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I just realized that I’ve never done a post recommending some of the sites that I like to read!

Big oversight on my part. So here are some blogs and sites that I find really interesting and/or useful.


I Look Good Today – A blend of different kind of posts, some about fashion and some reflecting on nostalgia and some about life in a wheelchair. It’s written by Jamie, a very sweet woman with more optimism and cheer than anyone besides Kaylie.

Streetsie – A website packed with interesting and informative articles about general life as a wheelchair user, including some good ones about sex and dating.

D.O.S.E. – Devotees Opposed to Sexual Exploitation is a new blog and its second post, about filming and consent, delves right into the heart of the moral ambiguity involved in devness. Looking forward to more from this writer!

Paradevo Stories – A collection of free stories written mostly by devs and certainly for devs. Many of them are ongoing and some are not finished.

Paradevo Reviews – Reviews of books and movies with disabled characters, rated mostly based on how sexy the portrayal is.

Anne Holly – The website of a very nice romance author who did an interview of me and also hosted an article that I wrote about wounded hero romance. She’s very kind and open minded.

Beverly Diehl  – Another author friend with whom I’ve had some very lovely interactions.

Close Encounters of the Night Kind – Lots and lots of romance and erotica excerpts. This is a good blog to go to to find new things to read, though it is not dev themed at all.

Bad Cripple – Very intelligent and serious talk about the major issues in disability rights today, Bill Peace’s writing is always worth reading.

Smart Ass Cripple – Absolutely, incredibly hilarious. I can’t even describe for you how much this man makes me laugh. The humor is based on disability absurdity.

The Crip Classified – Another really funny blog. This one is also written by a person with a disability, but the humor is more of the everyday life absurdity.


I’m probably forgetting some, so there will likely be another gathering of links at some point!

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