Where Has Ruth Been?

I tend to hate blogs that have apology posts about being gone for a while. Because usually I’m not a regular reader and it’s weird for me to stop by a new blog and the first thing I see is an apology about not being around. :-/

But I’ve had a lot of interesting things going on, so I wanted to talk to you guys about them.

The main reason I haven’t been posting much here is that this past summer I started a publishing company. That’s right, I moved from publishing my own books to publishing other people’s too.

Getting that up and running is taking a lot of my time, but it’s going to be a great benefit to you readers and writers, I think. I am specializing in publishing books with characters who have disabilities, which are books that sometimes have trouble getting placed at other publishers (or those publishers focus on the pity angle with them).

Here’s the thing, though. I am a small¬†operation. ¬†I don’t want to make promises that I can’t fulfill. I’m not going to tell you that you should publish with me if it’s not in your best interest. What I am doing is taking knowledge learned from self-publishing and applying it to other people’s books. In the process of formatting, distributing, and marketing my work, I found that I really enjoyed the entire process. I feel like I have a knack for utilizing modern trends in promotion.

But if you have an interest in trying out publishing your own work, you can definitely do everything I do. Here’s what I bring to the table:

  • Time. With me working on the promotion and marketing, you have more time to write. I want the book to succeed as much as you do and am highly motivated to promote it (that’s why publishers do not take money from authors to do the marketing. It’s a serious conflict of interest. If I were getting money from authors, why would I work to get money from readers?)
  • Knowledge. I don’t have all the knowledge in the world on marketing books, but I’ve learned a lot in the last several years and I’m always learning more. If you’re really not interested in figuring out how to market books, I will happily take care of that.
  • Experience. I don’t have a ton of publishing experience either. I have my MA in professional writing and I have my experience publishing my own work. But what I do have experience in is disability issues. I have an advantage over other publishers when it comes to marketing books with disabled characters. I am connected to disability rights activists, I’m connected to disability issue personalities, I am connected to the people who are looking for books with disabled characters.¬†

If you’re not interested in learning all the details of formatting, distributing, and marketing, then signing with me might be a great option for you.

How it works is this: There is a submission process and I will not accept books that I don’t think I can sell. Once I accept a book, I will provide for it editing, proofreading, cover design, formatting, distribution, and promotion. Some of those things I hire out and others I do myself. ¬†I feel like I have no reason to half-ass it, since I need the book to do well. As with any publisher, there is an advance and royalties. The advances right now are very small since I’m only just getting started.

I live in fear of being written up in Writer’s Beware! I may be another good-intentioned person low on experience like many of the companies she writes about, but I will not promise you something I can’t deliver. Yes, the truth is that with my company you’re looking at a focus on digital sales, probably no shelf space, but very good royalty rates. Royalty on net like with any traditional publisher (I can’t pay you money that I don’t get from the distributors). The royalty money will always be paid promptly because it is set aside from the start and never used for anything else. Once it comes in from the distributors, the amount owed the author goes¬†straight¬†to them.

I have done my best to create a contract that is very fair to the author. It makes getting the rights to your work back very easy so that if you change your mind and decide you’d like to try self-publishing, you can get your rights back within a year (as well as the edited version of your manuscript and the cover art, blurb, etc.).

I want theses books to do well. I want them to reach their audience. I want you as readers to have more books to enjoy.

I started writing because I couldn’t find the kind of books I wanted to read and so I want to provide those books to the world: whether written by me or by someone else.

Right now I have one other author that I have published and here is what she had to say about the experience: http://annabellecosta.blogspot.co.uk/2013/03/why-i-went-indie.html There are two more authors whose manuscripts are in development now.

So yeah, I’ve been putting a lot of energy and time into Dev Love Press!

My own writing is more on the back burner, but I am still slowly working on a couple of novels that I look forward to sharing with you eventually.

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