Part 9

     Part 9 РHow Good It Can Be

After falling asleep in Danny’s arms, Michelle was slowly emerging from her dreams as the dawn broke.She was already formulating the next part of her five part research project on Danny’s devoteeism and how her paraplegia pushed his sexual hot buttons. It had been incredible to see how he reacted to The Look and then The Feel of her paralyzed lower body. Now, she was about to show him her struggles as a paraplegic in ways he’d never seen before, and maybe never even thought¬†about before. ¬†It would be intriguing and hopefully exciting to see how he responded to The Struggle, but right this minute, Michelle’s focus was on¬†her legs. Where were they? As was often the case, she had no idea. The car wreck had left her a T-10 complete paraplegic with a severed spinal cord. Not only couldn’t she feel her legs or move them, but she had no awareness of them unless she could see them. All she knew as she awakened was that her legs were attached to her, so they had to be somewhere under the covers. As she gazed at Danny sleeping next to her she recalled him pulling up one of her limp, unfeeling legs last night and draping it over his hip shortly before they drifted off to sleep. Sliding a hand under the top sheet, Michelle found her leg, right where Danny had placed it. Michelle smiled. Danny was right. She was like a posable Barbie doll. It turned him on how Michelle’s legs could be placed in any position and just stay there until her hands or his hands¬†moved them again. But Michelle was determined to push the limits of Danny’s devotee attraction to Michelle’s paralysis by openly showing him how helpless she was at times¬†and how frustrating her disability could be.

To help her get the mind set she wanted for Danny when she took him through The Struggle, Michelle decided to do something she used to do constantly¬†when she was first paralyzed.¬†She concentrated her hardest trying to get her leg to move. Her brain was “screaming” orders to her leg, commanding it to move, but as her hand on her thigh confirmed, there was no response, not even a muscle twitch. She recalled how angry she used to get when her legs disobeyed her commands like this.¬†She’d pound her fists on her thighs, grab her useless legs with her hands and toss them about, and more often than not, wind up dissolving in tears of frustration. But, after nearly three years as a paraplegic, there was still plenty of frustration, but anger over her situation¬†had given way to quiet resignation. Truth be told, Michelle now had trouble remembering what it was like to walk or to have her legs move on their own. She wasn’t even sure she knew how to try anymore.¬† But for her next¬†experiment on Danny, Michelle was going to resurrect some of those old daily routines and emotions and see how erotic he found it when she struggled. She was confident she wasn’t risking a relationship buster, because Danny had loved her before her accident, and the devotee in him only made that love stronger and his desire for her more intense. Michelle’s goal with The Struggle was to see if she could find the limits of Danny’s devotee desires, or, if they, like the universe, were boundless. She smiled and chuckled to herself, thinking how Danny thought he understood her paraplegic struggles, but that he really had no idea how crippled and how utterly helpless she could be.

The first thing Michelle needed to do was wake up her slumbering lover. Multiple orgasms triggered by The Look and The Feel portion of Michelle’s devotee research project had left Danny beyond exhaustion, but there was to be no rest for the weary. Michelle knew just how to get this special day started. If her struggles as a paraplegic were to be the focus, it was time to grab a page from those early days recovering in the hospital¬†and give Danny what she knew would be a rude awakening. Michelle rolled her upper body from her side onto her back, planted her fists into the bed, pushed down hard and forced herself up into a sitting position. Her leg that had been draped over Danny’s body all night slid off him and plopped down, causing him to stir.¬†To set the stage for testing Danny’s response to her paraplegic struggles, Michelle started putting on an Academy Award winning performance just for his benefit. Sobbing and sniffling, she started pounding her fists repeatedly on the tops of her unfeeling thighs, watching her flaccid flesh quiver and shake along with the entire bed. In seconds, Danny was awakened by all the commotion, and with a look of shock and concern on his face, asked, “Honey, what on Earth are you doing?!” Crying and shrieking now, Michelle replied, “Oh, Danny, I am so damned sick of being a cripple! All I want to do is get out of bed, walk into the kitchen and make us a pot of coffee. Look at these legs! I’m ordering them to move and they’re totally ignoring me!” And with that she pounded her fists into her thighs even harder as Danny sat up and watched in disbelief. Michelle continued, “Danny, I’m so frustrated right now, but that makes it the perfect time for us to continue with our devotee research project. Danny interrupted, “You mean The Struggle you mentioned to me last night?” Michelle nodded, “Yes, The Struggle. I don’t think you full realize how much of a struggle it is being completely paralyzed from the waist down. So, I want to show you in as many graphic ways as possible¬†just how helpless I can be in certain situations. And, I want you to be totally open and honest with me about how you react to my struggles. You okay with that?”. Danny replied, “Yeah, I’m fine with that, but for cryin’ out loud, would you please stop beating on your legs?! I love these paralyzed legs of yours. They’re so beautiful, so sexy to me, and I don’t want ’em all bruised up!” And with that, Danny spread the fingers wide on both his hands and began gently caressing Michelle’s limp legs, feeling and fondling them, and shifting around so he could drag his rapidly hardening penis over her pillowy soft thighs. Michelle stopped crying and sat mesmerized, as always, by how turned on Danny was by her paralysis and how it had changed her body in ways he genuinely loved. Her earlier experiments on him, The¬†Look and The Feel,¬†had confirmed all that in the most wonderfully erotic ways. ¬†But now, Michelle was determined to change the focus to The Struggle.

