Really the main thing that bothers me here is that the paraplegic character is standing up on the cover.

I don’t know who in all the people involved in the making of a movie is responsible for cover art, but I find this happens a LOT. ¬†When there is a character in a wheelchair, you can’t see it on the cover, and all the characters are shown at exactly the same height. ¬†What is the purpose in that? ¬†Trying to hide something? ¬†(I’m also bothered that the cover of Pay It Forward has an unblemished Kevin Spacey, though his character in the movie had burn scars on his face). ¬†I find it messes with my suspension of disbelief as I get ready to watch the movie. ¬†The actors photographed on the front are not portraying the characters from¬†the movie! ¬†It throws me off.

Other than that, I think the handling of Roland’s character in Saved is not bad (whose idea was it to name him Roland? ¬†Just makes me think of a bad pun).

Same as I complained about with Glee, other characters are frequently pushing and pulling Roland and helping him too much. ¬†However, that is part of the plot in this movie. ¬†Though he isn’t the main character, he is a major one and has a nice arc into independence. ¬†He’s been paralyzed since he was nine and he got used to letting his younger sister do things for him. ¬†During the movie he falls in love and starts letting his girlfriend do things for him. ¬†Finally one day she is dealing with her own things and leaves him alone. ¬†He is forced to deal on his own and realizes that he is capable of taking care of himself.

The girlfriend feels terrible about abandoning him the next day and she hunts through the town until she finds him. ¬†He tells her “I don’t want to be the guy who’s with the girl because he needs to be, I want to be the guy who’s with the girl because he wants to be. ¬†And I want you.” ¬†It’s a beautiful moment where their relationship becomes balanced.

One of my favorite lines in the whole movie is when Roland’s sister says, “Why do you have to make people feel awkward about your differently-abled-ness?” ¬†So ridiculous sounding!


  1. Melissa
    Apr 13, 2011

    I avoided this movie for a long time because I was sure I’d hate it… but I actually liked it, too. ūüôā

  2. RuthMadison
    Apr 14, 2011

    It’s a pretty great movie, I think. Definitely one of my favorites. Covers my two favorite subjects: disability and religion!

  3. Celeste
    Apr 20, 2011

    Personally, I enjoyed this movie. I actually watched this movie a second time with my mom after I “came out” to her about being a devotee. I didn’t use the word “devotee” so she couldn’t look it up! Ha! That was two years ago. At the time she told me it was a phase, and she probably forgot all about it by now…

    Back to the movie: I loved that part at the end when Roland told Cassandra he wanted her. And the wheelies-not-footsies part, of course! And it wasn’t one of those movies that I was thinking, “This is boring, just get to the next Roland scene already!” I actually liked the rest of the movie, too.

    And, the name Roland reminds me of The Song of Roland, a medieval romance!

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