Part Four

How Good It Can Be- Part Four

It’s hard to imagine how Danny and Michelle’s reunion could have gotten off to a better start.

After three years apart, the former lovers had reconnected when Michelle got a job in their old home town.

She phoned Danny, they had a great talk, and she offered to cook dinner for him at her new place. Danny showed up right on time, only to discover Michelle was in a wheelchair now, completely paralyzed from the waist down after a bad car wreck. This was not to be the only big surprise of the evening, as Danny soon confessed that, while he felt terrible about what had happened to her, ¬†he was fine with Michelle’s paralysis – more than fine. In fact, Danny had been carrying a deep, dark secret for years. He was a devotee of spinal cord injured paraplegic women. As a result, he saw Michelle differently than the¬†other men she had dated since her accident. To Danny, she was the picture of grace and beauty in her wheelchair. To Danny, she looked sexier and more desirable than ever. To Danny, her limp atrophied lower body – her legs in particular -held a special allure. Devotee Danny was on fire for his paraplegic princess, and that fire was only temporarily quenched when Michelle took her paralyzed feet in her hands, curled them around Danny’s erection and got him off ! It was the most intense orgasm Danny could remember, and as endorphins washed over him like a tsunami, he drifted into a deep sleep on Michelle’s¬†couch.

When he woke up, Michelle was gone. So was her wheelchair, which made sense as she really couldn’t go anywhere without it. Unfamiliar with Michelle’s new apartment, Danny embarked on a search and quickly came upon Michelle sitting¬†on her¬†bed, propped up by pillows, her chair close at hand. As their eyes met, Michelle flashed a smile and said, “Have a good nap, honey?” Smiling dreamily¬†through sleepy eyes Danny replied, “Oh, yeah, babe. It was the best, thanks to you. You just blew me away with the foot job! So, whatcha doin’ in here?”
“Well”, said Michelle, “Not knowing how long you’d be dozing, I decided to do my stretches and leg exercises, and the bed’s the best place for that. I do them faithfully in order to stay limber and not lose any range of motion. They told me in rehab this had to be part of my regular routine and I’ve stuck to it, even though I get sick and tired of it sometimes. Wanna watch?”
“I’d love to”, said Danny. And with that, Michelle smiled at Danny, then put one hand behind her right calf, the other behind her thigh and lifted her leg straight up over her head.¬†In¬†one way it seemed to be such an athletic move, her leg in a position few able-bodied people could manage, and even then, not without pain from muscles, tendons and ligaments stretched beyond¬†their limits. But a severed spinal cord meant Michelle felt nothing, and her lower body was completely disconnected from her brain – limp and atrophied from three years of disuse. ¬†As Michelle held her paralyzed leg straight up and caressed it to excite Danny, he could see her soft,¬†flaccid thigh quiver and her calf conform to the pressure from her hand.¬†Intense feelings of love and desire were flooding over him, and it continued as Michelle decided to tease – make that torture –¬†Danny, by suddenly letting go of her leg and letting it fall to the bed.¬†It landed, bounced a bit then came to rest bent at the knee, her foot turned awkwardly at the ankle.¬†“I’m glad you woke up when you did Danny. I want¬†you to see what your paraplegic princess can and can’t do.¬†I’m so flexible now, but so crippled”.¬†She remembered how he reacted earlier in the evening, not only to things she did related to her paralysis, but to things she said, and she was purposely trying to stoke his fires using whatever trigger words her devotee Danny might respond to. “Crippled”, a¬†term she had always hated, was one of those words.¬†But when she used it on Danny, it didn’t seem like a terrible word, because she knew¬†he loved her and knew he was a good man with a newly revealed kink in his sexuality which she was determined to fully explore and exploit.

Ever since the accident she had felt sexually ignored or rejected by guys and she was hungry to feel loved, desired, and yes, wanted in an almost animalistic way. As Danny stood by the bed watching her stretch and exercise her legs and quite obviously becoming quickly aroused, time for more hot button trigger words. “Danny, I can see you’re amazed how flexible I am now. Fact is, from the waist down, I’m “helpless”, “lifeless”. I’m your “rag doll”. And with that, Michelle used her hands to¬†raise her other leg into the same vertical position, then flexed it at the knee, up and down repeatedly.

