Wild, Wild West

Wild, Wild West

Wild Wild West

Yuck.  That sums that movie up.  I can pretty much stop there.

This movie depends heavily on the stereotype of disabled=evil.  This character comes across as not even human, just cackling and one-dimensional.

I can’t imagine who thought this was a good idea. ¬†Why in the world did¬†renown¬†Shakespearean actor Kenneth Branagh¬†agree to this?

Someone in this team of writers or producers decided that it would make sense for Loveless, who uses crazy machines to fight people, to be part machine himself. ¬†At least I’m certain that’s the way that person looked at a wheelchair. ¬†Did we really need yet another example of disabled=evil in media? ¬†I don’t care that it’s a stupid movie not meant for thought, just imagine how ¬†much more interesting it would be if it was one of the heroes who was disabled. ¬†That would give the zaniness of this movie the extra little unexpected twist that could have redeemed it.

There is absolutely nothing good to say.

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