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Well, the Romantic Friday Writers challenges have changed, which makes me sad. It’s no longer being held every week, but just once a month. Also instead of a word as a theme, there will be pictures to respond to or first sentences to use. I’m not sure that I’ll keep doing it given the new form it’s taking. ¬†Perhaps I will post excerpts of my own choosing on Fridays, though not having the theme to challenge myself with is a shame.

For today, how about a sample of my NaNo novel? Here is a 400 word excerpt written this week.  Remember that this is quick writing without any editing, so it is very raw.

Word count: 371


Talia squinted through the rain. She held one hand up over her eyes and peered again across the parking lot outside her office, to the grassy median and frowned.¬†This was the second time she had seen a man who wasn’t there. At first he seemed real enough. He was standing on the grass, his hands shoved into his pockets and looking casually around. Even the shadow of the rain couldn’t hide, though, that his body looked more like a slide projection than a real person. Talia glanced back at her office building windows, looking for where the image might be generating from, but couldn’t find anything. The more she looked at the man, the more confused she felt. He wasn’t wet. His glasses were unfogged, his clothes were dry, and he wasn’t trying to dodge the raindrops at all.
A coworker hurried by, holding a purse above her head. She raised an eyebrow at Talia, but didn’t say anything. At that moment the man across the parking lot looked over and caught Talia’s eye. He frowned, cocked his head to the side, then stared at her more intently. She clasped her arms in front of her and began to back away, under the eaves of the building. She was too far away to say anything to him, espessially with the rain coming down hard and making its own noise.
The door opened behind her and her friend, Stephanie, leaned out.

“Talia! Are you coming to work or what?”

Talia turned to look at her friend. “What do you think is going on with that guy?” she said.

Stephanie leaned to the side to look over Talia’s shoulder, then brought her gaze back. “What guy?” Talia spun back around and the man was gone.
“I swear to God, I’m losing my mind,” Talia said. Stephanie held the door open for her and she went inside, trying to brush the wet off herself.
“I’ll say,” Stephanie agreed. “Must be the stress getting to you.”
Both women pulled out their security badges to swipe at the second row of doors. Past that there was a fingerprint scan and a retnal scan. Talia and Stephanie continued to chat as they went through each step.


  1. L'Aussie
    Nov 5, 2011

    Hi Ruth. I was looking for feedback on the RFWer blog re the new formats and it seems you have misunderstood some of the changes.

    It is probably only for the next couple of months that the posts won’t be weekly. Many have responded positively to this change, especially at this busy time of year, when many of us are doing NaNo as well as myriad other projects. For your host/s at RFWer it became unsustainable to do weekly themes. So much time is involved.

    It is clearly stated in my post that it won’t always be to a theme, but there may be images or first lines. That fulfills the need for the visual people to respond to an image and others need a bit more sometimes and I only said maybe sometimes a first sentence. That is often how I start a piece. These prompts are a legitimate way to encourage creative writing and I guess I was concerned at your tone which sounded like the bottom had dropped out of the RFWer world instead of seeing the possibility that I’m adding value to it. The theme is the thing, and will always be the most popular prompt to us seeing as we’ve done it for so long…

    You are always welcome to join in the discussions which are held openly on the site and have your say on any topic. We’ve all invested a lot of time into the group and it would be good to move forward together.

    I’m missing my weekly posts to RFWer too, but no way could I do that, judge entries, do NaNo and work on my e-book publishing.

    Hoping you will be in contact


    • RuthMadison
      Nov 6, 2011

      Sorry if I sounded more down on it than was warranted. I didn’t mean to be dour! I know that it’s a lot of work coming up with a theme, reading them all, judging them, etc. It’s definitely a ton of work and I am not surprised that it’s become too hard to manage every week, particularly on your own.

      I don’t adjust to change well, so it will take me a little while to get the flow of the new system. I’m sure I’ll get there, though.

  2. L'Aussie
    Nov 6, 2011

    Hi Ruth. We’re all different. I thrive on change. I hope you decide you can cope with RFWer changes as you are a valued member of our community.


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