his pulsating shaft and moved them up and down at varying speeds and pressure, Danny’s hips went on auto-pilot, thusting himself between the bottoms of Michelle’s pretty paralyzed feet, faster and harder…FASTER, HARDER! “Ohhhh, Michelle, you’re makin’ me crazy here! Between your incredible boobs crushed against my knees, your hair teasing and tickling me, ¬†and these beautiful, sexy feet of yours…..Ohhhh..just can’t hold it….here we go!!!”

¬†¬† And with that, Danny’s hips started convulsing¬†and milky white semen¬†began rocketing from his tip, shooting and splashing all over Michelle’s feet and lower legs. She couldn’t feel it, of course, but she was feeling things deep within her heart and soul that left her¬†both stunned and overwhelmed with joy. Look at what she, a complete paraplegic who’d considered herself sexually dead, had been able to do for, and with,¬†her precious Danny! As he finished, his chest heaving in sweet exhaustion, Michelle had one more trump card to play.

¬†¬† She released her feet from her hands and then began to lotion her¬†skin¬†with Danny’s love juices and invited him to join the party.¬†Even totally spent from the colossal orgasm she had just given him, Danny took note of how the devotee in him wasn’t spent at all. It was still totally engrossing and so sexy to caress and play with Michelle’s beautiful limp, lifeless legs and feet.¬†As the lotioning process continued, Michelle said softly, “I’m guessing we have a couple of firsts here, Danny. You’re the first man I’ve coaxed an orgasm from since my accident, and this is absolutely the first time ever that my feet have gotten a guy off!” “Well”, said Danny, “Let me add to that, babe. You’re the first paraplegic I’ve ever been with in the flesh, so obviously you’re the first to take me to orgasm.¬†It was incredible for me, so intense, so satisfying. But I want to know how it was for you. You were working your breasts and nipples¬†pretty good there, so I knew you were getting pleasure, but was anything happening down below?”

¬†¬† Michelle thought for a second, then answered, “Danny, I don’t know. I literally have no connection at all to my lower body. When we used to make love, my pussy would start tingling during our foreplay and she’d be hot, wet and¬†dwanging the whole time. I haven’t been close to an orgasm since the accident and no guy, and no sexual images have been able to make her wet that I’m aware of.” “Well”, Danny said reassuringly, “Don’t worry about that, we’ll make it all work, babe. But let’s see where we are in terms of a starting point. Shall we check her out?” Without pause, Michelle said, “Oh yeah, I’m totally curious, because watching you use my paralyzed feet to get off, and then using them myself to pleasure you, was driving me crazy. My upper body was on fire!¬†¬†Tell you what. Let me push down with my hands to lift my butt off the couch, and you can push my sundress up over my hips and pull my panties down. I know you won’t mind that assignment!”

¬†¬† ¬†Danny did as Michelle requested and for the first time he was able to fully experience and appreciate the paralysis and atrophy in her thighs and hips. There was no firmness, no muscle tone at all and his hands and fingers seemed to sink to her bones with the slightest pressure. Everything about Michelle’s “new” body was beautiful and sexy to him. He lovingly spread Michelle’s lifeless legs for her, then watched as she reached a hand down and started fingering her pussy.

¬†¬† Michelle gasped. “Oh my, she is absolutely soaking wet, Danny! I never felt anything…never do…but you have just performed a miracle! You have broken through my paralysis in a way I never thought possible! You have made the pussy of a complete paraplegic get wet!” Grinning from ear to ear, Danny said, “Ohhhh, babe, how exciting to know I can do that to you!” ¬†“Danny?”, said Michelle, looking first at his spent penis slowly growing as limp as her legs, and then riveting her pretty eyes on his, “Later, when you’ve recovered from your orgasm, I want you to make love to me. Will you?¬† I want you inside me….want to see what it’s like and what’s possible, for both of us. Can we try?”¬† “Oh, babe, there is nothing I want more for us. It’ll be wonderful to see how good it can be!”