Monday Book Review: Daredevil’s Run

Monday Book Review: Daredevil’s Run

Daredevil’s Run (Silhouette Romantic Suspense)¬†by Kathleen Creighton



Former partners and lovers who ran an adventure business together (offering rock climbing lessons and white water rafting tours), have not seen each other in five years. ¬†Not since Matt was paralyzed in a freak climbing accident. Alex ¬†tried to stick by him at the time, but Matt wasn’t able to deal with maintaining their relationship while adjusting to his new disability. Now he’s back to try to make up for his earlier behavior, but someone else has another agenda.

The Good:

The suspense/intrigue part is light, but it’s just enough to give the hero and heroine something to worry about. I like that the driving force of the plot is not them being angry at each other. There’s some history between them and¬†some¬†misunderstanding, but not the kind that makes you want to scream at them to just act like adults and have a conversation. There’s some real issues here for these characters.

The flow and pace of the story is very good and the descriptions as the characters look at and interact with each other allow you to really feel the sexual tension and chemistry between them.

There’s a good balance in discussing Matt’s disability. He isn’t held back by it. He knows how to function and he isn’t afraid to go back to doing the dangerous things he was doing before, like white water rafting. He’s going to continue to be who he is, wheelchair or not, and I respect that.

The Bad:

Why is he driving a van? Seriously. So many authors seem to think that if you can’t use your legs, you can’t drive a regular car. This is just completely untrue. Those vans with lifts are super expensive, but I haven’t met a paraplegic yet who didn’t transfer out of his wheelchair and into a car whose only modification is hand controls. One very memorable para I knew drove a truck. No lift, no modifications to height, he transferred himself into a regular truck (one I had trouble getting into because it was so high!)

At one point the books says¬†¬†“[He] flexed his hands in the leather gloves all people in wheelchairs wore to protect…” I don’t know of a single thing that ALL people in wheelchairs do. Certainly not gloves. Some do and some don’t wear them.

Near the beginning Matt is coaching quad rugby and it is described: “the chairs moved clumsily, slowly, and their clashes produced more noise than effect.” Maybe the kids are really bad at it, but I’ve never known quad rugby players to move clumsily or slowly. ¬†Quite the opposite.

Yummy Hero Factor:

This is probably the most believable portrayal of paraplegia I’ve yet encountered in a romance novel (other than my own, of course!). Matt is handsome and charming. He was definitely I hero I could fantasize about!

The discussion of whether he could still make love was not glossed over and was quite realistic.

Great Line:

“The river didn’t know or care whether his legs worked. There would be no special category for people like him, no different set of scoring.”


Definitely pick up this book. One of the very best romances out there with a disabled hero! Even if that’s not your thing, you’ll still really enjoy the chemistry between these two.

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