“Just think of it. when we make love you’ll have complete control. You’ll be able to do anything you like with these paralyzed legs, hips and feet of mine.¬†I won’t be able to assist or resist in any way. All my trust will be in you, especially when you’re in me. I wonder what it will be like for you when you slide your penis deep inside my paralyzed¬†vagina. I won’t know. You’ll have to tell me, because I will feel nothing. And my once powerful hips that¬†used to match you thrust for thrust will be motionless no matter how turned on I am, and how active my upper body is. I’ll admit, I worry whether it’ll work for you, whether it’ll be enough for you, making love to your crippled rag doll”.

Danny knew Michelle was working him, going for his devotee hot buttons, but it was so overwhelming he felt dizzy, as though his knees were about to buckle.¬†“Mind if I plop down in your wheelchair? I need to sit, babe. You’re killin’ me with all this!”¬† Michelle smiled and replied, “Be my guest, and tell me, does my chair turn you on? Remember, we’ve made a deal to be totally open with each other about my paralysis and your devoteeism”. “You know, wheelchairs have always fascinated me, and yes, your chair is a turn on, especially when you’re in it!” Danny gripped the rims of Michelle’s big wheels and moved the chair this way and that. But then his attention turned to his precious Michelle and her long, thin paralyzed legs,¬†as she brought the right one back down, then used her hands to arrange both legs straight out in front of her.

All she had on now was her white bra and panties, which set off her deep golden tan, and really showcased the “new” body he loved so much. There was now¬†a muscular thickness to her arms and shoulders which he found so appealing. He could tell right where she was paralyzed at the T-10 level because all muscle definition and tone ended abruptly just above her bellybutton. She had a cute little belly, a¬†“para belly”,¬†right below that line, and then those soft hips, legs and feet. What a body – the living embodiment of every devotee fantasy Danny had ever had.¬†“Hey, babe?”, he said. “Mind if we level the playing field here and I strip down to my underwear?” “I’d love that, and I’ll go you one better. How about you get naked so I can fully¬†enjoy seeing how you react to me”.

Danny popped up from Michelle’s chair, shed every stitch of clothing in about 10 seconds and sat back down with his huge erection pointing up and in her general direction.¬†Michelle smiled her approval and then placed her hands behind her knees, pulled her legs up into a frog-like position, adjusted her feet so they were together, and then pressed down on her knees to continue her stretches, ¬†“I love watching you do that, babe. It’ll never get old.”¬† “Yeah”, she said, “I can tell how much you love it”.

Danny managed a smile, but in reality, he was more than a little embarrassed. This sexual fetish of his was hard enough to keep under control in his devotee fantasy world, but there was no controlling it when Michelle and her paralysis were on display like this. Michelle could sense his discomfort and offered reassuring words. “It’s perfectly okay, hon. I want – I need – to see this. It’s a huge boost for my self confidence, plus it turns me on to know I’m turning you on. Can you tell me why you got so hard just seeing me¬†work with my legs. I mean, we haven’t even touched -yet.”

Danny sighed audibly. “Oh, babe, I’m not sure I have all the answers on that. You know I’ve always been a leg man because you loved how I enjoyed your legs when we were together before you took that job and left town. But for years I’ve been fantasizing about paralyzed legs and being with a paraplegic woman. Now I dont have to fantasize, because I have you!”
Michelle beamed. “But what is it about my legs and my paralysis that is so erotic for you, Danny?”
“Definitely love how soft they are, soft the way your breasts are soft. Because you have to use your hands to move them, it puts extra attention on your legs and that’s a turn on for a leg man like me. But its more than that. There’s an erotic quality to your helplessness. I’ve always thought bondage was sexy, and now as a paraplegic, it’s like half your body is in bondage, unable to move.”
“And, unable to feel either, Danny. That’s a turn on for you, too, isn’t it?”
“You know I would never hurt you for the world, but it’s so sexy knowing you can’t feel me touching you below your waist and that I really have complete freedom and control to do what I please. Also, in the bondage realm, I have always been turned on watching a paraplegic struggle¬†to do¬†things that were once so simple, and seeing her, maybe even helping her accomplish some of these things.¬†¬†Watching you transfer is amazing!¬† So is seeing you struggle to hold your balance. I don’t fully get it with the balance issue. What’s it like, what makes it so hard?”