“Danny”, she said firmly. “I want you to get out of bed now, take my wheelchair and get it out of my sight. Hide it in another room. Put it in the garage…whatever.” As Danny sprang to his feet, still sporting a full erection from his delicious encounter with Michelle’s legs, he pushed her chair down the hall, hid it in a closet and returned to see that Michelle had maneuvered herself to the side of the bed. What a magnificent sight she was to Danny, sitting there¬†naked with her feet on the carpet, looking for all the world as though she were an able-bodied woman with skinny legs and a strong upper body who could just stand up and walk like everyone else. “Whatcha doin’, babe?”, Danny inquired?” Without hesitation, but with a noticeable air of frustration in her voice, ¬†Michelle said, “Danny, thanks for getting rid of my wheelchair. I’m sick of depending on it to get around. What am I doing, you ask? I’m trying with all my might to stand up and walk, like you can, like everyone can, like I used to be able to.”

A quizzical look came over Danny’s face as he stood watching her from about ten feet away. “You’re trying to stand right now?”, he said. ¬†Michelle continued. “Yes, I don’t think we’ve ever discussed it, but every morning I try and wiggle my toes, and occasionally before transferring into my chair, I sit on the edge of the bed like this, trying to remember what’s involved in standing and walking, and to see if I can figure out how to do it.” Of course with a severed spinal cord, good luck with that. But, I try nevertheless.” Devotee Danny was hanging on every word,¬†and his penis, which¬†had softened and was dangling when he returned from hiding Michelle’s wheelchair, was surging again toward full erection. It was the reaction she’d predicted and the one she wanted. ¬†Michelle took note and interrupted herself, saying, “Oh, babe, looks like he needs some attention. Please¬†bring him to me. Uh, better yet, let me come to you”.

And with that, Michelle leaned forward, purposely failed to brace herself with her hands, jackknifed forward at the waist, pitched off the bed and landed¬†on her stomach on the carpet with her paralyzed legs splayed out all over the place behind her. ¬†Danny stood slackjawed. Michelle’s move had shocked him, but turned him on so much he felt compelled to take his shaft in his left hand and stroke it slowly for relief. He had never before seen Michelle go in seconds from looking so able-bodied to looking so helpless and crippled. That transition he found to be unbelievably erotic, but he had no idea how intense it was about to get.

As Danny looked down, Michelle gathered herself from the fall, did a pushup with her powerful arms, freeing her firm, full breasts to hang tantalizingly. As her long blonde hair cascaded over her muscular shoulders, she looked up with an intentionally sad and pathetic expression as she said to Danny, “Well, looks like the walking thing didn’t work out too well, huh? But I still want you, still want him, and I’m determined to have you both.” Danny instinctively started moving toward Michelle to help her, but she stopped him cold, saying, “No. You stay there. Let me come to you. I can do this, I want you to watch, and I don’t want you to feel guilty. You’re a devotee and I’m totally fine with how my paralysis turns you on. In fact, I love it, as you should know by now.¬†All I want to do here is test whether there are any limits to your ‘paralyzed equals sexy’ equation. By the way, Danny, if you hadn’t already guessed, The Struggle portion of our devotee research project has begun.”

Michelle knew well¬†from her time in rehab that there was no greater struggle for a paraplegic than trying to move without a wheelchair. But, it was something that had to be learned for emergencies. Still in pushup position, Michelle put one hand forward, then the other, dragging herself inch by inch in Danny’s direction. He followed orders to stay put and just watched Michelle using all her upper body strength to pull herself along the floor, much the way a seal moved on land using its flippers. As she moved forward, grunting audibly from the effort required, her paralyzed legs and feet lined up behind her and followed along, ¬†but offered no help at all.

