The Village

The Village

The Village¬†is another “horror” movie using blindness. ¬†I put that in quotes because it’s not really a scary movie, just a bit creepy. ¬†It also doesn’t use blindness to up the ante in quite the same way as most.

On the plus side, I like that the blind girl is the only one brave enough to go on the necessary quest.

On the negative side, from a story writing perspective, how freaking¬†convenient¬†that they have someone who is blind when no one else could possibly go on this quest? ¬†They have to have someone who can’t see the world beyond the village and there’s one right there. ¬†And she happens to be highly motivated and brave. ¬†Hmmm.

So yeah, the disability is completely and totally a plot device. ¬†Most of the movie feels forced and contrived, though, so it’s not exactly a surprise. ¬†This from the same writer/director as Unbreakable. ¬†Guess what? ¬†It’s more disability as plot device. ¬†This time we also get disabled person as bitter, angry psychopath.

I get the impression that Shyamalan¬†likes to play with the idea of disability for fun. ¬†His stories don’t go anywhere near realistic portrayal of actual disability, they are all theoretical and stereotyped ideas of what disability might be (to someone with no experience of it at all).

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