Monday Book Review: Shot in the Dark

Monday Book Review: Shot in the Dark

Shot in the Dark: A Killian McBride Novel (Volume 1) by A. N. Drea



Katie Black is holding down the ranch all by herself. Her brother has died owing quite a lot of money in gambling debts and her father is losing a battle with dementia. It’s the wild, lawless west and Katie is trying to hold her own against a band of cruel outlaws led by a man known as The Shepard.

Then she meets Killian McBride, a very mysterious stranger. Though he is blind, he has an almost mystical ability to go into an “overdrive” state and kill efficiently and effectively.

When Katie hires him to help her defend her ranch, neither of them realizes that The Sheppard intended for Killian to show up here. The Sheppard has been waiting for him and he has some plans for those special abilities.

The Good:

This is a wonderful book.

I’ve never been interested in westerns and I had never even heard of a paranormal western, yet this book pulls off paranormal western like it’s the next hot genre.

I was immediately engrossed by the story and the interesting characters. The writing was beautifully clear and it was easy to visualize everything that was happening. Ironic in a way because significant portions are from Killian’s point of view. Though I’ve seen authors try to write from the point of view of a blind character, I’ve never seen it done so well.

The Bad:

I hate the cover so much. 🙁 I’m sorry to say that, but I really, really do. If this book had not been recommended extremely highly by Ms. DevoGirl herself, I never would have picked it up.

I couldn’t help making my own cover for it! Sorry, Ms. Drea. I have fun playing around with graphic design, though it’s not a real talent of mine. I used a stock image for this, so that’s why there’s a watermark across the cowboy. {And I’ve just realized that I added an “a” to the title! Ooops.}











Yummy Hero Factor:

Killian is definitely sexy. He has a bad boy past and guilt over it that even a curse can’t relive. He’s strong, capable, and handsome (with half Native American blood). His blindness is realistically and interestingly portrayed.

Great Line:

The eyes moved in her direction, and for one foolish moment she thought they would actually lock with hers; but his blind gaze slid right past her and she let out a breath she hadn’t known she was holding.

You really must give this book a try. I can’t say enough good about it.

I will be buying anything this author puts out and I wish I could convince her to come and write for me at Dev Love Press!

I’m going to be interviewing the author, so there will be more good info on A Shot In The Dark coming soon.

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  1. Devo Girl
    Jul 27, 2012

    Yeay! So glad you liked it too. I linked to your review on the Paradevo reviews site:

    • RuthMadison
      Jul 27, 2012

      Cool! Thanks. I’m very grateful for your recommendation. It’s been a while since I enjoyed a book that much.


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