Danny’s arousal had reached the point where he had to do something or he’d explode. And so he curled his¬†left hand around the shaft of his penis, held it, and stroked it very lightly, very slowly as the two of them continued their conversation. “Ummmm…love seeing you so hard for me. Don’t be embarrassed, just do what you need to do there, but try not to go off. I want you to save that for me”.

Danny nodded affirmatively as Michelle said, “Okay, the balance thing. The problem is, sitting here like this, I have no sense of what I’m sitting on. Can’t feel my butt and my legs touching the bed. All feeling ends just above my bellybutton. It’s like I’m floating in space. I’m okay when there’s support, say from the back of my wheelchair, or a chair or couch back, but sitting up like this I have to rely on seeing where everything is”.
Danny inquired, “What happens if you close your eyes?”
“Okay, watch”. Michelle closed her eyes and within a second or two she started to wobble and lose her balance and tumble over. She quickly opened her eyes and stuck a hand down on the mattress to steady herself. “It’s so strange trying to keep balance when you can’t tell¬†feel anything you’re sitting on.¬†Also, I have no control of any muscles¬†below my injury line, and when I start to topple, my brain wants me to use my stomach and leg muscles to compensate, but the signals stop where my spinal cord is severed and the connection is never made, so I just fall, unless, as you just saw, ¬†I can brace myself with my hand”.

Danny could not recall being any more focused than he was as Michelle described all this. If he could have concentrated like this at school, he would have been an A student!¬† All that Michelle had been saying and showing him also had Danny’s sexual fires raging within him and he knew he was getting close to the brink.

“Babe? If you still want to make love, I think now is the time. I don’t want to push myself on you”. Michelle interrupted him, “Oh my God, yes…YES, I want to……want YOU! Pleeeease…come over here, get in bed with me….hold me, love me, take me! Make me feel like a woman again!! I want this, need this every bit as much as you possibly could”!

In what seemed like one continuous motion, Danny was out of Michelle’s wheelchair and on the bed. As they embraced and began kissing wildly, their tongues fully engaged, Danny reached behind Michelle’s back and unhooked her bra. While she removed it, Danny slid down to remove her panties. As he worked them down her lifeless legs he thought how it was like undressing a doll. She¬†was,indeed,¬†his paraplegic rag doll, and from head to toe, she was just incredibly hot in Danny’s eyes! “Oh, babe, I want our first time to be great for you, but I’m afraid I might not last too long. That was like foreplay for me when you were doing your leg stretches and talking to me about your balance”. “I know, honey. I deliberately did that for you, so if it’s a quickie, I’ll understand and take the blame”.

With a hand on one of her firm, full breasts, Danny started feeling and fondling her and then pulled her over on her side so she was facing him. Michelle’s upper body moved exactly the way it always did, but, of course, her lower body didn’t comply. Danny looked down to see her twisted at the waist and quickly slid a hand under her butt and pulled to get her up on her hip, then gently worked his hand behind her thighs to make sure all of Michelle was facing the right direction. She hadn’t been paying attention to anything except kissing Danny everywhere she could. Suddenly Michelle whispered…”Can you help with my legs and get that part of me on my side, too?”
“I’ve already done it babe”!
“Talk about strange”, said Michelle. “When you touch me down there, unless I can see it, it’s like it’s not happening!”
“Ohhh”, he¬†said, “That’s such a turn on when you tell me that!”
As they hugged and kissed, Danny nuzzled his nose between her breasts and suckled her nipples like a baby. He ran a hand all over her breasts, squeezing, feeling her up, fondling and adoring them, as she held her arms around his back, making him tingle as she lightly swept her fingernails along his skin. Danny’s hand slid down across Michelle’s tummy then around to her side and down below her waist to caress her butt and her thigh. “Danny, that felt so good on my tummy, but where’s your hand now? Please, keep touching me”. “Oh, I’ve never stopped babe. I’m playing with your soft, sexy legs and butt right now, and they feel so good.”