Danny had seen Michelle struggle with things like¬†tough transfers, and wriggling into her panties, skirts and slacks. In addition, for years before they reconnected after her paralyzing accident, he had satisfied his devotee curiosities and desires by watching whatever video clips of paraplegic women¬†he could find online. There were some struggles portrayed there, but nothing like what he was witnessing as his precious Michelle, completely, and gloriously naked, ¬†dragged herself slowly toward him. He was sure it was the most erotic thing he’d ever seen in his life! Michelle kept pouring it on, looking up at him with her puppy dog eyes and sad expression, hoping to add to the power of the images her sweet Danny was seeing¬†of the woman he loved looking so paralyzed and helpless. Suddenly Michelle reached back and grabbed her right thigh with her hand, yanking it out to the side and forward and pounding on it with her fist as she cried out, “Come on legs! Damn it, you’re supposed to help me! God, why won’t you move?! Why can’t you feel?! Look at me, Danny! Your Michelle, a helpless cripple struggling toward you. It’s a far cry from the Michelle who glides around in her wheelchair and makes it look so easy being a paraplegic”. As she turned her head to glance back at her thin, atrophied legs, devoid of all movement, feeling and muscle tone, Michelle continued, “And, an even farther cry from the girl who once bounded around the tennis court with you on the firm, shapely legs of a cheerleader.”

Michelle went on, tightening the erotic and emotional noose on her man. “So tell me, my darling devotee Danny, I know you love me as a paraplegic, but when you watch me struggle like this, is it still a turn on?” It took several seconds before Danny was able to speak, but his reply left no doubt. ” Oh yes, honey, from a strictly sexual standpoint, seeing you struggling like this is the biggest turn on ever!¬† It’s like an extreme version of bondage. Before your accident, we both used to get turned on tying the other up so they couldn’t move, remember?” Michelle nodded as she resumed dragging her lifeless lower body across the floor.”Your paralysis creates a permanent state of bondage, and when you show it off the way you are right now, it presses every devotee hot button I’ve got!”.

As Danny finished speaking, and his penis felt as though it were about to explode, Michelle arrived at his feet and said softly, “Oh, I think there may be another button or two we haven’t found yet, so let’s go looking for them, shall we? Now don’t move. I’m coming for you and I’m coming for him!”. Michelle grabbed Danny’s legs and used her powerful hand, arm and shoulder muscles to pull herself up to a kneeling position. It was a paraplegic trick that took her weeks to learn in rehab and it took all her strength to do it. “Ahhhh”, said Michelle, her ample chest heaving as she gasped for breath, “Just about wheelchair height now, Danny. I know how you love getting blow jobs from the chair, and¬†my struggle will all be worth it if you’ll¬†give me¬†that big ol’ rock hard cock of yours and let me suck you off, right here, right now!”. Supported precariously on her knees by two legs that didn’t work and which she couldn’t feel, Michelle had both hands occupied clinging to Danny’s legs. So Danny guided his cock with his hand and fed his throbbing manhood to his amazing paraplegic princess. Michelle gave the best oral and loved doing it, because she could feel his cock in her mouth, but felt nothing when he was in her paralyzed pussy. Danny moaned as she locked on and started working him from one end of his shaft to the other. Danny felt her breasts slap the front of his thighs as she picked up the pace. He caressed her shiny golden hair as his hips started thrusting reflexively in response to Michelle’s skillful movements. Knowing he was on the brink, Michelle looked up and gave him a little nod that said “Go for it!”. Danny’s hips bucked furiously as he exploded in Michelle’s mouth, filling her to overflowing with the creamy white love juice she craved. Unfortunately, neither of them had noticed that all this movement had caused Michelle’s knees to slide out from underneath her and just as Danny was finishing, she collapsed, pulling him down onto the carpet with her. They were almost giddy and both¬†totally exhausted – he from his orgasm, she from all the effort she’d expended in The Struggle.

Michelle’s heart was glowing as she and Danny held each other on the floor. Research conclusion: Michelle didn’t have to look graceful and perfect in her wheelchair to turn her devote Danny on. His sexual response to her paralysis was even stronger, stronger than she’d ever seen it, when she let him see how disabled, how crippled, how utterly helpless she could be. There was just no limit to how her paralysis could ratchet up his desire for her. If anything might have been a turn off for Danny, it would have been watching her looking so pathetic dragging herself across the floor.¬†What sweet irony, she thought. The very things she’d consciously tried to hide from the world, were the things Danny wanted and needed to see. And it was¬†the half of her body forever beyond her control that gave her complete sexual control over the man she loved. As Michelle drifted toward slumber in Danny’s loving arms, she was already looking forward to the next chapter in her five part research project on devotees and paraplegics. Next up, The Equipment.

To be continued in Part 10 of “How Good It Can Be”