The Serialization Bandwagon

The Serialization Bandwagon

I’ve been seeing and hearing a lot lately about people writing serial novels and even writing episodic stories¬†imitating¬†the style of a TV show with seasons. I am fascinated with this form. I’m a lover of TV and lately, watching shows like, Leverage and Supernatural, which have amazing characters and strong stories, it makes me want to try it.

It’s like a throw back too to the days of Dickens when it was the norm for authors to write in serial form.

I had an idea for a serialized story and I’m going to give it a try during National Novel Writing Month this year. (I love NaNo for the opportunity to try new things!)

If it works well, I may restructure Parallel Loves (which is currently really not working plot wise) into a serial format. I think that will allow the story the space that it needs. It’s an enormous story with new worlds, many characters, and a complex plot. I think structuring it more like a TV show might be just what it needs.

More information on the trend towards serializing here:

Some other sources of inspiration are the Self Publishing Podcast, which features the authors of Yesterday’s Gone (I love their format and am going to use a similar cover idea and pricing format, I think). Also,¬†¬†is a blog about writing serialized fiction (and the author probably thinks I’m stalking him because I keep on commenting and sending him questions. I’m so anxious for a new post!)

So hopefully soon I’ll have some new work to share with you!

And because I love playing with covers to help inspire me while I write…


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