And with that, Danny’s continuous motions brought his hand back up to Michelle’s tummy, causing her to react immediately. “There’s that hand I’ve been missing. Ummm…love the feeling. You know when you go below my injury line, it’s as though you’ve taken your hand away, and when you come back up, it’s as though you’ve put your hand back on me again. It’s kinda weird”.
“It’s just one more erotic mystery to fuel my desire for you, babe. Before I totally lose control, shall we give this a try?”
“Oh yes”, said Michelle breathlessly, “Help me onto my back, please, darling”.

Michelle rolled her upper body while Danny assisted with her legs and got her into position, spread eagle before him. As Danny cupped one hand over each breast, Michelle’s upper half began writhing, her back arching as she reached to pull him down on her. Her legs never moved, not in the slightest, until Danny placed a hand behind each of her thighs and pulled her legs apart and up around him, holding them against his body. As he laid on top of her and they shared such passionate kisses, Danny nibbled on Michelle’s ear, and began whispering a sort of play-by-play of all he was doing where she couldn’t feel. “My hands….holding your legs behind your thighs…holding your legs against me….rubbing your thighs gently against my body” Danny’s description enabled Michelle to mentally fill in the blanks and get turned on by knowing what Danny was doing below her line, and how much he was enjoying her lower body. “My penis, pressing between your legs, looking for a home. Can you help him find one, babe?”

Michelle reached a hand down, taking his steel hard shaft in her hand lovingly….feeling…stroking as Danny moaned and sighed. He released her legs by laying them softly down on the bed, knelt up slightly and while¬†she watched intently, he spread the hot, moist lips of her vagina to see whether she was wet enough to take him in. “I want to make sure I don’t tear you up, babe.”
“How is she, hon? Is she ready?”
“Hmmmm, don’t thinks she’s quite there yet”.
“Not surprising..and it’s not’s just the paralysis. Tell you what…reach over into my nightstand drawer. There’s some lubricant right there you can use on me”.

As Danny grabbed the tube, he spotted something else and suddenly had a brainstorm! In the drawer was a head band, which Michelle had always worn when she was working out. He grabbed that, too, and as he applied the lubricant with one hand, he brandished the head band with the other. “What are you gonna do with that, sexy man?”
“Well, I have an idea. How about I turn and reach¬†behind me¬†here, grab your ankles, and tie them together with the headband. Now, let me use my hands to lift your legs as I lean forward…..and there we are! Your feet are around my back”.
“Yeah, yeah, I see what you’re doing! How cool is this! It’s the same position as when I used to clamp my legs around you, except without the clamping”. Danny noted a tinge of sadness in Michelle’s voice and stepped right in. “Dont think that way! Can’t you tell by now that you’re sexier and more desirable to me now than you ever were before?”
“Have to admit, that’s totally obvious”, said Michelle. “I’ve never seen you pop and hold erections for me like you have tonight and have never felt more wanted in my whole life!”
Danny smiled. “Think of it babe, with your legs tied around me like this, my hands can be free to touch you everywhere, and whenever one of us wants to bring your legs to life during our lovemaking one of us can grab your thighs and do it!”
“Danny, this is amazing from my angle because your body blocks my view of the head band holding my ankles together behind you. It looks like I’ve wrapped my legs around you. And, even though they’re just hanging limply, we both have easy access to them now. Hands free lovin’ comin’ up!”

Michelle reached between her legs, grabbed Danny’s pulsating¬†penis, found her opening, and began feeding him to her warm, wet vagina, inch by inch. As Danny laid on top of her, and¬†they kissed wildly, tongues fully engaged, he grabbed her thighs and started grinding them against his sides as he repeatedly¬†thrust his hips slowly forward until he was fully inside her. Michelle had two¬† fingers making a ring around the base of his shaft, which was the only way she could tell their connection had been made.

“How do I feel, Danny? Tell me what it’s like in there, compared to how it used to be. Don’t worry…I can handle whatever you tell me”. “Well…hmmm..I’d say it’s remarkably similar. You’re warm, wet and smooth. And she’s closed around me gently. Feels so good, like always. Tell you what IS different. Your vagina’s not squeezing me, just holding me. And, of course,¬†no hips thrusts”.
“Oh, is that going to be a problem for you?”
“No, not at all. Remember, I’m a devotee. Everything about your paralysis is sexy to me. I’ve fantasized for so long about what it would be like to make love to a complete paraplegic, and so far, everything about it is better than I ever imagined. Your paralyzed vagina, your unmoving hips, your lifeless legs draped around me like this…it’s all perfect for me. You’re¬†perfect for me, and I want you so much right now!”
“Then take me, Danny, and don’t hold back. No need to be gentle. I won’t break! Love me, “f**k me!!”

Danny released his powerful hips to thrust and drive himself deep inside her like a piston. Faster and harder….FASTER, HARDER!!!¬† Michelle hung onto Danny with her arms around his back and watched with glee as his strong fingers pressed deep into the flesh of her flaccid thighs, as he brought them to life and gave them the motions of love. “Go ahead. You work your legs for us now. Let me feel the rest of you, and devour these incredible breasts I’ve always loved”.

Michelle grabbed hold of her own thighs and began moving them in rhythm with Danny’s thrusts, while rubbing and grinding them against his body. It was all so exciting, but on one level Michelle felt so disabled, so helpless, so crippled. Suddenly, Danny stopped thrusting.¬† “Something wrong, hon?”
“No. Nothing from my standpoint. This is fantastic! But you can’t feel me thrusting inside you, can you?”
“Nope. I can feel vibrations up top from all the motion, but can’t feel your penis. You could have him out and someplace else, and I’d never know the difference”.
“Well, do you want to feel me inside you??”
“What are you talkin’ about Danny? I’m numb from the waist down. You know that. There’s no way I’m going to feel you inside me. I’ve accepted that. Really I have”.
“Well, let’s try this. Slip¬†one finger inside your vagina alongside my penis. Careful with those fingernails of yours!”
Michelle put a hand down between her legs and slowly worked her longest finger, her middle finger, into her vagina until it was as far as it could reach and laying right along side Danny’s shaft. Alright, let’s restart the engine here, shall we.

Danny resumed his hip thrusts, slowly at first then picking up the pace. “Oh my God, Danny! Now I can feel you inside me. Or, at least I have a sense of you going in and out which I didn’t have before, and thought I’d never have again. I just love you for caring so much about me that you come up with these ideas like my finger, and the head band”. Tears of joy streamed down Michelle’s cheeks as Danny pounded away inside her, his loving hands and fingers working her breasts and nipples, while she¬†used her free hand to pull one of her paralyzed¬†legs up¬†and tried to create the most natural motions she could, to¬†synch up with his.

Danny was out of control, living his devotee dream with a woman he genuinely loved, and reaching a level of animalistic desire¬†Michelle had¬†never seen in him before. Faster, harder…FASTER! HARDER!¬†DEEPER! Michelle had never felt more appreciated, more wanted and more loved. She wished it would never end, but suddenly it did, as Danny climaxed in an explosive orgasm that seemed to go on forever. For a fleeting second, Michelle wished she could move for him the way she once did in bed. But as Danny finished and collapsed on top of her and she could feel his pounding heart against her chest she knew her paralysis wasn’t an obstacle, it was an asset. They both knew “How Good It Can Be”.

To be continued in Pt 5 of “How Good It Can Be”